Advantages of having more than one blog

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I am a blogger who maintain more than one blog and I keep track of people talking about managing multiple blogs. The reason I watch this topic is because of my project Kish Multi Pro, which is a plugin to manage multiple blogs from a single page. Managing multiple blogs is indeed a difficult task. You can manage tasks like comment moderation, writing new posts, etc, but I do not really have a solution for writing fresh content.

I know many successful bloggers who maintain more than one blog very efficiently. In this post, I want to share my experience on my advantages of having multiple blogs. When I launched KishPress, I wrote post on my blogs and put some banners on my blog. I also did some campaigns on Google Adsense and FaceBook Ads.

Good news is I could do much more than I expected with the sales of my plugins. I did a detailed study of my campaigns and noted that 95% of the sales was from my own blog. I had run external campaigns only for a few days, got some traffic but the sales from those campaigns were not impressive.

Bottom line is that when you have a blog which has a decent traffic and user base, then you can use that blog to market your new services or even existing products.

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