Amway G&H Lotion

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amway G&H lotion

One of my favorite body lotions  which is introduced to me by one of my neighbors’ friend. She is a member of the Amway marketing chain. I am in Bangalore for quite sometime and have been struggling with dry skin since the day I landed here. I tried a variety of moisturizer and at last i am very happy to say that G&H is really meeting my requirements. It is enriched with Allantoin, a proven moisturizer, Glycerin and Honey which leaves our skin feeling smooth and soft. It smells of  the refreshing Glycerin. 250 ml bottles is for Rupees 359/- and it is worth buying. Product code is SKU No.: E-2183-IDF

Amway beauty products are classified into three groups, namely, General, Attitude and Artistry. G&H lotion falls under the category of Attitude and the price of the attitude category product ranges from Rupees 200 to 1000.

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