An estrogen rich diet for enhanced breast

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An estrogen rich diet for enhanced breast

Bigger breast is one of the factors affecting the self confidence of an woman. There are millions of women throughout the world who would like to get it bigger but when they think of the expenses incurred for the surgeries as well as the side effects of the implant, force them to ignore about it. Still solutions are open to make it more attractive like padded bra, breast enhancing creams, etc.

What is deciding the size of the breast?

Estrogen is responsible for the size of the breasts. Estrogen is the “female hormone” which kick starts the growth of breasts, menstrual cycle, and making the body more curvy. Estrogen is necessary to get rid off the problems related with menopause.

Estrogen is a very essential hormone for a woman. It is very high during puberty between the age of 12-16 years. During this time only a girl is changed into a woman. When puberty stops, the levels of estrogen in a woman’s body is dramatically reduced, leaving her breasts to remain at that size throughout her adult life. This means that to make her breasts grow bigger naturally.

How is it possible naturally?

Breast enhancement is possible through the consumption of more natural estrogen and not synthetic. There is a wide variety of estrogen-rich foods, which makes the breasts grow by up to one-two cup sizes.

Estrogen is available in nature and it is present in plants and it is called “Phyto-Estrogen” or “plant estrogen”. These phytoestrogens are an excellent natural hormone replacement that converts into estrogen-like compounds in the body. Foods containing phytoestrogens include soy products, whole grains and legumes, lignin-rich foods like flaxseeds, millet, barley, some fruits and vegetables (like papaya, cherries, beet root, etc,), herbs, spices, nuts and even in Tofu (cottage cheese made from soy milk). Now having bigger breast is no more fantasy with these foods. Start consuming it today itself and make heads turn.

Daily inclusion of phytoestrogen in the diet is good but too much of its consumption causes its own side effects. Remember that too much of anything is good for nothing.

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