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chota bheem

Chota Bheem in Pogo channel is one of the favorites of my daughter, Ichu. Even I like to watch the same program. It narrates the happenings in Dholakpur kingdom. The characters in addition to Chota Bheem are, Chutki, Raju, Kalia, Dolu, Bolu, Jaggu, King Chandra Varma, his daughter Indumathi, Mangal Singh, etc,… Chota Bheem is helping to solve the problems which is faced by the people of Dholakpur.

I encourage my daughter to watch the program since its language is very good and the moral of the events are good as well. They are not using any advanced weapons or instruments for fighting purpose and keep the kids to very nature. It is a program worth watching.

In the snap, Chota Bheem is with the king Chandra Varma who is talking to the Snake king, where the snake king says their Nag Mani has been stolen by some one from Dholakpur and if that is not returned by that evening, Dholakpur will be destroyed by the snakes. Later they found that Kalia has stolen the Nag Mani and Chota Bheem with his friends making Kalia to return the Nag Mani to  the Snake king.

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