Cost of living in Maldives

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I have been living in Maldives for the past 5 years. Talking about the cost of living I would first tell you about the cost of living for a Expatriate who come here for work and holds a valid Work permit.

Cost of living for a Expatriate holding a work permit or a visa

Usually the employer provided the foreign employee with accommodation and food or allowance for the same and the employee has to arrange for it. Institutions like IGMH provide excellent accommodation for the specialist doctors and they have their own facilities too. If you get a job in a resort, then you do not need to worry about the accommodation or the food part. Resorts like Kanuhura, W Maldives, Hilton, One and only Reethirah, Four Seasons, Landaa Giraavaru, etc provide excellent facilities to their staff. They are paid fixed salary plus service charges. Service charges for resorts like W Maldives, Four seasons are very high.

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General Cost of living

Accommodation – Accommodation is the most expensive part here. For a single bed room fully furnished accommodation you will need to pay around US$ 700. Staying with your family with only one person working will be expensive as you will be need to go for a better accommodation.

Food – Food is expensive as almost everything is imported here. Fish is affordable if you go to the local market or if you are living in an Island, you can get fresh fish and vegetables at very affordable price. If you are living in Male’, the cost of food is high but if you cook yourself, then you can Manage with less than US$70 per month. There are some Indian and Sri Lankan hotels who provide monthly packages for about US$ 80 per person which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Phone Calls – There are two telecom service providers in Maldives, Dhiraagu and Wataniya. Now the local and international calls are very much affordable, but there are other ways also to make cheep International phone calls.

Others – These are the basic things which you will be forced to spend when you live in Maldives. Other things like cosmetics, dresses, or any luxurious items are also costly, but you can get some products which are of very high quality and popular brands. I would not like to associate these things with the cost of living in Maldives.

If you are working for a Good Reputed company, then you should not have problem with the basic needs like food and accommodation. Cost of living is high when you compare with India or Sri Lanka, but the currency value is much higher when you compare with India or Sri Lanka. I find lots of Foreigners searching for job vacancies in Maldives and many coming and working here from more than 50 countries around the world.

Expatriates working in maldives

Now a days there are lots of Bangladeshi’s coming to Maldives to work, mostly for the construction projects

If you have any more questions or comments, please post it, I will try my best to answer it.

Update : May 6, 2013, 12:02 pm

I had written this post few years back, lot of things have changed here, but as everywhere in the world, the cost of living is going up in Maldives too. One of the biggest problem in Maldives is the cost of accommodation has gone very high. If you are coming to Maldives to work, make sure that your employer is paying well for your housing or providing you with proper accommodation.

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  • shibu

    what is the condition of teaching jobs in malidives,.. 48K to 55K indian rupee is enough to for living there… please reply

  • shankar

    what’s is like working for branded hotels, how much money does it cost for managing an decent lifestyle, an middle income life style and upper segment lifestyle. how much would a head of the department in hotels command as salary. leaving the accommodation.

  • rashidul

    Dear Brother,
    I am from Bangladesh. I have got one offer from IHSAAN COMPANY PVT LTD located in Male. The shop name is “IHSAAN FIHAARA” (a super mart).as a Super market Manager.
    They offered me salary as usd 300$ per month and for the accommodation about usd 150$ and for food usd 70$ plus health insurance & Air ticket will be provided. I am 7 more years super market managerial job experience. I have worked at south africa and Italy also. now i am 39 years old and want to stay near my country. beside i like to travel a lot. so please tell me regarding this job, say is it one Super market Manager packege? please please. My e mail is

  • thumbelina

    Hi Kishore,
    I’m a MBBS doctor with 1.5 yrs experience from Bangladesh.Now I’ve got an job offer of 1000USD. This job also offers free accommodation.The agent is saying it is a govt. job in Maldives. My husband is also an MBBS doctor with 2 yrs experience. I just want your opinion about- is this offer suitable?If we apply together is this offer a good one?Is govt. hospitals of Maldives really seeking docs from Bangladesh?

    • Kishore Post author

      Hi – You should be willing to work in remote islands, where the facilities would be limited. You can give it a try if your husband is also getting a job in the same island.

  • Dr. Dinesh Kumar

    Hi kishore.. this is a great site I found while searching for Maldives…

    I am a dentist with 10 years of experience from India. I got a job opportunity in IGMH, MALE with a basic of $1300 pm + furnished accommodation + food + 40 paid leaves with two way ticket. Utility bills have not been confirmed by the agent. The agent is asking about $3000 for the job.

    I have wife and a child. Is this job worth a try. My wife has done MBA with 3 years of experience. Can she get a decent job there?

    I’ve a week’s time to confirm for the job..
    Please help me in this regard….

    • Kishore Post author

      Dear Dr Dinesh – It is not worth to pay any money to get any kind of job in Maldives. Yes, your wife can get a job, she can try after coming here

      • Dr. Dinesh Kumar

        Thanks kishore for your quick reply…

        Is the salary of $1300 pm with amenities enough to live a Family in Maldives

        Is it worth a try???

        • Kishore Post author

          With this salary, yes you can, but if you plan to save something, living with a famliy would be tough. If your wife starts working, then it would be worth.

  • Looney

    Hi Kishore,

    Greetings! I must appreciate you patience to reply to all the queries asked on this forum. Having a forum like this helps quite a lot of people and it proves here.

    I am a trained commercial Pilot and a trained flying instructor. I have been offered a job in one of the flying schools in Khadhdhoo Airport. I have been offered a flight instructor’s job. I have been offered a pay of $1500+accommodation+transport+perks for flying hours($10/hr). Would this be a best thing to take or do you think it could be better?

    Please put your insights considering:
    Food charges
    Amenities(internet, mobile bill, etc)
    Savings towards my family(not married yet though)
    Personal transportation
    Any other thing you think are really necessary.

    Awaiting your quick response with most hopes as I need to reply back to my offer within the next 4 days.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Narayanaswamy

      Hi Kishore, I have done my interview at Wataniya Telecom Maldives . I had 16 Yrs exp in telecom . How much i can ask salary in USD . Currently I am drawing 52000 USD per Year . Please suggest

  • Ajay

    Hi Kishore,

    My wife has got a teachers job in Maldives but the salary is not yet finalized. How much can we expect as we are a family of 2 with 2 kids. I currently work with a BPO in the Banking sector. Can I get a banking job in Maldives and do I have to go through an agency for it? Kindly advise. Thank you.

  • Dr.Prabal

    Hello Mr.Kishore
    Of lately i was thinking of working overseas.I searched your blog to find it very resourceful. I am a general dentist and oral implantologist from INDIA with 5 years of clinical experience….. i would like to know the average package of a dentist with such experience in maldives…. please let me know. THANK YOU

    • Kishore Post author

      @Dr Prabal – Packages differ depending on the clinic or the institution / experience of the Doctor etc. It should not be less than US$ 2000 + other allowances

      • Narayanaswamy

        Kishore , I have done my interview in Wataniya Telecom Maldives . What is a package i can negotiate in US
        Dollars ? I am into Middle Management Level in the exp of 17 yrs . Currently i am drawing 45000 USD Per Annum . I have to go three Bed only .

        • Kishore Post author

          Are they providing you with accommodation? You will need atleast US$ 1500 per month for a good one.

          • Narayanaswamy

            Kishore, They are providing accomodation . I will be kulhumale , What abt cooks , will they be available monthly .. Any monthy packages from Hotels ? Max they provide 3700 Dollar per month

  • christine

    Hi, Kishore,

    I was given an offer from a resort as trainer. In the offer letter, it stated US$500 for basic salary plus some commission which is 0.5% from the total revenue. The manager also mentioned that the average monthly salary will be $1500 (which include the basic salary). I find it kind of hard to accept as the only “black and white” confirmation is just the basic salary. Is there a possibility that they will only give basic salary without any commission any month? The accommodation and food is provided.

  • Ganeshmoorthy.C

    Hi Kishore,
    Your blog was very much informative, I liked it. I have a query regarding the teaching job opportunity in Maldives, I approached 2 recruitment agent here at Coimbatore to get a teaching job at Maldives for teaching Commerce/Business studies and its allied subjects, Both assured me for 50K / Month salary, inclusive of Food and accommodation. But the critical part is one of the agent requesting me to pay rs. 1lakh and the other 1.5 lakh to an agent of Maldives, after reaching there. Is this how people join for teaching jobs there? if not, could you please help me in getting the contact details of the “Ministry of education” or the respective schools or email/contact number of existing faculties of any prominent schools to participate in an interview directly with the concerned delegates? I am awaiting for your reply. Thank You.

    Note: the salary details given by the agent,

    Degree without B.Ed
    Basic salary = 6295 mrf = 408$ (USD) deposited in the bank
    1. food = 1800 mrf =117$ (USd) – given in hand
    2. rent = 1500 mrf = 97$ (USD) given in hand
    3. Special allowance = 2500 mrf = 162 (USD) given in hand

    Total -12,095 mrf = 784$(USD) now the dollar rate is 59 rupees so it will be 46,256)

  • arfeen

    Hello, I am from Pakistan. I got the offer letter from one of the Maldive Hospital. I am a Doctor. On offer letter my Salery was metioned 15500 MVR. Kindly let me know about the living standard with this Salery. Kindly discuss in detail everything like bill, accomodation , food and other expenses.

  • dr.dharmesh

    hai mr. kishor iam dr. dharmesh and this is my package for the ADK Hospital male, is it good or what u like to tell me
    Salary + Incentives + Free Furnished Accommodation for family & Food + Annual air tickets will be provided for a vacation to home country.
    30 Days paid vacation.

    Basic salary: USD 2,250.00.

    Daily Wage: Maldivian Rufiyaa .9,637.00.

    Professional Allowance Maldivian Rufiyaa.1,000.00.

    Food Allowance Maldivian Rufiyaa 1,200.00.

    50% of the consultation fee for every new consultation above 29 per day.

    Short consultation allowance Maldivian Rufiyaa 50.00.

    Estimated Above USD 5,000.00 per month.

  • Vijayprabu

    Accommodation and food will bw provided by company.

  • Vijayprabu

    Hey Kishore… I have been offered an IT job in Male of USD 5,700/- with accommodation and food Whether it is for a month or annual?. I would appreciate if you lemme know would this amount be sufficient for me and for my wife. Can I manage a good living there with a saving of USD 1,000/- p.m.
    Thanks in advance

  • Nijil

    Hi Kishore Bhai

    I am planning to visit maldives for accounting job, how i can find job there?, what about the job openings for accounts there hotels or industrial area?

    thanks for your great service

  • arvind

    Hi kishore bhai i’m planning to come to maldives on visit visa and find a job and then apply for work permit there across any where in maldives in the hotel and hospitality field plz do suggest me is it possible that i can do that and is there any recruitment agencies in maldives plz do reply me bro hope u does

    • Kishore Post author

      Arvind – You can do that, but you will have to come on a tourist visa. You can contact the resort office directly rather than going through any agents.

  • Honey

    Hi Kishor, Refer to your reply. I have checked with my company, They provide me accommodation well furnished and company will pay all utility bills. In hand salary i will get is USD 800.00/- – Only food will be mine, I am pure vegetarian, Here are my questions :-

    1) is it good money to save in Maldives
    2) Please let me know if anybody provide breakfast and dinner through parcel (Pure Vegetarian) and how much they charge for that

  • Honey

    Hi Kishore, Pls give me your advise urgently on my query :-

    I got offer to work in most reputable travel company in male city with offer of USD 800 in hand per month + AC Accommodation at Male City. I am pure vegetarian. Is it a good package for starting and can i save good money with this salary.

    • Kishore Post author

      Honey – You would need money for food, utility bills and other expenses. Depend on how you manage with the salary.

      • honey

        Thx alot for yur reply, I check with my employer, utility. Bills are paid by company, only I need ton manage food.. is there any indian tiffin system in msle city, is this salary enough.. pls reply ashok.. thx

  • Abhishek

    HI Kishore,
    i am a dentist i had been offered a job through consultancy in maldives of pay 1100USD . CAn u help me what is the cost of living,food etc .

  • Ajay

    Hi Kishore,

    I am a doctor and offered a post in ADK hospital in Male, maldives. How is this hospital and is it respectable working in this hospital ? How much pay should I get in order to live well with my family ?


  • Ijaz

    hello Mr Kishore;
    I am offered a job at Sun Island Resort as Doctor,1500USD p.m,+Food+Accomodation,+Sevice charge, and Air ticketsPlease Guide me that should i take it or not,Do yoy have any knowledge of employees condition at this resort,what type of accomodation they can provide(Shared or Single Furnished)?and will i be allowed to Use their facilities like gym,Swimming pool,?please reply to my queries as i have to answer them in 2-3 days,Thanks,,,at the momment i am taking 900usd at my home country,

  • firdaus

    assalamualaikum mr. kishore…. im interested to apply with island aviation services limited as a pilot. can you give me some advice what is the minimum salary managable.

  • shaan

    assalam alaikum… is very freedom…insha allah.maldives haves many beautiful lagoons and islands come and see!

  • Farhaz

    Hello Kishore. I am a CA from Sri Lanka. Planning on moving to Maldives this year. I had so many questions about living and working in Maldives. Thankfully I came across your site. Most of my questions have been answered. I will be moving in July this year. Perhaps we should meet up then. Many thanks and best wishes. Farhaz


    I am a Doctor(mbbs). I have a job offer from SUN ISLAND RESORTS(MALDIVES) through AMF consultancy services and they are providing me with free food and accomodation and about 1400$ p/m. will i be able to save some money?my basic idea of working in maldives is to experience a new country and work it worth it?

  • Abhishek

    Hi Kishore,
    I got an offer to work in Maldives….I had many questions to ask,I started reading all the post and i got all the answers for my questions.
    The way you reply all of them is remarkable.
    God bless you and your family…

  • Dr. Mohiuddin

    I have got an opportunity to work as medical officer under MOH. The salary they mansion is about 15550/ Maldivian currency. Is it possible to continue a family living & make some savings in this salary?

  • Chin

    Hei Kishore,

    I have been offered a job in Beach House Maldives as Chinese Villa Host they offer me with basic salary of USD 525 plus service charge. I have a bachelor degree from Swiss University and i speak English, B. Malaysia, Mandarin, Cantonese and basic french. Very appreciate if u can give me some advice regarding the salary I shall ask for.

  • pradeesh.G

    Respected Sir,

    I got a job in mali(teaching) . per month salary 50000rs. and also am bachelor .
    In this salary affordable or not.

  • Raheeb

    Hi Kishore,

    I have got offer in male as a Sales and Marketing Manager, Basic salary is $1000 + food and accomodation allowance is 5000MRF + Travel and Phone allowance.
    Can you tell me if this is a good package and hows life in MALE……

  • James

    Hey Kishore… I have been offered a job in Male of USD 5,000/-. I would appreciate if you lemme know would this amount be sufficient for me and for my wife. Can I manage a good living there with a saving of USD 1,000/- p.m. Hows is the life in Male, can a family from sydney be adjusted here. Is the country receptive of expatriates.

    • Kishore Post author

      Are your provided with accommodation or do you have to rent an apartment? If you have to rent one, you will have to pay about $1500 for a good one. I think you can save $1000 a month.

  • arjuna

    hi kishore,
    im a qualified chartered accountant offered with a job opportunity in Maldives at a UK owned hotel with food and accommodation. my prospective employer
    expects me to make an offer on the assignment which i have trouble proposing due to my lack of knowledge on Maldives job market.

    your help in arriving at a suitable salary is greatly appreciated!!..(approximation is welcome)

  • Raheeb


    I have got offer in male as a Sales and Marketing Manager, Basic salary is $1000 + food and accomodation allowance is 5000MRF + Travel and Phone allowance.
    Can you tell me if this is a good package and hows life in MALE……

  • Raja sekar

    we are food and agro products exporter from india, we can supply fresh vegetables, ethnic vegetables, and fruits from india by air from trivandrum, resort suppliers and importers can contact directly to us.
    if interested contact us

  • Aninda Chatterjee

    Dear Kishore,
    I am an Indian Chartered Accountant got an offer from an audit firm in Maldives for a salary of INR 580000 (USD 10200) with food and accommodation provided by the employer, What do you think Is it good offer considering the expenses in Maldives ? Please Reply Thanks.

  • javeriya

    Hi Kishore i have been offered a teacher’s position at SH.Atoll is it a developed place? do you have internet facility there ?can i save well?

  • deep

    I have got a job in maldives with a basic salary of 400 usd for initiall 3 months and later on 800 usd. accomodation will be provided by the company and food allownnces speratley. can you please tell me if this is a right move to think about and what will be the total salary (any rough idea) if the basic is 400 usd

  • bathiya

    Hi Kishore…
    First I must comment what your doing is really a wonderful thing, I am a sri lankan who if being offered 1950 USD (according to our exchange rates) as salary and a meal allowance of approx 390 USD and a house free, I am not yet told which part of Maldives would like to know whether this is good and whether it looks like an amount that I can save as well… Also I would like to get to know you so please send me a mail to

    Hope to hear from you soon and thanks once again…

  • john-john

    I am a specialist who was offered 45,645 Rufiyaa to work in Hithadhoo Regional Hospital . Can you tell me if this is a good package and how is the quality of life in Hithadhoo /Addu city ? Will I be able to save ? I am not a Muslim , how is life like for non-Muslims in Addu especially during Ramadan ? We are not allowed to eat as well ?

  • Venkatesh.N

    Hai Kishore,

    How r u? This is Venkatesh from tn,india…My wife is selected for the English teacher job by the Ministry of education, Maldives. she is been offered Rs. 45000 as salary. since we have 1 1/2 years old kid she is planning to take him and myself along with her as tourist. the positing is not yet confirmed. they will let us know only after reaching there. we are very much scared as they don’t provide accomodation. will it be easy to find one after we reach there? is this salary ok? or should we think about any other alternative? what about the cost of living? will it be possible to save some money once i get same work over there? the agency is asking us to pay Rs. 70000 as service charges and Rs. 55000 as processing charges for visa and accomodation for one week(i.e till the ID card issued) the flight tickets are to be taken by us only.

    please help us we have to give the reply within 2 days…


    • Kishore Post author

      Venkatesh – I personally do not feel that it is worth paying any money to get any kind of job in Maldives. These days most of the recruitment are done through agencies and the candidates are told to pay money for even tickets. It is not easy to get a good accommodation at affordable price in Maldives – so think well and take a decision

  • Sanjay

    Hi Kishore,

    I have gone through your blog you are indeed a grt help to alot of people. Can you please help me with the average spend on living (food) in “MALE” with regular food. Since you said a good accommodation can be got between US$ 500-700.


  • Hari Pandey

    Hi Kishore jee, One of the agent told me that he had a vacancy for Front desk officer and saying me that they will pay me $700 per month including accommodation, food and transportation and he is telling me that i have to pay nepalese Rs 165,000/- for visa and every thing and also saying that I have to do all the process from India while leaving for maldives i have to pay only NRs 65,000/- the rest 1 lakh they will cover from my montly salary, what do you think? Is this could be genuine process to give them that much of amout to reach there to get a job like Front desk officer?

    Hoping that U will give a good suggestion.

    Thanks N Regards
    Hari Pandey

  • guddu

    hi kishorji .I am planning to joining as pediatrician in MOH .Is it worth it .You must be knowing the renumerations….As they are standard Around 3k usd .Please advise me .as we are a family of 4 .Only me will work.

  • hashi

    Hi Allen, How you doing? Can you please assist me on how you got teaching job in maldives

  • Ajit Mondal

    i would like to share that i have got an Job offers from Maafushi, Maldives. The HR Department (Como Groups) requested to send all the Original Doc. through DHL for the process of Work permit & Visa.
    Do i required to send all the Doc.
    Thank You

  • Allen

    Kishore Can I limit my expense including accomedation in 300USD ?

  • Allen

    I am offered 800 USD for a teaching joh in Maldives. Which Island it is cheaper in living cost ? How can I get a room on sharing basis ?

  • Prakash

    thanks kishore, but apart from accommodation, how much will be the monthly expense.

  • Prakash

    hi Kishore ,
    I am from India i earn 50000 inr in india. have offer for 1000 usd + 25000 inr . I will have to live in Male and bear all expenses on my own do youu think it will be a good move? I will get married soon. Wht is the salry i should ask so that i can save min 200 $per month.

  • Moha

    Hi Kishore i got a job in Maldives in a duty free shop in GMR with free accommodation can you suggest me about the other expenses

  • Mady

    Hey Kishore,I got a Job Offered and it’s in a resort. so as you told it’s not gonna be huge deal with the Acco and the Food. just curiouse to know.. they offered me around $ 1100 to $ 1500 with service Charge… so there could be some changes as well. anyways What you think!!! is there any possibility that i could save some money?? and as per your knowledge what are the prices with Clothes and Stuff there??

    • Kishore Post author

      In resorts usually, you do not have much to spend. You get your food, uniform and accomodation. Only your expense would be recharge your mobile to make phone calls. So I know many who work in resorts can save atleast 90% of their salary.
      All the best Mady

  • Surfer

    hey ,can you pls provide me contact details of some indian,srilankan cooks who provide monthly packages as you mentioned in your blog

  • sherry

    if i am offered a job thr hw much salary shd i negotiate with them.i am married and my spouse will also be thr so tell accordingly.

  • bhavesh

    is it safe for indians in maldives?and can we get pure veg food der?and how much rupee value is der(conversion)

  • Dhanesh

    Hi ,
    i ight get a job offer from a school in maldives, and i am planing to come there with my wife, so how much i should ask for the salary and other things like accomadation and food , tell me the avg saary for 10year exp teacher

  • deepan

    hi, accomodation that means is expensive…one should accept a job offer only when accom & food is offered by the employer then there will give me $1100.. shall accept r decline cqn u gv u r suggection

  • Aishah Hamid

    Hi Kishore, thank you for sharing.. I would like to speak with you, can I have your private mail id or number? thank you, aishah

  • khalid

    how is the situation these days? accomodation that means is expensive…one should accept a job offer only when accom is offered by the employer then…what do u suggest?

  • gildadevaraj

    i am interested in the nursing offer.can u provide more information regarding offers in to hear from you soon.

  • raghava sarma patiballa

     hai guys , myself an expert in graphics designing and web site development. can i get a job there? but myself an undergraduate. with excellent fluency in english
    raghava sarma

  • Kit

    I also have been working in Maldives for a long time – in business – and I have a Maldivian friend who wants to hire an British teacher to teach only English in a small school he is establishing in Male for 4 to 7 year olds. He can provide accommodation and is expecting to pay $2000 pm approx. Do you know anyone who might like this job or where I might help him look. My name is Kit Chambers – I am in UK at the moment but my Male office is Ma Kashmeeru Vadhee – 333 5896

  • Adorable Ashwini93

    i am Ashwini frm India, i hav got a chance tto work in Maldives in a resort, bt as i was suggested that Maldives z not a safe place to live cuz we hav got drug abuse and sorts of problem to a foreign worker… i am queit confused to take the offer or not..
    Kindly suggest wit the best…

    • Ameya_gourmet

      hey which resort group ur joining….i am joining a resort aswell and i was reading abut maldives never came across any drug abuse..majority resorts are located away from male ie. on privately owned island so no local influence i guess…

  • nna

    how can one get a land lease for a little guest house business? also i have a friend from Maldives who tells me he can apply for the land for me since he is local. can you please advice me on the risk of doing this ? also how can i protect my business on this land ? 

    • Seemeyesme

      Hey guys and girls, I am a Maldivian age 30, better not do any financial deals beige you know the Person very well, as in another county here in maldives also there are cheaters and thieves and the rest all, there are lots of drug addicts. Some even have sometimes threatened some people for money. So there are many things going on here. I am not discouraging anyone from coming here. But the truth is the truth. And these days some polo oral problems are also on and off all the time, but not as serious as in Fabruary and March of this year. I work at One and Only Reethi Rah resort. This is a cool place here we have a bar for the foreigners only. As aldivians are not allowed to DRINK. Also you can’t proctor any other religion other than the so called Sunni Islam her in the Maldives.
      Email: seemeyesme19@gmail,

  • Stevex

    If i come in with visitor permit..can i get work permit or other permit and how do i go about it?

  • Manoj


    You r giving the wonderful sevice i got an offer form maldeives through consultant but they r demanding 100000 Rs. after hand over of Visa, work permit, and flight tickets is it fake or real.

  • venugopal Rao

    Hi,Kishore im Venugopal, Presently Working in Position of Training Executive in India, I got Job offer from Crown Champa Resorts Male – for Position of Training Officer offering from 1000 USD TO 1300 USD WITH food/lodging is it a good package please convy ur Message Please.

  • Mia

    Hi Kishore, I am a second year female university student from Australia and I have been given the opportunity by Four Seasons to do my internship in Maldives. I have done alot of research online but I am unable to find enough information regarding working and life in the Maldives. I have read on your blog about Maldives being unsafe due to the drug addicts preying on foreigners. However, I would really love to do my internship in the Maldives. Could you please assist me regarding the accommodation that Four Seasons is likely to arrange for me(eg, shared accommodation), transport around Maldives and internet connection?Thank you very much and I really hope you can reply.

    • Kishore Post author

      Mia – Four seasons is one of the best resorts in Maldives. You will be staying in Four seasons and they would provide you with decent accommodation at the resort island and so there is no traveling involved. Yes are are problems in Male\’ and other island, but I think at Four Seasons you would be safe

  • Sumeet

    Hi Kishore,Can you kindly guide me that if i get job in Maldives then who will bear the cost of my work visa??? I mean do my employer arrange and pay for my work visa or i have to pay for it????

    • Kishore Post author

      Yes, the employer has to pay for the work visa

      • sumeet

        Thank you Kishore finally can you please guide me that my employer is giving me accommodation allowance of $200 so how can i arrange a shared accommodation in MALE before reaching Maldives????

        If you know any classified or website for it please

  • zain

    Hi Kishor, can you please give me the idea that is there any possibility in Maldive to live in Hostels or shared Accomodation to save living cost here?? I have an offer of 400 dollar pm plus food and accomodation allowance????

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  • Raghav

    hi Kishore,I am wondering what is the position with regard to availability of house maids in Male?

  • Kumar

    Dear Kishore,You are giving wondeful service. I really appreciate you.I have been in teaching field for the past 16 years. May I know the average salary in USD the lecturers get in Maldives? My current montly salary is USD2,000. Can I get more salary than this in Maldives?Looking forward to receive your reply.With many thanks,Kumar

  • Daniel Micheal

    I’m a graduate, I teach well too. I need a job in Maldives, could you help me in this regard?

  • Mohammed Suhail

    What will be the salary of mechanical engineer with 1 year experience .Does any company provide boarding & accomodation .please mention.

  • malik

    hi kishore, when you say that accommodation is usd$700, you mean per month?

  • dr.satya

    Dear sir,Am a junior orthopaedician from India. One consultancy has promised me a job in regional hospital initially and now they say they wil get me a job in adk.i would like to know which hospital is better in terms of pay,perks,quality of work, security and the patient input?ADK hospital or any govt regional hospital(igmh).thank you.

  • tanveer

    Hi, Kishore,I’m a doctor, and have been offered Maldives government job of US $2000, accomodation/food from government for me. I have not been informed of my job place/city. I will move with my wife and a child. How much one can save with this package? Thanks

  • forum

    hi kishore,my husband is dr and he has got oppertunity to work in Indira gandhi hospital in maldives. The pay will be 1750usd (accomodation and medical facility will be provided by the co). Will it be suffiicient to live normal life in maldives? Pls reply me soon if possible , as we have to decide in 2 days.

  • Rishi Raj

    Well Good Noon Kishore Ji.
    I have been recently been invited to appear for an Interview at Hyderabad for Lecturer Post in Maldives, arranged by Ministry of Education. They are offering Gross Salary 41,000/- Per Month.
    Presently, I am working as HOD-Management in KIIT, Meerut,(UP),INDIA, withdrawing 30,000/- P.M.
    All I am asking that if the Boarding and Lodging expenses are not born by the College-The Employer, then how shall I survive, the cost of living and other expenses, especially when I am planning to start a family.
    Please Reply at earliest.
    As I have to report within two days.

  • john

    I am American, and am interested in getting a job in either communications (my current field) or a management job at a resort. Can I support my wife and five children on just my salary?

  • manu

    hi,Plz let me know can i survieve with 700 usd as cyryx college has offered me a tutor position will it be enough and they hv offered free accomdation and food and electricity plz mail if you can help me you can send the mailit will be great helpthanxManu.p

  • cari

    is it boring living in the Maldives? like it is beautiful and I would love to live there, but is it? Like is there anything to really do there, except for swimming, diving, getting a tan?

  • Dalip Kumar

    hi kishoreMyself dalip kumar this side from India,i got job offer from Maldives in MESCO.they offered me monthly salary 500$ (accommodation + 1500 murfia),i want to know is this salary sufficient to survive in Maldives.and is it possible that i can save money from this salary.pls reply me on my email id also

  • Subhash

    Hi,I was offered a school teacher post in Hulhumale school, with a salary of 7000MRf. For Food and accomodation they will give me another 3000 MRf.Is it a good salary there to live with? How much I could save from this salary considering only reasonable expenses apart from necessities.Hoping reply by mailipsubhashkumar@gmail.comThanks in advance

  • Imthiyas

    Hai, Kishore.

    I will be in Maldives on Next Monday

  • kiran Sawant

    Hi Kishor ,This is kiran from pune . I am working as a lecturer in Human resource Management in one of the management institutes in pune. Want to ask you whether I can get a job of the same profile in Maldive and how much they pay for the same job . Expecting your reply on my mail .please help me getting a job in management institutes in Maldives .Thanks and RegardsKiran Sawant

  • Imthiyas

    Hello Kishore, I was interiviewd by the instituition named IBS City Campus , I will be working as Hardware and Networking Trainer over ther. package is like following USD$600/00 (Inclusive of food), Accommodation Provided . Do you think it is convenient for a Malayalee to live there. and what are the expenses would i have over there. I fyou dont mind , Kindly revert me back thru my Email. ( ). and If you give me your Contact number as well it wll be verry helpfull for me thru mail.


  • DR Farouk

    Hi kishore , do you have any idea about dentist’s salary in there ? thank you

  • zain

    Hi kishore,i currently work as a Team leader in a travel portal in mumbai,1) i would like to ask you how would i find a job in America which would be related to my field.2) how much do i need to earn inorder to make a good living out there.

  • Amogh

    Hi kishore,Is a salary of 2300 USD a good salary for a chef. Accommodation and food is paid for. this is just the salary component.CheersThank you

  • sam

    dear Kishore,whats the current situation in Maldives?? is IGMH being run in partnership with apollo hospitals?? are working conditions suitable for specialists?? im applying for a job but heard from some sources that its not a good place to work in?? pl can u shed some light. people do not work there long term. why is that

  • akthar

    Dear Kishore,ur every detail is very informative thanks for all the support..i have an offer from a friend to support in opening Shipping company in Maldives and as i have experience to help in the operation as to handle office administration.still i did’nt get any offer can u tell what to expect when finalizing the deal… how much salary to expect to live with family one kid.ur answer will highly apreciated

    • Kishore

      @akthar – Cost of living is very high in Male\’, especially an accommodation. You should reserve at least US$ 1500 for a good one. Food, telephone, internet, cable tv, etc are available and you would be using all these, so you should be prepared for all these expenses.

  • mizzie

    hi mr kishore,ihave been offer for a job in Male,maldives as a secretary. Would you think USD700 = free accomodation and food is a good offer thnx.

  • dr .sk

    Hi kishore , I was offered a doctor job in male but work permit is getting delayed since 4 months the employer says the ministry is nt issuin permit right now i just feel m stuck in this shld i really sit n wait for permit or shld consider other offers can u just tel me now how many days can it take for me to get the work permit


    Kindly give me information reagrding cost of vegeterain food & itsavailability in Maldives.For Work whether passport is necessary?Iam looking for consultant radiologists job.Kindly help me &reply on my email address information is given by you & helping all.Thanks.Dr.D.P.Patil,M.B.B.S.,D.M.R.D.,Consulting Radiologist & Sonologist,Nanded

  • Nitheeswar

    do we have any opportunities to make a business in maldives

  • Nitheeswar

    Hi i am an exporter from India, our commodities is, cardamom, garlic, onion, t-shirts, pillows, mattress covers. can i have any deal with these productsRegards,Green Hills Exports,India.Ph: 00919488559520

  • dr.imran

    hello sir u didnt answer my query?cud u also tel me wt the usual salary for medical officer thr?

  • Ajit

    Dear Kishore,I have been offered a Consultants Job at the Ministry hospital in Gynaecology, with free food/travel/accomodation/stay.Could you enlighten me upon the education for 8th std.student ?Also, if my sal .were 3000$, how much would i save ? I am a pure vegetarian & do not smoke or drink.Regards,ajit

    • Kishore

      I think the offer is good. Will be you be working in Male’ the capital or in any island. In Male’ there are good schools but in island I am afraid. Cost of living in Male’ is very high, but with your allowances you should be able to save substantially.

      • ajit

        Dear Kishor,

        Thankyou so much for the frank reply. I just heard from Ministry that i have got the job at Atoll/Regional area (as written on the appt.letter). Is this island very primitive ?
        My salary is stated as Rf:12400.00 & Rf:24448.00(monthly renumeration).
        They say its equivalent of Rs.1,40,000/- per month INR.

        For living in Atoll, is this sal.sufficient for one man ?

        I know i am troubling you, but i need to answer them in one weeks time.

        Thanks & regards,


        • Kishore

          Dr Ajit – Did they mention which atoll? I am not sure if you would like the island life? Salary seems to be good and cost of living in islands are less. Please get a copy of the contract before you accept the job and go through it well.

  • dr.imran

    hello kishore i did mbbs..i m intersted in working thr but some doc written t8 its worthles comin thr!!is t8 thue?cud u give me some idea?

  • Nitin

    Hi Kishore please provide me details on a company names MESCO in maldives (male ‘ ) and the salary of an engineer with 2 year of experience.Please give cost of living :A)FoodB)AccomodationC)Electricity BillEtc..RegardsNitin

  • Chethan

    Hi Kishore,It was so nice to see that you have provided so much information about living in maldives .Im a surgeon and have been offered a job in maldives for 3000 $. If i stay single and have a middle class life style will i be able to save 1 lakh rupees per month.Is tax applicable for hospital employees and do they usually provide accomodation .your reply would be of great help to me .regards

  • Umar

    Dear kishore i am from India recently i got a accountant job at Maldives salary $800+food and accommodation is this normal one or high?can i use bicycle there? since i cant walk more distance coz i got one leg PPS in my childhood but i can walk normal less distance only please reply me

  • Ethan

    Hello,I am interested to set up in the Maldives, as a consultant for a foreign company (not registered in the Maldives) and working from home.- How can we get an work permit as an employee of a foreign company? Is it straightforward; for example can we go there as a tourist and get the work permit on site (I am from Luxemburg)?- What are the best areas to rent something (with a swimming pool), in a dynamic environment (to be able to network with other business people), with a very good Internet connection and not too far from the airport (less than 2 hours)?- How much costs a maid in the Maldives?Thanks a lot for your insight,Ethan

  • yadav

    hi sirin maldeev how much salery for doctor only M.B.B.S.

  • Dr A.Khan

    I am a doctor working in Maldives for last 2 years{under Ministry of Health].This place is not ment for doctors ,I mean this country as a whole, including IGMH .First,the working conditions are not good, no proper rules & regulations,all arbitory. Even the contract which doctors are signing is not fair.All points mentioned in the contract are against the interest of the doctors .It is just a tool to exploit them..The salary they are offering is a meagre amount.Your passport will be deposited at Ministry so that you cant leave this country at your will.No proper foods available.Accomodations are bad .The public is also not vey friendly.You will always be concerned about your safety as police here is totally ineffective ,let it be Male for that matter. So if you are a doctor thinking of working here,give it a second thought.

    • sharmeen

      Can you plz e mail me your contact no. I am a MBBS & have received visa from Ministry of Health. Could you give me some more information. Is it a good idea to come?

    • AJIT

      Dear Dr.A.Khan,
      Read your comment on the blog. I have been offered a Job as a consultant in the ministry .What salary should i expect to live comfortably?
      If i dont like the job after accepting it, what is the procedure to leave the country.
      Do they really pay $3000 per month with free travel allowance/home etc..?
      I have postgraduated from Bombay & have 20 yrs.experience.

      Thanks & regards.

  • Smrithi

    Hello Kishore.. Its very nice of u to provide help for people like us who would like to visit that place. I too have a few queries.. I am a doctor from Chennai, India getting recruited into IGMH . Is it good enough? The salary given is 7500 rufiyas with 5000 for allowance.. Would it be enough? Would i be able to save much? And is it safe for females? Kindly reply soon.. Thanks a lot..

    • Kishore

      Are they providing with free accommodation besides this salary. Cost of living is very high in Male\’. There is no problem related to safety.

      • Smrithi

        Yes.. the rent for the place is paid by them.. Lots of negative reactions regarding the place.. Kindly give me the real picture as u stay there u would know better. And how is IGMH. I am really confused whether to take it up.. Kindly guide me.. thank u..

  • chandra

    hi , i would like to know any good dentists in maldives and what would be the cost of treatment there.

  • Shirley


  • Imthiyas

    Hello,I have got a Interview in Maldive as Trainer. But they said that , they will provide salary 600 $ and Accomudation. What do you think, Will it be convenient to live there . Please mail as

  • Rajan

    Hi Mr. Kishor,

    I have a job offer from maldives resort as a Security Manager. if i want to bring my spouse with me can i take her in dependent visa?

    Thank you

  • siva

    can you please send the details to mail it self

    my mail id is

    i am waiting for your response

    thank u

  • siva

    hello kishore,i am from India, i applied for IT Lecturer job in IBS. they told that they are providing 600 us $ per month for IT Lecturer and they are offering food and accommodation with company cost. its affordable to stay there with this amount. i am pure vegetarian there any indain hotel is there and wat abt the house rent and cost of living

    • Kishore

      Siva – I am afraid ,the are no vegetarian hotels in Male’, but you can get vegetarian dishes, or if you are planning to cook, you can get vegetables here

      • siva

        thank your for your valuable response i want to know about the IBS, and then salary is 600 USD + food & Accomodation wat about the package its normal or very low. its enough to survive in Maladives. i want to know any part time job opportunity’s there. etc pls reply as soon as possible.

  • Ashraf

    Hello Kishore,Your page is very very informative, i appreciate this very much.I am an MCA graduate with 3 yrs of work experience. I m looking up for new opprtunities in Maldives; i saw some requirement for lecturers at Clique college.My concerns are:1) Is it possible to get those opportunities in Maldives from India or i have to make a visit for interview & job hunt?2) In case i have to make 1st visit here then what will be the cheapest accomodations i can avail for atleast one month…i dont mind poor hotel services..just need a basic shelter to relax after every day’s job junt.Please advise.Thanks & Regards

  • Nadia Syeda

    Hi,Wonderful information… Well done!!I got a job offer as a Lecturer in a College from Maldives, Male and they are offering me 700 USDs per month excluding of accommodation & food allowance, but electricity bill would be on my responsibility. I really don’t have any idea about the salaries & expenses in Male. They are still discussing salary with me because personally i was not satisfied with this amount.What do you think? , kindly reply me at my email address if possible.ThanksNadia Syeda.

    • Kishore

      Nadia – I think the salary is standard, but now the cost of living has gone up very high, even the electricity / water charges also has gone up. I think you should give it a try, but clear with the contract details before you decide

  • nes

    what will be the average salary for a dentist in maldives

  • Anish Babu

    HEY KISHOR,Sorry to distrub you again but i just heard from one of my friend that i have to spend 40 percent of the total earnings in maldivies itself, is there any fact in it?

  • Anish Babu

    Dear Kishor,My name is Anish, i am from Kerala, India. I recentlly got a job offer from Cyryx College, Maldives and they have offer me free accomodiation & Food, and a salary in the range of 7,000 MVR to 8,000 MVR, but i am absolutlly Zero about Maldives, and would like to know weather it would be a good offer for me. Hope you could help me out in this matter. waitign for a reply at the earliest. Thanking You

  • Cyriac Joseph

    Dear Kishore,

    It is nice to go through your detailed explanation in an answer to the questions of many who want to work in Maldives in various sections.

    I too expect an answer to my following:-

    I am currently working in a private export company in North India and have been working since 1993. My wife is teaching a Convent English Medium School in primary section.

    My question is that is it possible for me to get a suitable job in Maldives in an Export/Import company. I have heard there is much scope for exports and imports in Maldives and just because of this reason there could many companies on the line.

    Could give me an idea on this.

    Many thanks,
    Cyriac Joseph

    • Kishore

      Yes Mr Joseph, there are possibilities, but you will have to check for vacancies in good company

      • Cyriac Joseph

        Dear Kishore,

        I really appreciate your quick reply and it helps many to reach at their aim destination.

        Further, if possible, could you guide me with some references of the good companies in Maldives who are possibly doing Export / Import business to try my luck.

        Many thanks for your help.

        Cyriac Joseph

        • Kishore

          Joseph there are few export companies (Fish processing units), but there are a good number of importing companies because everything in Maldives in imported.

  • Vikram

    Hi Kishore, am going to Maldives, Kuda huraa for a 5 day honeymoon trip , my staying over there is free of cost and will be staying at the four-seasons hotel , i want to know the cost that i have to bear for my stay for food and traveling. Approx estimate of food in a 5 star property. Many thanks Vikram

  • Rohit

    Hi Kishore, I am trying to find the following costs for Maldives – 1. monthly salaries for a local resident in Male. 2. Cost of fuel in Male. 3. Cost of accommodation, food, travel per day for a local resident. 4. Cost of hiring generator and diesel cost of generator. This is a little urgent and would request if you could help. Many thanks…Rohit

  • camille

    dear kishor,my husband is being offered a job at maldive as architect. what is the salary scale for an architect / project coordinator in maldives? is it advisable to bring along the family – wife; 1, 9 and 11 year old children? how much will an internation school education cost for primary and middle school? i hope you can give advice on how much salary will provide for a comfortable life for a family of 5. many thanks to you and more power

    • Kishore

      camille – I am not much aware of the salary for architects in Maldives as I am not from that industry. But for sure the cost of living is getting higher here in Male’. Schooling is also costly if you are looking for International school ( i guess around US$ 200-300)

      • camille

        hi kishore, thank you for your prompt reply. i just want to verify the cost of schooling that you gave at US$200-300, is this monthly or the whole school year? can you recommend a good english speaking school? many thanks – camille

  • Nadine

    Thank you very much for this article.

    Would you know what sort of salary to expect working as guest relation officer in upmarket resort in Maldives?

    Many thanks!

  • Trapti Jain

    Could you pl suggest few good consultants who could help finance professional from India having more than 12 years of exp to grab good opportunities in Maldives?

  • ashu

    dear kishor, am frm India Is Maldives good and safe place to work in? Do govt provide any job security to foreign employees …many people are telling there is water problem and people are coming bk to India, my bro have got job in company as accountant salary 900USD and there are offering free acc & food… will be a good offer..please do reply

    • Kishore

      Maldives is a good place, but currently the Government policies have changed, going for localization and privatization. There is job security for any foreign employees. I think the salary is good, if its after food and accommodation

  • Adrien

    Hi,I’m planning to get a job in a luxurious Resort in Maldives. I’m French, and I’d like to know what is the wage I can get, excluding lodging and fooding.By the way, I heard there was a minimum salary for local residents working in Resorts. How high is it?Thank you very very much,Adrien

  • Kishore

    She and my kid are fine, they are in India

  • shanii

    Waiting for ur reply Kishore.

  • Kishore

    @shanii no idea, let me check and let you know

  • shanii

    Hi, I am ACCA(uk) affiliate.What is the salary range for Accountants and auditors in Maldives ?

  • Shruti

    Hello Kishor,thanks for the article. Although I would liek to know some more things. I am a single woman from India. I just got an offer to work as an English trainer from APTECH. They are asking me my expected CTC. But I know nothing of Maldives. I am not sure how much to quote. Considering the cost of living what do you think I should quote? Also is maldive safe for asingle woman to live alone and how westernised is it?Thank you

    • Kishore

      Shruthi – Cost of living is very high in Male\’. Assuming that you will be stationed in Male\’ , the capital of Maldives. Accomodation is the most costliest part, for a furnished accommodation single bedroom will cost atleast US$500, but if the company is providing, that should not be a worry. Food and other expenses again will depend on person to person, on an average, US$ 300 should be more than enough

  • Cheyne

    Dear Kishore,I have been offered a teaching job at a school starting in January, in Male – and the salary per month is 10,000 Maldivian Ruffiya.They have offered free accommodation, airfare re-imbursement after 6 months completion of the contract, and will take care of visas and such, with paid holidays too.To me the salary seems low – is this correct? It equates to only about $750US a month. With the cost of living it seems it might not be a great option. What do you think?

    • Kishore

      Cheyne – I think this is the standard salary, but now the cost of living has gone very high. I am not sure, how much beneficial this offer would be to you

      • Cheyne

        Thank You for your fast reply.The teaching offer is from the Language Learning Centre (LLC) in the Maldives. Do you know much about their school? Do you know anyone who has been employed there? I have heard some good things and some bad things, but any information you have or could get for me would be great.Also, can you negotiate salaries in the Maldives based on experience (more money for more experience?)Cheers

  • Casper Richard

    Dear Kishore,I have been offered for a job on of the Telecom in maldives. I have been offer US $5,000/month (included House rent US$450). Can you please inform me some informations:Living Cost in maldives:House Rent (less expensive furnished): ??** What includes in furnishes ?Food cost/month for 02 people (if cook own): ??Phone, cable & Internet cost: ??Other cost:Please help me to take decesion for bargain.

    • Kishore

      Richard – A Single Bedroom fully furnished accommodation (almost everything, Fridge, TV, telephone, furnitures, kitchen accessories) will cost about US$ 1000. Food for 2 if you are cooking, US$ 250 could do. Cable TV, internet, phone and other could come upto US$ 500. Thats it

  • Casper

    Hi Kishore,Thanks a lot for the very helpful inforamation. I have been offered a job as teacher at a school near Male with a salary of around US$1500 plus US$250 housing allowance. Do you think you can get an unfurnished apartment for a reasonable price in Male? I’m not interested in an expensive furnished place, just a local flat. Do you think that salary is OK for living in the Maldives?Thanks for your help!Casper

  • Sunil

    Dear Kishore,Just wanted to know how much does it cost to call India from Maldives.Thanks for your help.

  • Gajanan

    Dear Kishor, finally I joined at Allied Maldives… its nice experience. Thanks for your advice and for this site….

  • Government of Maldives takes measures to combat Financial Crisis

    [...] depends on imports for almost all the daily needs, so its very important that every person living in Maldives should contribute in saving the foreign reserves. There is an acute of of US Dollars in Maldives [...]

  • Mia

    I always read your amazing website every week, its great fun and got lots of interesting information to take in and lots of interesting articles.

  • Henri

    Dear KishoreI am amazed to find such a website and I am thankful for your help provided to everyone. I want to ask about Kuredu Island resort and living there? Is it nice? what should I expect as a salary for a training manager if I have an expernience of 4 years? just give me the average. I will be waiting for your reply on my email please.Thanks

  • Kishore

    Yes, its a very old company? Have you got any job Offer?

  • Sudhir

    Is AAA Trading and Company a reputed one in Maldives

  • Gajanan

    Hi, Thanks for reply… What is the joining period in Maldives ( time taken to receive work permit/permission from health ministry) Company have told me that I am appointed from 1st of may, but still not received further order as the work permit is in process…

  • jaya

    sir please reply me…………..thanks in advance

  • jaya

    m dr.jaya applied for doctor job through net .he asked me to send my sccaned documents through email.can i believe him and send my documents??he said that he will get me workpermit within 10 days.his name is sunir oden .his mail adress is

  • Gajanan

    Dear Sir,

    I am joining in the insurance co at maldives. my package is 1500 $ + 2000 rufia for food + 500 rufia for phones + accomodation at Male… how is it ? i want my wife’s work permit also…. if she comes with me and later on we find a job for her… is it possible ? how to get permit?

  • jaya

    hi m dr.jaya from can i get a job in maldives to work as a medical officer.thank you

  • sameer

    iam from palakkad, here there is an interview on 17 th jun for teacher(computer science). they are offering me Rs.43,000 .Is it true ? What shall i know more about it ?

    pls reply

    • Kishore

      Sameer, yes the salary is correct, you will be paid in local currency. The recruitment will be done by agents in India / MOE. Try to find out where in Maldives will your placement be. It could be in some remote island

  • Rajesh Kumar V

    Dear kishore, I am a keralite completed my final semester mba Information Technology and waiting for result.I am looking for a job in Maldives.Basically I was doing company secratary cum computor operator job in UAE for 4 years but planning to be there.What type of the job I can apply for? I wish to be a teacher in business studies can I apply for the same?.How much salary I can expect.which are the ministry site for that?Bed is necessary for the same?Kindly help me.
    Thanking you

  • Pom

    Hi Kishore,

    could you pls answer me via email?
    i will be able to check my email from mobile but cannot log in this page from the mobile. thank you very much for your help.


  • Pom


    I just got a job a marketing executive at Fantasy Pvt Ltd. It is the food importer company in Maldives.
    I got an offer at USD800/m + USD100 food allowance/m + accomodation.
    Is this a fair deal?

    Please advise. Thank you.


  • rose

    hi kishore
    i’m a doctor and have been offered a job in an island of maldives. can you tell me how safe is it for a girl to stay alone there? i’m planning to stay there for a year. also do let me know about the attitude of people there.

    • Kishore

      Maldives is considered to be safe but these days we find some unfortunate incidents happening, but nothing much to worry. The attitude of locals are good as far as I am concerned. There are lots of single lady Doctors working here, so there is nothing wrong in going ahead, but you need to rethink about an island life where you may not all the facilities

  • naresh vaibhav

    hi kishore, i’m really impressed the way u givin quick answer… hats off to u buddy…and r u a civil engineer. now i m goin to complete my BE and offered a job in maldives . i am a civil engineer too. i got a job offer and paying me around 600-800us$. with acoomodation and food. is iot worth coming there and working for a construction industry and will i be able to save money for my futur.. and one more thing wat would be the cost for internet and phone usages

  • Dr. Vivek


    I am Dr Vivek from Mumbai. I am a Palliative Care physician and has two year experience in Tata Memorial Hospital in India. I am doing Post graduation certificate in Health from Australia in Palliative Care.

    I want to work in Maldives. Can you guide me on how the recruitment process is and about the scope and salary.


    Dr. Vivek

  • Samantha

    Hi, your information for expat’s life in Maldive is very useful.

    I got some questions to ask you :
    - Do you know Shades of Maldives Resort ? Is it a good reputation one ?
    - What is minimum salary range for those who works in Resorts ?
    - Maldives is a safe country for women professional expatriates ? How about the security in this country ? Is there lots of crime ?

    Thanks for your reply

    • Nuwan

      Hi Samantha

      - Shades of Maldives is an inbound travel agency based in Male city specialized in resort bookings.It’s not a resort.
      - With regard to salary scales in resorts, it depends on the position but minimum will be around $250/- + service charge…however it can still vary depdning on the resort category as well.
      - You will find so many women expats working in resorts and in Male’ city in the tourism sector without any hindrances. No need to fear if you are employed in a secured way and the employer is a trusted body.

      Good luck…

  • Zainal Abidin

    why no reply to my question still?

  • Zainal Abidin

    how is prostitution activities in Maldives?

  • vijay

    hi kishore..nice to hear frm u…am from thrissur…nd wr u in kerala..nd wat r udoin..

  • hardeep singh

    dear kishore
    thanks a lot for your answers. i really appreciate it .i will ask the company more about these issues on monday .thanks again .

  • hardeep singh

    hi kishore
    you have a gr8 web site going here .seems to be very help full.
    i have been offered a job paying around usd2800.iam from india.i have a wife and a 6 months old boy.i believe the cost of living there is very high . i have the three queries for you .
    1. how is the place overall to live with family. i mean is it possible to enjoy family life there
    2. my wife is an architect with 5 years experience .is there any scope of her being able to find a job there.
    3. hows the health care system especially for small childrens and is it expensive too.
    thanks a ton for reading my letter .and
    i hope you can find some time from your schedule to answer me .
    thankyou very much
    hardeep singh

    • Kishore

      Hi Hardeep

      1. Has your employer offered you an accommodation apart from the salary? Will you be located in Male’ the capital of Maldives or some island. I think you should be happy with your family. There are no much entertainment facilities like pub or disco, but you can go to a resort.
      2. There are some construction companies here, so there are chances for a job for an architect.
      3. Healthcare is costly, there are two Major hospitals here, One private and the other is IGMH.

  • Ajju

    Dear Kishore, really appreciate your promotion and excellent informaion.
    I am a teacher in Geography and worked in other countries. Now I am in India, can I go and attend interview directly with MOE ? or there any other posibilities.


    • Kishore

      Ajju – There are some changes happening in all the Government departments are the new Government has taken charge. I am not sure if they do direct recruitment or if there are vacancies, but if you are ready to take a chance you can come and try. I know many people who had come directly and got the job

      • vijay

        hi ….its really a appreciable which you are doin frnd…gr8….i am teacher working in kerala…rite now i got an offer for teachin in maldives…i wud like to know abt the salary they offered and abt the cost of living….and also i want to know the attitude of the locals and students towards the teachers….

        awaiting your reply


        • Kishore

          Vijay – I don’t know about the recent salary, I heard that they have increased the salary of teachers now. The cost of accommodation depends on the island you are living. If its Male’, the accommodation cost is very high, but in Islands its less. I think they do respect teachers, you should not have any problem.

          Basically where are you in Kerala, I am also from Kerala

  • Tatyana


    I have been offered a job at Paradise Island-maldives. USD$500 not include service charge. They will provide accomodation,food on duty only.
    What do u think?
    How about:
    1. Internet acces n cell phone provider,make international phone call.
    2. Dentist,i need to do check up every 3 weeks (wearing braces)
    3. Transportation to male?is it expensive?
    4. Safety
    5. How far by plane to New Delhi n Dubai?

    • Kishore

      Tatyana – Its a standard offer, Internet n Cell phone no problem, bit costly but affordable. Dentist, yes you can consult one in Male’, even my clinic has an orthodontist visiting from India and also a resident dentist available every working day. Transportation from Male’, you have to depend on the staff ferry. Safety – yes, Plane to New Delhi – No direct flights, but Dubai I guess its there.

      • Nikki Isaacs

        Hi Kishore,

        My fiance & I are both South Africans wh are applying for work at the resorts in Maldives. We have both worked in Dubai & London.
        If we are blessed in getting a job there,because it’s a muslim country and we are not yet married are there any laws that we may not live togther? Dubai has this law and follows Sharia Law? Is it the same in Maldives?


        • Kishore

          Nikki – Here also its the same, but if you are going to work in a resort in Maldives, that should not be a problem. You can talk to the management to give accommodation together. All the best

          • Kashif Sohail

            Dear Brother Kishore,
            I m so happy to such type of forum, I also wants to seek ur kind Advice, I m a dental Surgeon and I got a offer as a Dental Surgeon with Rf. 15647/- per month. But no accommodation is mentioned in job offer, I have to wirk in Atoll hispitals, Can U plz tell me will it be enough to live there n hire a flat single room, and how much can I easily save n sent back to my home.
            Your early reply is requested plz.
            Thanks n Regards.
            Dr kashif Sohail

          • Nikki Isaacs

            Thanks so much for the speedy response!

            Much appreciated!


  • fahri


    Reading this, please allow me to ask some questions. Before that, I am Fahri from Indonesia. I am having opportunity to work in Male.
    Could You tell me :
    1. Is there any apartment close to the Wataniya Telecom..?
    2. If any, tell me please about the cost.
    3. Because I am a moslem, tell me also about situation there, food and price related to religion of people.
    4. What about transportation to Colombo…?

  • Jamal Mohamed

    Very useful infos.
    Helped me to get an idea about job, accomodation, food etc..

    Thanks Kishore.

  • rupesh

    pl tell me cost indian veg gfor three eople and schooling

  • Keith

    I’m a Brit and am considering moving to the Maldives for a short period. I’ll be working self-employed and earning around 1500USD/month. I don’t need to be near Male and would need accommodation comprising of just 1 bedroom. Could I do this on this budget? Any tips for looking for housing on a more remote island?

    • Kishore

      Hi Brit, cost of accomodation depends, if you are able to find accomdation at nearby islands like hulhumale’ or vilingly, you can get a good accomodation at less rent, but for most of your needs, you may have to come to Male’.

  • dr

    I have been offered a job at an Atoll hospital and the pay is 2300 U.S dollar with accomadation but no mention is made of food and other allowances.Can you tell me what this Atoll Hospital would be situated and how much I would be able to save.

  • dr vijeev

    hi kishore…

    i am a pediatrician being offered a job in a pvt setup with a pay of around 1550 $usd. ,30% consultation fees, for patient counts exceeding to 25/day
    50% consultation fee for patient counts exceeding to 35/day
    Accommodation: one-room a/c apartment medium furnished.

    should i go for it….

  • Kishore

    Dharen- Male’ is a very small island, you can walk to any place in 15-20 minutes time. The common mode of public transport is Taxi, which is MRF 20 to any destination. Education, roughly MRF 250 per month, not sure.

  • Customs Duty for Diesel, essential food and medicines exempted in Maldives

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  • Dharen

    Thank your very much Kishore.

    Could you tell me something about common mode of transport/ taxifare/KM and also how much its costs per child’s eduction in Maldives?


  • Dharen

    Dear Kishore,

    I was pleased to see a website of this nature and your prompt replies. I am a qualified accountant from Sri Lanka and has been offered a job by an acccountancy firm in Male. I am planning to bring my family (wife and two children). I am in the process of negotiating my salary. How much do u think will it cost for a 2-bedroom apartment, food, utilities and children’s education?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


    • Kishore

      For a two bedroom apparment, between US$ 1200-1500, Food for four of you atleast US500, Schooling and others another US$ 500. The cost of living in Male’ is very high, so you should negotiate for a good salary accordingly.

  • Going to Maldives for a new Job ?

    [...] you have got a job in remote island, then the cost of living will be less there, but chances of earning from tuitions are very less. The life in some remote [...]

  • bhumica

    thanks a tons for your reply…….can i just know that how much will be the cost of accomodation and food total. Do u have online chat ID (yahoo or any other) so that I cna add u up sir.

  • bhumica

    Dear Mr.Kishore
    Please reply to my querry mentioned earlier.
    Also if u can give me your complete telephone or cell number so that i can call u please help me at the earliest

  • bhumica

    Dear Kishore,
    I have been offered the job of Teacher in ministry of education maldives.
    the package offered to me is 4940MRF (US$.085) as mentioned in my appointment letter.
    Please let me know what woould be the cost of living there food and accomodation, and what savings can i do and send across to my family in india.
    please reply and help me

    • Kishore

      Bhumica – Thats the standard salary offered in Maldives for teachers. You can earn more by taking private tutions. The cost of living is very high here, but I am sure you can manage to do some savings

  • Prashant V Kore

    Hi, Mr.Kishore, I got selected as a teacher by the dept of Education of Maldives. They will pay me 4940MRF+525MRF+1950MRF+1000MRF, Total About 8415 MRF. Pls let me know whether I can make a saving out of it and sent it back to my hometown, Mumbai, Pls its urgent, i hav 2 reply in 2-3 days,thanks a lot.

  • Kishore

    You should be aware that the cost of living has gone up very high these days.

  • Kishore

    -Dr Manish-I guess you have got a Job at IGMH Hospital, US$ 2300 is the standard salary,there should not be language problem as you will be assisted by clinical assistants, saving part, depends, whether you are with your family or alone

    -Lauren – Usually for teachers its around US$ 500, you can earn good if you take tutions and its allowed right now

    • Stephie

      The salary you guys are quoting – is this per week/month? thx, Stephie

    • vijay


  • Lauren

    Hi there, I’m applying for English teaching jobs in the Maldives. Do you know what a typical salary is for an ESL teacher and what is normally included with a contract for someone with a BA and TEFL certification? Most jobs post that info. but the two I’ve applied for in the Maldives have not included this information. Thank you.

  • manish goyal

    hi kishore
    DEAR I am a ent surgeon in india , having an offer in maldieves
    kindly let me know in what type of hospital i have to work , will be geting 2300$ ,how much i can save , they will be providing accommodation,language problem ect

  • Raghav

    Thank you so much for the prompt reply Kishore!

    Take Care

  • Kishore

    -Raghav : Its a good package. If you are going to work in a resort, then you will not have any other major expense. There is no income tax now. Wish you all the best

  • Raghav


    I am from India, got a job opportunity with a resort in maldives. Accomodation and food will be provided by them alongwith a salary of 1500USD. Do u think its enuf? Also, need to know about the Taxation laws there.

  • Kishore

    -Aparana, it depends on the accomodation cost. If you are looking for an independent accomodation, it will cost you half your salary. Internet, broadband is available, vegetables are available, that should not be a problem if you are cooking at home

  • Aparna

    hi! Kishore!

    I am offered a teacher job with more that Rs.30,000 salary. That means around 10,000 rufiyaas I guess. Will that be sufficient for me and my father to live there comfortably (without any luxuries)? What about internet facilities? To what extent is broadband connection affordable? We are vegetarians. Do we get all kinds of vegetables?


  • Hammad

    I would like to know the salary of an IT Manager in Maldives. Or for a System Analyst ?


  • Maria

    Hi Kishore,

    I have sent you an e-mail.


  • Kishore

    @Dinesh, the salary depends on factor like the industry you work, the company, your experience

  • Dinesh

    Hi Kishore,

    What is the approximate salary structure in Maldives. I mean if you are working say in the Head position.. Like Creative Head, what would be the approximate salary structure.

  • Bikash Lama

    I want to working in relate store job.

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