Country Vacations – is it a fraud?

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Day before yesterday i received a call from the staff of country vacations saying that i am the lucky winner of a lucky draw and come and collect three gifts (one kitchen set of 6 glass bowls, a gift voucher worth Rs.25,000/- which can be utilized for getting the accommodation and pass to country club for one day) and come with my husband. Since my husband is abroad, i went with my neighboring couples to get the gifts and later realized that  it was not at all necessary to go with the spouse. It was held at the basement of the Country Club, in outer ring road, Bangalore. The staff said we have to attend a presentation for 1 hour and later the gifts can be collected. The so called presentation was a trap and i realized it only after reaching home. It is about country vacations and through that gaining a Country club life time membership. I fancied about the idea of getting a membership.

I spoke with my husband regarding this and he was not interested in this since the beginning. I thought of convincing him later on and made a small token of payment to block the offer. They offered me a set of lemonade as a compliment. After reading others experiences, i am bit confused.

I read the bitter experiences of of others in the web and realized that it is not wise to go ahead with the idea of joining the concept of country vacation. So be careful when you receive a call like this.

Wishing you all the best for not getting into the trap of Country Club’s Country Vacations.

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  • sridhar

    Hi friends cv international is fraud and cheater company so pl don’t believe them beware of fake gift calls.. and if u wont to rises the complainant this is the right palce pl us this . All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA) group. to fight against cv international cheater

  • Niaha singfh

    I recived a call from country vocation. They said that win a lucky draw contest. that time i am very supriced.Again i thinked. what is the benifit of some one.Other day call me again and told me that why did not come yesterday .They convinced me. I am agree of this proposal and say that i will come tomorrow. I gone to station. Again my friend call me. Where are you? I said all that.My friend told me.That is fraud.And I am open net see complainta.

  • sumanth

    I also got call to come with family to collect prize, but I dropped after seeing reviews.

    Thanks for the detailed review, hope this will help lot of people.

    I have filled this coupon before hometown, marathahalli. Shopping malls should not entertain these kind of people and let their customers fall prey for these activities.

  • parth

    i also got a call from cv today…..thanks to all for sharing your experience.

  • Shital

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It will very helpful for us. we also paid them 50000. we are also trying to get money back.

  • Survivor of Country Vacations

    Hi everyone,

    I am a survivor of CV. My post might help people who have paid so much & never got any service in return.
    I went to CV in Bangalore with my husband. They had only called for all these foolish free gifts and we went there b’coz there office was just behind a famous mall we always wanted to see. I too used to feel proud that i never fall pray in hands of cheats of such hotel memberships but i must give cheers to these sales executives that taking out money from me was like a cakewalk for them. And i became a victim for Rs.1,00,000/-

    We were informed about so many benefits after taking a LIFETIME membership. Upon my asking how many years is lifetime they said 25 years but after every 5 years we will get a call to upgrade it “to a better package”. I said is that a catch,’ wat if we don’t want’, They said don’t upgrade then,your normal lifetime membership will run. This was a very clear conversation. we fell into their sweet behavior & did not take any of their verbal promises in writing, giving them all the trust we agreed to pay from credit card for 18 months EMI. And after coming back home we found after 5 years the membership ends. If you want to use further u need to pay the price of that particular year. AND THE MAIN QUESTION WAS IF YOU ARE ABLE TO USE THE MEMBERSHIP AT ALL IN THE 5 YEARS.

    *******BEWARE********* They made us sign a 100 rupee stamp paper agreement which we later found to be a one sided document only to serve their profit interest. It has been prepared for post sales purposes because they will never give u any service, they might give you some letters or free coupons when you go to their office to fight for ur rights. Do read full post to follow procedure of disputing the transaction.

    On very next day we asked for E-mails of all the verbal promises not mentioned in their Deal, they kept giving us ambiguous mails. By then we found so many reviews against them. We reached their office and we were not that shocked to see their different behavior, they showed us the way out and told us never to come back for cancellations. Their branch head who told us ‘he will call the police & throw us out’ if we ever came back for demand of cancellation. I was shattered, i cried whole night but then i got up from the paranoia and decided to teach them a lesson.

    in my extensive research, i found several victims as well as survivors, through them i found about All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA) group.
    I checked the link & found that Country club / country vacations is a member of the group and they have to follow the guidelines set by AIRDA (which they were not doing).

    The main code of ethic was COOLING-OFF period in which CV has to cancel the contract if we ask to cancel within 10 days of purchase. And they must mention the same in their contract.

    Extracted from this website with regard to cooling-off period:

    Cooling off period:-

    After a purchase has been made, AIRDA recommends a cooling-off period of 10 clear working days, during which customers have the option to revoke, rescind and make void ab initio, any sales agreement entered into.
    If the agreement is revoked by the buyer, the seller is committed to refund all payments made and return share certificates, title deeds or other documents handed over during signing up of sales agreement.

    *** So i found the main point to follow the cancellation – I decided to raise the issue that CV never mention this point in the contract which they should hence their contract is null & not valid to me as a customer. And i will fight with BANK to reverse the transaction and get money back from CV**** IT WORKED .. yayyyyy !! :)

    Procedure of disputing the transaction:

    1)First thing i did was wrote a cancellation mail with all the points proven incorrect and services which are verbally promised and are not mentioned on the contract. I prepared this mail mainly for my records & i never expected a reply. I did cc this mail to my bank customer service email id.

    2)Then i downloaded a dispute form of my Credit card Bank- ticked ‘others’ and wrote that canceling due to services not rendered. Note that all this was done in 2 working days time-frame of purchasing the membership. Banks needs the dispute forms within 7 days of transaction. I attached the cancellation mail which i sent to CV and wrote a letter to Bank in details of complete experience. The esteemed bank is HDFC bank. Pls Read full post to know how much they helped me unconditionally.

    3) I wrote mail to HDFC grievance cell with scan copy of dispute form. I got reply from bank to wait for 45-50 days time-frame to finish investigation. I was told to pay my EMIs as per the statement, which i had to do.

    In between these 50 days i was in touch with HDFC bank on phone, they gave me updates like CV has not replied as of yet which was a good thing. I was honest with the bank that i have signed a contract but bank should understand it is one sided and CV fooled us to sign it. The bank took the time it needed.
    AFter 50 days they made me fill a Progressive dispute form, they said it the highlest level of investigation. I had trust in HDFC for this, also i had no other option. Hence i paid 3 EMIs in teh period of investigation.

    The HDFC bank personnel called me 4 times in the instigation period. they had told me CV has a deadline to reply back by 15th August and HDFc will take finall call of verdict after that.

    And final call was received on 19th August that I won the case and investigation closed in my favor. They reversed the money paid by me and cancelled rest. The nightmare ended here.

    Now I am gonna go back to CV with their so called contract & gonna tear it in middle of their reception. And i am gona take media with me for this scene. Lets hope for the best. I hope every victim finds the right way to fight and win the game against the frauds, cheaters called country vacations.

  • rpchop

    Even in Bhubaneswar I got a call from a lady (Tel. 93372-15444, sms from Tel. 93387-97917) to come with wife / husband, they told Lucky draw from your purchases at THE WORLD, a mall at bhubaneswar. If Country Vacations is not a fraud, then why they take the name of a mall to sell their idea. Why don’t they directly inform what their offer is and what all gift one may get to attend the seminar??????

  • saju

    Hi all,

    The best thing you can do is just attend their boring class,collect all the free gifts(!) tell them your father/brother is already a member so they will not force you.They will give you a free holiday gift voucher.with that voucher you can book their any of the resort.with the voucher you can book 2N or 3N stay including all the meals with a nominal charge of Rs 2000 off season.

  • vijay

    Hello All,

    Even I had got a call from CV International saying tat I have won a lucky draw with 4 gifts
    1. kitchen set
    2. 25k worth package to Goa.
    3. Gold
    4. gift voucher

    Also, they had asked me to visit 90 minutes program with my wife as well.

    Thank you guys for all your infomation and saving my time of going there and wasting my time.

  • Aeral Fernandes

    I too got a call from Country vacations from Mr. David today asking me to come to one of the Malls in Bahrain and to attend the meeting, and told that I have won a dinner set and 7 days trip to 10 different locations in India, to choose from, than I just found this site on the net when I went to confirm about the company…and I found this site which is really helpful..i have decided not to go for the meeting…n get into this crap.

  • raj

    I received a call from Country Vaccation’s today(Aug 20 2013) and the person who called me his name is Bharat singh and his mobile number-8285856724 and one more vishal rawat-9971169449.

  • saren

    Thanks guys for saving my money & time

  • Jyotish

    Hi… I recently got a call from Ahmedabad. The called asked me to come and collect 4 gifts and watch a presentation from a place on CG Road, near girish cold drink crossroads. I had doubts and searched about the company… which led me to this page. Thanks a ton for saving my time.

  • DL

    one of my friend has requested me to join with his membership for 7 days and 1 complimentary day, so he decided to take 3 friends instead of family member to visit Bandipur to watch wild life for 2 days and then to go to Kodaikanal and spend balance 2 days as 8 night could be shared by two room, I also visited CV Colombo office and they agreed to arrange Bandipur and Manali then they had syggested above itenarary, and sales team advisec us membership can apply only for family members and not amoung friends, but later my firend had got consent as I guess, however going by above complaints, I am bit scared that we would get cheapted and it would be better for us to stay in an althernative hotel in tourist attraction area rather than using his facilities for membership paying Rs 2000 per person for 4 days.

    Pls advise us before we get into trouble with so called compliments and vouchers, following is his mail came to me

    India- Itinerary

    14th September departure Sri Lankan Air at 1:05Am —- Bangalore Air port 2:30 Am —- Taxi 35 Km to Bangalore city Railway station 5:30 Am Train to Mysore(6 bed cabin have to share with 2 outsiders) —– Mysore Rail station 9:20 Am —- Mysore rail station to Bandipur (Hotel in the Jungle ) by Taxi 80 Km by 12:30 Check in to the Hotel
    14th & 15th 2 Nights stay 16th Depature

    16th Departure from Bandipur Hotel 1:30 Pm —— Taxi to Mysore 80 Km— Mysore Train departure 17:45 to Kodaikanal Road Station 6:30 Am(4 bed A/C cabin only for us)—- Taxi to the Hotel 58 Km
    Check in to the hotel around 11:30 Am 17th
    17th & 18th Night 2 Nights stay 19th departure —– To Coimbatore Air port by Taxi — to Colombo

  • sarada

    I too got a call from number 80-32560011. and he called with my surname and told me about total shopping mall asking you have own the lucky draw, how is it possible even i am not filled up any lucky coupon. He asked me about the same lucky draw prize, 1. a holiday accommodation voucher worth 25K INR, 2. a one day privilege pass and 3. a kitchen set. and told me to come to TM conversional hall near Intel office outer ring road near new horizon engineering college, bangalore. and also told to come with wife.
    Thanks to this forum as i will not go and scold him next time he calls.


  • Ajit

    Thank you all for this very useful information. You all saved my time, because I was thinking to visit their…

  • sunil

    its totally wastage of your precious 90 minutes they convinced to join the cv & the gift voucher which worth is 25000/- makes u fool so beware of such kind of these frauds

  • Reshma

    i received a call from country vacations saying that i have won lucky draw which contains a combo of three gifts(kitchen appliance,25000 worth gift voucher,5000 worth voucher).I was so, exited to go and collect my gifts by listening to there words as they said that we need not to pay even a penny for them.
    but my husband has a doubt on this so we had searched to see any complaints regarding country vacation and found this we dropped our plan of visiting them
    Thanks for ur valuable information which saved our valuable time and money .

  • inmyco

    I think that this company and big bazaar go hand in hand…thats why all this promoting has been in big bazaar in most number of times….guys can som one find it

  • raj

    country vacations offered me a free vacation trip for me & my family but they charged 1200 rupees per day from me as tax there rooms are like sh…. if u go to country vacations kodaikanal in ur vehicle u should come back to ur place carrying the parts of ur vehicle in an hired car am glad to let u know this more over kodai resort wat they say is not actually located near kodai hills it is near to some village down to kodai hills from there u have to travel half an hour to reach kodai town.their buffet is wonderful with five or six stainless steel vessels arranged in a table which i had never seen such a worst buffet in my kind request ask sania mirza and sharuk who pose as members to pay a visit and stay atleast one hour in country vacations kodaikanal resorts

    • DL

      Dear Raj, thanks for your comment my friend is suggesting me to go same place but i do not any sight seeing there if any but I requested my firend to visit Goa instead if CV is not good we could check in another hotel dumping the vouchers

      see his suggested
      India- Itinerary

      14th September departure Sri Lankan Air at 1:05Am —- Bangalore Air port 2:30 Am —- Taxi 35 Km to Bangalore city Railway station 5:30 Am Train to Mysore(6 bed cabin have to share with 2 outsiders) —– Mysore Rail station 9:20 Am —- Mysore rail station to Bandipur (Hotel in the Jungle ) by Taxi 80 Km by 12:30 Check in to the Hotel
      14th & 15th 2 Nights stay 16th Depature

      16th Departure from Bandipur Hotel 1:30 Pm —— Taxi to Mysore 80 Km— Mysore Train departure 17:45 to Kodaikanal Road Station 6:30 Am(4 bed A/C cabin only for us)—- Taxi to the Hotel 58 Km
      Check in to the hotel around 11:30 Am 17th
      17th & 18th Night 2 Nights stay 19th departure —– To Coimbatore Air port by Taxi — to Colombo

  • Yokesvaran K

    i too have the same call from cv organization, t-nagar, chennai……
    but bit lucky :-)
    Thanks for the information guys..

  • preet mohan singh

    Same with me. They promise a lot but delivers nothing. I have paid 3 yrs amc but free food vouchrs and complimentary vacation confirmation still awaited fm last 2 months

  • sagar

    I am almost completed all the formalities of suing case in consumer court pune against these fraud of Country Vacations.
    kindly contact me on me email id – if you need any suggestions about the approaching to Consumer Court.

    Its really very helpful to them who are victims like me. and as this spreads people will b aware of fraud of Country Vacation.

  • Ashok P Kamat

    Have there been any criminal report filed for fraud against these people as I see that they have been going on with these activities for years. Though I see some consumer issues but none have lodged any criminal report against these people.

  • Jagan Yaramareddy


    This is JAGAN YARAMAREDDY.My membership number is DT62BLR2ZING5L1582.
    I had taken member ship on 03/07/2011,I want to cancellation my member ship but when i call to customer care guys are saying,The amount which i paid not

    I got call to customer care guys,they said we wont return money.

    The below 2 peoples are explained membership and country clumb at the time of joining,they said once 2 years completed if you are not interested we will pay

    your amount returns.Now they said company policies are changed amount wont be refund.

    Now they said we are not responsible to your amount,you have paid Country club vacation not me.

    1.Deekshitha 9538136455
    2.Geetha 9964523893

    please help me how to return money


  • Nikhil

    Just now i came back with a 4 gifts 1 is a bowl set in which 2 bowls are already broken :D 2nd is some jewellery 5% off discount gift voucher 3rd is olive salon voucher for 1000/- 400/- off & for 2000/- & above Rs. 800/- off :D 4th is the grand gift guys so called Holiday Gift Voucher market value Rs. 25000/- which i can enjoy in paying nominal administration fee of Rs. 3000/- Accommodation for 2 in studio unit in which Food & Travel expenses to be paid by me. So guys go grab your gift & eNjoy…… :)

    • parvathi

      My friend and me had the same guys called from kovalam,trivandrum. But luckily our parents found this site and we are safe.. Thank u guys for your valuable informations

      • jayant kumar jha (@jayantjha6)

        well,Mr kishore i must appreciate your work.My wife had a got a call from CV & we decided to attend the seminar.we were briefed for a long time,i must say the seminar was brilliant.they convinced my wife completely,& i was convinced too but i dont take decisions like that & they told me that i have to decide yes or no there itself.i asked them for a days time so that i can think about the offer but they said it was not possible & i declined them with a thought in mind that how this business works.such a good offer for so less,such exotic locations & yet they make profit.i came back & checked the internet & there you go.relieved completely now.thank you & thank god.

  • subash prabu

    I too got a call today from CV organization, but before going I checked internet and came to know they are fraud.. thanks for the info.. don’t give any phone number in shipping complex like big bazaar… they are really fraud…. :(

  • MM

    I also got the call to come to some mall in Lakshmi Nagar delhi,the operator on call was convincing so much to come that itself gave me a doubt .. then i searched google and got this.. thank god i didn’t went there..

  • pravin

    CV is big time fraud company….i am too victum of this. Tried a lot even approched Consumer court but all went in vain…once u mae the payment or swip the card u cant do much rather writing this all…wondering how come they r still running the show….

  • Feroz Khan

    Feroz Khan from Hyderabad.

    I got a call from Hyderabad Location on Jun’5 2013, the executive Khadeer @ Mustafa and manager Ahmed this three person ask do you have credit card and they said me that they will just check my limit and they swape my card for 50,000/-
    its not refundabe and not resale it.

    Please suggest me any solution how can i get back my anount.

  • Narayanan Kundroth

    I also received a call . what should i do

  • Varaprasad

    Today i got a call from Chennai location, first i thought of plan for going, but after reading this blog, i decided it’s waste one so i stopped it. i really thanks to all for saving my time and as well as money..

  • vijayasri

    i got a call b4 20 mins or so…. a lady named sonal parmar of CV congratulated me dat i m d lucky winner of some draw ( i filled d form in BIG BAZAR, 10 acres, Ahmedabad )…. i hav won a crockery set, gift voucher of Rs 25000 ,movie tickets n beauty parlour coupons ….she asked me to come with my husband.. i said m a student aged 17 ..who d hell tld u dat m married… :D (stupid lady) ….. i thot it would b so wonderfull winning all these gifts dat too without spending a penny (i kn m stupid enuf to think like dis)…. thankx to my 6th sence (LOL :D ) dat i thought of just surfing in d net bout country vacation ,,…. n a big thanks to MR Kishore here…for allowing the ppl to know bout other’s experience….. bt any how m planning to go dere and . collect d free gifts like crokeries for my mom atleast (is it worth ???? i doubt!!)….. nd den say a BIG NOOOO to dem wen they comple us to join d membership……!!!!!!as i tld her my mom is out of station she will b back after 2 days… after asking to her manager she tld dat u come after 2 says. not a big deal…!!! i hope its nt risky going dere n saying no to dem…. hope they dont keep us calling again…. A TON of thank u again to Mr Kishore … :)

  • Gurdas h

    Cantury vocation sia. Cqll aya kituchun set vinner 25000 thousand holiday gift vochar. Helf mi

  • prssanns

    I am also get a call from cv thank u friends , I am aware about cv frauds

  • Jkuuu

    Even in jalandhar big bazaar ….i got call and same fraudy things …

  • mahesh

    Me too got a call … thanks for this blog entry … am saved precious few hours… thanks all… :)

  • Country Vacation Response Team

    Dear Sir,The inconvenience, in regards to EMI conversion is regretted. Kindly mail the complete details of your membership & issues to, so as to help you and understand the issue better.

  • Ajith Kumar

    Thanks for the information. I also received this call. Got tempted, till i saw your comment. Saved me lot of headache. Thanks once again.

  • Naseer

    Wow!!!! I just love the power of internet and social media today!!!

    I got a call, 2 hours ago from this guy named Babu from Country Vacations, claiming that i’ve won a dinner set along with travel vouchers to Singapore, Thailand etc. The catch is i need to be present at the CV Gift distribution Centre within the next 3 hours with my family to collect the gifts.

    And this offer was only after confirming my designation & annual salary – wonder how and from where they got this data?

    So….Stay away folks.. these are the numbers: 080-32568564/ 9535884287 and below is the address that you will be communicated to collect the gifts:

    BANGALORE – 560057

  • Shwetha

    Me and my husband have been to such meeting (torture) yesterday. So the wound is very fresh. they ate about 3 hours of our time and still didn’t leave us as we were not ready to pay for any of their bull Sh** plans..

    It goes like this..

    My husband got many calls after which he decided to give a try, initially they didn’t mention anything about country vacation. Just mentioned that we won 25K work travel coupons. They gave some nearest landmark and asked us to call from there to know the exact location. We planned on going to see whats that and return in 1 hr. When we reached the landmark and called then they told that its in Country Club. We got the picture clear by now. We couldn’t browse reviews as wifi was not available. Anyways we went there, i was ok to spend 30 min- 1 hr.

    As soon as the CV person explained about the plans and payment options, I decided that we will not pay for any plan, but my husband said we are here so lets listen to the details, offers and additional offers ;P if you know what i mean. You will if you have already been to such meeting.

    there was a plan for 30 years, with free 150 sq yards plot and we have to pay 2.45L +50K for registration. When i said that i am a homemaker and paying 3.5 is heavy on my husbands pocket, he said free emi option is available, even then i acted like its not possible, he said he will give us a free trip to Andaman for a week(this topic came up earlier when discussing places of interest and we mentioned that we are planning to go to Andaman)

    wow free trip to andaman, that is travel, accommodation, pick.drop, sightseeing, breakfast/dinner.this was too much of an offer to be true.

    Though we don’t believe all this we still acted like we are interested in the plan but the amount is bit too much.
    point to be noted -each time when we act as if not convinced, this guy goes to his manager and comes back in a minute.
    This time the cv guy gave us another bumper offer saying just pay 2L total instead of 3.45L mentioned above and we will still get all the perks- 150 sq yds plot, trip to Andaman, free EMI.. :D

    After all this my husband still stuck to his point saying he needs 1day time. For which they said its no way possible and out of 116 offers, 115 are already filled and this is the last offer available. Then we said ok don’t block that for us is someone else is interested give them else we will see about this tomorrow.

    We had to fill a review sheet before we leave which was delayed for 30 more minutes by them, meanwhile again trying to convince us. We said No… and just before we leave they said they will call tomorrow :D.
    We came home and browsed for CV reviews….. and were shocked, surprised, felt happy seeing all the complaints about cv. Shocked and surprised seeing such a huge negative response… felt happy for not paying/ falling for them.

    Even if they call today.. our answer is a Big No…………

    All people out there save your time and money, don’t fall for these guys paying them your hard earned money.
    At the end of the day… though we feel bad for all the time we wasted.. we are happy that we din’t pay a penny to CV.

  • mohan2dba

    2 weeks back i have joined, As of now i didn’t received any membership card,spa coupons and insurance
    kindly suggest what can i do ?

  • harish

    Donot waste your time and money

  • Sachin

    The venue for the drama was at City Center 1, Salt lake, Kolkata

  • Sachin

    Hai all, Welcome me to the bandwagon. I too attended their presentation yesterday after repeated calls to attend it. Wasted the whole day. I was tempted to take the membership too. Luckily decided for the opposite. Got the 100 Rs. glass bowl set and the Rs.25000 voucher (fake ?) though. Has anyone tried to use the free voucher yet?

  • Sangeeta

    Today I got a call from One Sunita landline number 08049046500. She said you have won a free holidy at Goa for a week even bus tickets, hotel, food. everything. Immediately i was suspisous. Told her to send mail. she said no mail madam. I iwll send SMS. i recived SMS from a following number9538335557 . The Sms said: Welcome to CV. u r entitled to get 3 gifts od 1. Holiday accomadation voucher of Rs 25000, Priviledges passes for bangalore 4 resorts,Kitchen set. Kindly come and collect it at no 102, 1st floor, S & S corner, next to Kamat hotel, Commercial street,shivaji Nagar, Bangalore. The gift details will take 45 min for inquiries contact,Jeevitha 8792524183. Please dotn get duped.. this is a fraud. IF they want to give the gift they can deliver it at the courier.

  • Krishna

    Today i also got a call, that lady is keep on calling me and one guy spoked saying that he was a manager.Same rubbish lies …

  • bala

    Thanks kishore I am safe before getting into isee ur comments from srivilliputtur near Madurai

  • sandip

    Thanks a lot, this site save my 1and 1/2 hour.

  • achu

    hai all
    just now received a call and a message from c.v orghanigation having there off @ shop no 4/22 ,ramakrishna street ,north usman road ,t.nagar and they said that i am one of the lucky winner for the coupon which i filled in Big Bazaar , Chennai at Phoenix Mall velachery .the person who spooked to me said that i have won ” 2 dinner set,gift vouchers of 25,000 !and asked me to collect the gift by today itself along with my spouse . got suspicious and goggled reg this . hope i think this the trap set by COUNTRY CLUB…i didn’t know how a big companies like big bazaar ,are having link with this type of cheap business doing person like country after in my life i will not visit big bazaar .let this will lesson to bigbazaar .and i will also update a status in Facebook reg this .first people should avoid this type of bazaars .

  • JoeD

    Got a call from a girl called Banu today. She said we won a dinner set and a voucher worth Rs. 45000. Asked to come and attend a meeting for just 30 minutes, and then collect the gifts and leave. They said I won it from a lottery at Big Bazaar in Chennai at Phoenix Mall. The address they gave was No 27, Ayya Swamy Street, West Tambaram, Chennai 45. Landmark: Rajaji Road, 4th Rigth. ICICI Bank Ground floor.

    Anyone from Chennai got a similar call?

  • Sonia mehtha

    Country Club People are frauds.. I recommend nobody to join this damn club. We were in goa, people just bluffed with all the gifts that we will be getting after one hour boring presentation.. then no gift nothing.. We spilt iur last day of holiday with COUNTRY CLUB.. A hopeless place to be… I inform the rest of you all to be very carefull regarding country club phone calls or any gift vouchers issued by them.. They are the CHEATS…..

  • Sunny Marks

    Hey All Users,

    This is really fact, they all are fraud. But we have to also alert from this.

  • Ali

    Did anyone in Bahrain experienced this Country Vacations Fraud?

    Well I attended a presentation today at DANA MALL in Bahrain.

    People share your experience from BAHRAIN.

    • Imran

      Salam Ali,

      Yes I have become there member and then I realized that I was being cheated …… What about u ?
      My no is 33334350 plz cal or give ur no

  • Raj

    Thanks a lot………. :)saved me too

  • Nj Animator

    Donno how they got my name and the movement
    I picked up the call,
    Ek ladki boli sir app ne country club ki taraf se 4 gifts jite hai.
    kya app ka naam ____ ___ hai
    me bola yes ha. then she started to tell me the 4 gift i won.
    but they donno me what i am i googled this on google and found it was fraud. and though i gave them a fake home address ha haha so Fuck off in the roads of Sonagachi Kolkata

    • Mohammad Zaman

      Don,t you even think to go. They will surely trap you once you go there. So be intelligent and do not even dare to visit thses buggers

  • vaibs

    Dear Subhojit,
    I would say don’t go even for the presentation . it’s a waste of time. But even if you attend their so called presentation… never ever take the membership… I myself a member of country club and regretting my decision big time.. not sure, how can i get my money back…. every day and night i regret my decision.. it’s kind of depression now.. however trying to get over it now.. But when ever i plan my holiday or decide to take some time off from the work.. i need to fight with this guy.. and then decide to book my hotels and destinations on my own.. this is the level of torture i need to bear for the next 10 Yrs.. Until it’s membership expires..

    • Survivor of CV

      Get hold of your banker (credit/debit) which you have used for making the payment File a dispute and let them investigate. You will certainly get your money back.
      I got it the same way.

  • subhojit rauth

    hey today i got a call from country vacation n they said tht u win a lucky draw. they told tht u win one laptop,2 dinner set,gift vouchers of 25,000 !! i should go or not ? pls reply!

  • chinna

    Thanks a lot guys, I was supposed to attend such presentation on 22 Feb 13 at Durgapur. Saved my time and money after going through these reviews.

  • ajit pal

    Ajit Pal

    i also received a call from country club , that i win the lucky draw. but i realize that this is totally fraud…..

  • Mohammad Zaman

    I had a bitter experience of more than a year getting my money refunded. I had paid the full amount of UAE Dirham 22,000(approx Rs.3 lacs). Upon paying the money I came to know the hidden clauses which were never apprised to me. Atlast I decided to cancell my membership and gave them a notice within 4 days of taking the membership. Thereafter I kept following them for my refund for more than 10 months through several e-mails to all from their CEO in Indian to the customer service manager in Dubai but all in vain. Atlast I approached the Economic Department (Comsumer department) of Dubai who took up my case and resolved the matter to get all my money refunded within 2-1/2 months without a single penny being charged by them for their services. What I understand from this horrific experience that if they were really honest they could have refunded my money when I cancelled my membership but no they never responded to my calls or e-mails.

    Guys be careful they are not honest. In case you you are in trap in UAE inform them in writing within 1 week for cancellation of taking the membership as per UAE law and you will surely get your money refunded.

    • Imran

      Plz put ur mob no ,,,, want to talk to u ….

    • Mohammad Zaman

      I humbly suggest you not to visit them. They are 100% fraud, they will show all the greenery now and later on you will curse them. I was in the trap but fortunately I came out of this trap and got my money refunded.

  • Ram manohar

    Hello friends i am vincent from muscat. i joined country club some month ago. after becoming member i visited chennai and kovalam. resorts very up to the mark. we took spa in kovalam resorts. i must say country club spa the best. soon we will visit some more places with country club.

  • Ram manohar

    We went to dubai and manali with country club. we enjoyed a lot. food was super and staff were
    very friendly. thanks country club

    • yogesh sharma

      Hi, day after yesterday i was in crystal palm at jaipur with my spouse. i filled a small form, next day i got a call from country vacation from this no 0141- 5163604. girl name was monika, she said you had won a free gift voucher worth rs 25,000 and a kitchen ware item which i dont know. so please collect your gift from the same palace as you was filled the form. she also said that there is no hidden cost from our side and this is not insurance call so i believe the things but today i visited the website of country vacation than i got information he is making fool the person but some comment say that it is right. kindly tell me i have to visited this seminar or not……

  • Ram manohar

    My self and my family also experienced same scenario,we also got call from country vacations muscat branch.sales executive who explained us about their membership convinced us to take the membership,after long discussion we decided to take and we paid money through my card ,they gave some additional discount also…Within 3 month they reserved a 2nights stay in country club dubai hotel and we had one of the memorable trip in our life.It was well organized and well executed holiday,me and my family really enjoyed it …Nexr summer vacation i visited bandipur also its also an awesome one…Why i wrote this means i noticed lot of negative comments from people,simply my motto was to say people was first you people just use holiday after that comment…..

  • Kishore

    Lucky you and thanx for sharing your experience with us


    yes i got d same call too but due to some urgent work i cudnt attend it but now i realised dat i did well dat i dint fall into d trap of this country club thanx friends for all of ur reviews

  • Zakaria

    Hi I’m Zakaria from Dubai have paid rs 90000 or 6000dhs to these con mans this Friday. everybody is saying that they got cheated now I don’t know my status.
    Can someone tell me if he got to use this country club membership card. Contact me please help me.


    To the people of Durgapur, W.B.

    Few months earlier I have filled a Lucky Draw coupon in front of BIG- BAZAR, City-Centre, Durgapur, W.B. I have got a call from +913330089536/38/39 repeatedly by insisting to attend their office (Country Vacation Office,beside Food-mart Restaurant, near DC Cinema Hall, Doctors’ Colony (1st Lane)) with my spouse with PAN card of Voter Card in the next day at 1PM to collect a free travel voucher worth Rs.25,000/- . I have simply refuse to attained the office after go through internet query about Country Vacation (India) ….

  • chukky

    Hey i am a victim of this team discussed here at Chennai.. beware the team is acting in chennai at Zen Garden.

    I was convinced with their talk in a meeting today, the same cutlery gift, 25000 accommodation etc offered. Thank God, after seeing these reviews no one would fall for such stupid offers.

    Thanks to all of you written above.

  • chinnakkadai

    This is not a fraud, when they invite us for a seminar on their services.
    They give their business presentation and give us a choice (yes/no).
    I attended two such seminars. They gifted me as promised.(two vouchers)


    thanks all good hearted friends who have taken pains to learn the intentions of COUNTRY VACATION ,and their marketing techniques.Thanks to my stars it occurred to me to look in to google when i received a call froma sweet voiced girl SOWMYA to a conference hall opp new bus station SALEM.THEY PLAY ON OUR GREEDINESS,AND LET US BE CONTENT WITH WHAT WE GET OUT OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND VALUABLE TIME.

  • Sameer

    This is not a fraud, when they invite us for a seminar on their services.
    They give their business presentation and give us a choice (yes/no).
    I attended two such seminars for two different companies and chose one that attracted me the most.
    Both companies gifted me as promised.

  • SK

    Even I got such call today… This is all fraud business tactics. Who on earth will waste time on such ‘free’ promotions without personal benefits!!!!!

  • Manoher Gupta

    contact no hyd officers of country club

  • well wisher

    Hi, I am from Ahemdabad. I got this kind of call today and I am told that I can collect my gifts tomorrow. How to stop this fraud which is going to happen tomorrow??

    Details of the event.
    Time: 11am and 2:30pm, sunday, 17/06/2012
    Venue: Country vacation, 1st floor, B.No. 114, near jinny & jonny showroom, iscon mega mall, S.G. highway, Ahmedabad.

    Do something and stop this fraud!!

  • Dasayshi

    This is regarding the country club;s gift vouchers? can anyone tell me if she or she had availed of the same.Here in Bahrain, such vouchers were given….. Anyone knowing about it, can reply me if this is genuine or jsut another fraud. 

  • Juhikansal

    ya i agree ivy gupta this is a fraud

  • Rathivinod


    To whomsoever this may concern, to all of you who have been cheated of County Vacations or Country Club….Call these people, they have the power to give you your hard earned money back…..

    Shaji Mathew (Chief Executive Officer ) Country vacations – 09848046781

    Phannendra rao (Chief Financial Officer ) Country vacations – 09989927240

    This is what i can help with, call these people they are the big bosses and control everything. If a police complaint is made on their name, i am sure they will give you your money.

  • Ivy Gupta

    They r real fraud ppl. I took DAE membership from them from country vacations, Goa 2 months back. Still struggling to get my membership details!

  • harshad

    this copmpany is cheated do take membership because his agreement is totally wrong

  • Raj


  • umesh

    hi all
    please dont believe in such gifts. Country club is fraud.

  • Karthik doc

    Guys,Thank you sooooooo much. Bcoz of you people we get aware of these cheaters. I just got a call in a similar way and not going to attend that.Thank you again

  • shekhar

    friends,dont forget the old saying: THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD!just believe in ur hard owned money n dont let urself in any trap.

    • nams

      I also got call from country vaccation, i have filled up the form in infinity mall n i got selected but after the site review i came to know everything is fraud, so that i saved my valuable time n i dont want cheap gifts from them, may be the gift value is not more than 100 rs. but we are paying that money for transportation, any body is looking for gift, go to the dollar shop n purchase it for your self, that is my advice…… be aware from this type of calls :)have a fun n njoy that time with ur family :)

  • sALMAN

    My sister also got call…..she and her husbend decided to going on 24th dec ….. I told them to check froud. but they are all fixed any Idea from your side…..



  • Nishita

    Hi All,Please do not ever ever opt for Country Vacations. They are fraud company. We were duped of around 2 Lakhs. It was our hard earned money. What irritates me most is no body is taking any step against them not even me for that matter. If nothing is done they will dupe more and more people.Regards,Nishita

  • vasudha

    thanks a ton for saving my time, money and hassle… i have an appointment with their executive tomorrow and since i am not going now someone from country vacations would call me.. i would use the opportunity to give this guy my piece of mind… again thanks:)

    • Venu

      Even I did receive a call from CV (in Changanacherry, Kerala) today. They have asked me to come over with my wife to collect a gift voucher for a free holiday for 4 people at any of their various destinations which include Malaysia, Thailand etc. Validity is for one year. When I asked repeatedly, the lady named Renji, repeatedly assured me that there were absolutely no other conditions, other than that we have to sit through their presentation. Sounds very attractive ??????

  • Ritwick

    the above mentioned incidence happened in Ahmedabad, Satellite STAR BAZAR………

  • Ritwick

    Dear AllTwo days back I had filled a Lucky Draw coupon at STAR BAZAR (a TATA Enterprize),I got a call from Country Vacations that I ve won 25000/- tour package and a cutlery set.I went there in the evening and they asked me to attend a 90 mins presentation.At first I was bit impressed but later i have to encounter a series of questions by one of the Idiotic staff member who tried to reveal my personal life which was very embarrassing and created a doubt in my mind as there was zero presentation in that half an hour time…….I rushed out of the office as i found it very fake and unreliable……even the TATA enterprise should not entertain and motivate such fake company’s marketing in their premises…..I request u all not to get carried away with such tempting offers which do not exist…….Take care……..

  • Nikil

    Thanks For sharing your opinions people !Bloody ***Holes called me and said the same thing today……I aint going there now….

  • Ayan

    Thanks to all u guys, today i was supposed to go there to collect my prizes but now enough of this shit ……… since i received that call i was wondering what is their benefit in this coz we haven’t paid a single penny….after reading all this i came to know that this is nothing but fraud….!!

  • krit

    Thanks guys for the warning, specially to Sarav (Kolkata)………I got a call from CV and was to be fooled the same way!!!DOWN THIS BASTARDS…………CV!!!

  • CountryVacationsIsFraud

    Country Vacations is fraud. Please do not go for it. These guys are cheating the people by giving gift vouchure and convincing people to join as members. Nobody responds properly.


    FRAUD CASE OF COUNTRYCLUB VACATIONAugust 1st week 2010, i went to City centre at kolkata,saltlake,,where a uniformed guy handed me a small paper with a pen asking for name and contact number only, repeating its for some lucky draw,,i kept the counterpart with myself..18th day of August 2010, received a call from a guy named “Newton” or some shit caling on behalf of “country vacations” a body of “country club” and that i have won myslf some free gifts thru lucky draw. they are kitchen appliances and 25000 rs voucher for tour to such and such parts of collect thm i need to come down with my partner (spouse) or any couple say brother and sister in law to colect gift at “hotel mangalam”, sarat bose rd, kolkata at such and such time, whr they hav bookd a table for us couple and wl take 90 mins of my time for delivering us the gifts,,,,All seemd quite interestin at start, whn i askd tht Newton guy why 90 mins?,,he kept stamering and said gift distribution takes time….Nxt day 3.30 p.m,, hotel mangalam turns out just a decoy,,the name makes u think u r special,but they opend a ofice just in same building hence they used hotel’s name,,,,Hotel mangalam got nothin 2 do with it.4.00 p.m a bunch of Dickhead marketing and sales person starts with some presentation,,me sitting with a glas of lemonade (initial consolation gift),,all thru presentatn they describe how lucky u r 2 b thr and tht u wl hav such nos. of vacation in a yr only with a small membership fees,,,,A total fraud case whr the kitchn appliance is nothin but 6 drinkin watr glass hardly worth 100 bucks available at chandni mkt and 25000 gift vouchr a swt drm only 2 be recivd aftr u becum membr. here in some case i c they hav receivd such vouchr,,,those sales guys try 2 squeeze out as much money as possible frm ur pocket,,say 1000 to 10,000,,,which is for booking ur gift or holidays or advance for membership..those who pays are nothin but fools,since latr they r not goin to rcv any cals frm thm,money hardly recoverable,,,,,,Sad thing is tht government is not lookin aftr such fraud cases or businss carried on in illegal ways,,,,they call up 300 nos., 250 responds, 200 attend such meetings, 100 gets convinced,,50 makes onspot payments,,even if 1000 rs per couple,,it comes to 50,000 rs income per sitting,, 20 such presentatns givn in a month,,they earn 10 laks(approx)..MY account -total time wasted – 1 hr 30 minstotal gift receivd -6 glass worth 100 rstotal expense – taxi/ bus fare to such hotel and also monetary value of timetotal input – presentatn filld with shittotal benefits- lemonade and few good lookin girlsAt the end i realized how foold i was tht without evn payin any membrship money i was at loss,,,Finishd lemonade,went out for a smoke.

    • himanshu

      hey saurav….i also gt a call from cv today 4 hotel managalam…dey are fraud na…???plz reply

      • Deepak

        Country Vacations is fraud Country Vacations is fraud Country Vacations is fraud Country Vacations is fraud..pls don’t beleve for these types of one can give u a pie oin free in this world so don’t beleve.thanksCountry Vacations gues nos are9899495861, 9718952777…….

  • Tanu

    I have taken a membership with loads of promises & phone calls. I infect made My friends & relatives a member too. I am from Kolkata & my main interest was local clubbing & not free land or holidays. But as the executives from Country club keep on promising me different things, i didn’t become member until I saw in newspaper an ad that Country Club is opening a beautiful clubbing place CK 27 in kolkata too. I become member along with my friends & relatives, they keep on promising since 2008 beginning that soon club is coming up but it didn’t come. When asking the final date they said on Diwali 2008 then Durga Pooja 2008 then New Year eve. When I asked to return my money or else I will go to court then finally executive Mr. Manoj Singh his head Mr. Gajendra Singh & Abjit Pandey promised June 2009 & then the club would be fully operational. Now after June 2009 also they are unable to keep promise & asking few more months without shame. I need my money back or else I will go to consumer court & start a fight against these guys in Kolkata media to make people aware of their frauds.

  • kinjal

    hey i went there in ahmedabad and i got all three gifts. but i want to know that i am planning for going goa as i got the voucher of Rs.25000. so is it fine for me to use this voucher only? plz plzzzzzzzz reply.

    • Ashish

      Hi,I have been reading this since long and As you are from Ahmedabad. I also went thr yesterday @ C.G. Road office…. The experience was horrible..they talk too too sweet and just try to get money from you…..Anywys….I got the gifts and Vouchers….. anymeans have u availed it ? or anyone has gone for this trip? If yes…tell me the experience….Ashish

    • Kishore

      How much payment did you make?

  • Laxman

    Thanks for helping me in not to be a fool by country vacation. I got a call from country vacation staff and a lady named SUNITA told me that I am a lucky winner and I will get a kitchen crockery set, 25000 rs Traveling Trip and a priviladge card. But for this I have to attend a meeting. Today I was thinking to gotheir but now I will not go. Thanks a lot.

  • Sathish

    Hi All,Yesterday I got a call from C V international (near Forum mall). The person asked me to collect 5000Rs kitchen set and 25000 holiday package, but I have to attend their 1 hour presentation. I was suspicious, but did not find any info about C V international in the net. Now I realise it’s nothing but Country Vacations. So everyone, please beware of their cheating methods

    • jayant kumar jha (@jayantjha6)

      Thank you guys made my day,i was a bit grieved that i missed out on a fab offer,but now i am relieved that i followed my instincts & didnt join country vacations.i kept wondering how someone could give such great offers & yet make profit out of this business.& guess what shahrukh khan is their brand goodness,i was saved,as they had almost convinced me & my wife for the offer.we returned with the voucher & now i know that the voucher is also of no use.

    • Kishore

      Yes Sathish, this is a big fraud, they are trying to cheat people by tempting with such offers, never fall into that

  • Kumar

    Hi All, Today I too got the same from country club hyd.but my friends told not to go for that..because its cheating one..

  • vrajesh

    I have got the free accomodation vouchers after visiting them and listening to their presentations.Has any one utilized these free gift vouchers.Is it worth going with this free vouchers?Though they informed me that this is free accomodation voucher but I will have to pay Rs 3000 – 5000 as a tax.What is the feedback and experience of using this free gift vouchersPlease reply and share the experience.Vrajesh

  • Vrajesh

    HIEven I have visited them in Mumbai – Andheri and after a lot of discussion they managed to take Rs 2000 as a token amout from me and gave a time to think and assured me that if I do not want to become a member then they will refund this money to me.Now after reading the reviews, I do not want to be the member.Did you get the tokan money back??Now I am worried about my Rs 2000 which I have given as a token.Please share your experienceVrajesh

  • Sudhakar

    Manju,Don’t go for country vacations. My kind advise. Dont use that accomodation voucher anywhere. You will be cheated if u use that…

  • manju too got a call frm the same nd asked us to cum nd collect ur gift voucher.whn v went thr they insist us to join in cv v refused it nd v got a voucher of rs 25000 accomadation .bt whn i chkd it in google i found soo many complaints.i fear v r cheated..pls tell is it reliable or not…

  • Sudhakar

    Hi all,I too got a call (3 months before) and i went there with my wife and they gave an hour class about country vacations and insisted us to avail any one of the offer they explained in the class and i too got pleased with their talk and many offers they are providing but i didnt pay anything that time. Came outside of the place and enquired about that with friends circle and came to know that it is a cheating company. Also they said that we won kitchen set and after classes over and i said that will decide and come back to avail these offer, they didnt gave kitchen set to me and instead of that they said that kitchen set is not available now and will send through postal. That time itself i got doubt about the company. So please dont go to their place if u got a call…..

  • Babu

    hello deari got call in the month of april 2010 from country vacation club (Gurgaon office) that you won two gifts one is kitchenware another rs 25000 holiday package. they asked to come with your wife and collect the same.when we went there they tried to convence us to join CV that day. but i said that i am not with sufficient fund. i will join lateron . then thay said this offer is for today if u don’t have sufficient money. just book with 10000/- and pay rest of money in installment. then after discussing with my wife we make our mind to avoid this . we refused. we were given a kitchenware worth rs just 50/- only. i thought we wasted our 2-3 hours just for gift of 50 i want to say to just avoid these type of offers.have a nice timeBabu, Gurgaon

  • Dhananjay

    i also received a call from country vacation. i collected the gift. but what about gift voucher for accomodation Rs 25000/-. Is anybody know about it. pl write to me. they will giving this gift or not?

    • Prem

      FRAUD CASE OF COUNTRYCLUB VACATION Nov 6th 2012, i went to an exhibition at Theni a small town located at Tamil Nadu, where a uniformed guy handed me a small paper with a pen asking for name and contact number only, repeating its for some lucky draw,,i kept the counterpart with myself.. Today (ie) 23rd Nov 2012, I received a call from a Lady named “Vanieswari” that i have won myslf some free gifts thru lucky draw. they are kitchen appliances and 25000 rs voucher for tour to such and such parts of India. to collect them i need to come down with my partner (spouse) to colect gift from their Madurai office located at “New Mega Mart 4th floor” Land mark: Rathina Mental care hospital , Time: 2 PmVery important Note:Now a days they started targeting Small Cities and Towns b’coz in big cities the cheated already and ppl Started reviewing badly, so most of them who use internet can easily know this is fraudTomorrow I will Definitely go there to see what they are going to do … b’coz in small towns and cities ppl rarly use internet .. so they may not aware about such fraud… will atleast try to help ppl who came there like me …Wait for my Next Review… Be safe with ur Hard earned money ….

    • George Mathew

      Dears,Last week I received a call from Country Vaccation’s Changanacherry office. I searched Internet &I got Clear information. I cancell my Travel. Thanks for your information.God bless You.

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