Devu and Suraj are the Munch Dance Dance Winners

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Devu and Suraj are the Munch Dance Dance Winners

Munch Dance Dance is one of the dance reality show aired in Asianet channel on Saturdays and Sundays. It came to an end today. There were 4 finalists and of the 4 pairs, Priyadarshan and Maria was eliminated in the first round itself. The remaining three pairs were Shifana – Ramzan, Devu – Sooraj, and Malavika – Abattis.

The Munch Dance Dance title winner is Devu and Sooraj. The prize was announced by the dancer and actor Dhanya Mary Varghese. The winner gets Rs. 3 lakh as the gift money.

The second prize is gone to Abattis – Malavika pair. The prize was announced by Malayalam Cine actor Rajit Menon. The winners get Rs. 2 lakh as the prize money.

The third prize is of course is won by Ramzan and Shifana pair. The prize money of Rs. 1 lakh for the third place winners.

The jury members comprised of Navya Nair, Actor, dancer, and choreographer Aravind, and actor and dancer Vineeth.

Many Malayalam Cine actors were present in the evening.

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