Effects of new Content Farm Algorithm from Google

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Google has activated the new Content Farm filtering algorithm in search results last week. Webmasters are seeing the effects of this new algorithm in the traffic from Google search. Upsetting thing is many websites which really should not come into this category are effect. Yesterday, I saw a post on Amit’s blog that his blog is labeled as Content Farm. I am a regular reader of his blog and I can never accept this. So for sure, there are still things to be corrected in the alogrithm and I am sure Google guys are watching it carefully.

Now what is content farm ?

Sites which copy content from other sites or sites which do not have value added content are termed as content farm. I think even MFA sites are targeted and according to the Adsense Terms of service, we should not use Google adsense on sites which are content farms. There would a drastic change in search results, web ranking, traffic and earnings from Google adsense with thing change in Algorithm. Many high earning sites may get dumped, many good sites which were not getting good traffic may grow up and many innocent site owners like that of Amit would get effected.

As far as I am concerned, my blog traffic from Google Search has grown during this period. Some of my blogs are fully depending upon traffic from search engines especially Google amounting upto 75% of the total traffic. If such blog gets effected by these algorithm then the future of online business is going to be uncertain. It’s always recommended that we concentrate on different source of traffic so that if something like this effects our blog / website traffic we can still manage the situation and keep things moving

Update : March 3, 2011, 8:23 pm

Lots of other popular sites are also reported to have effected by this. I was checking Amit’s blog on updates on this issue, but I have not seen anything or heard anything from him on this topic. Any information ?

Update : March 6, 2011, 1:25 am

If you are effected by this Content Farm / Panda Update, you should read this post on Search Engine land and post your site details on the Google Webmaster central forum
I am not sure if Google is going to go through each site posted on the forum, but surely somebody should be reading your comment

Update : March 13, 2011, 4:12 am

How to check if a site is effected by Google Content Farm Update ? – Just go to Google Trends and enter the url of that website. If you want to check multiple website, just login to your Google account and enter the URLs separated by commas. You should select the period as 30 days as the update was during the end of Feb 2011

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