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image I use videos on my blog very often and have tried different video hosting services and players. I was using Blip.TV for long time now as I get some revenue out of it. Earlier I was using Revver, Vimeo which also pays for the ads displayed. Recently I installed a useful plugin called wordtube which manages the JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER 4.2 and makes it easy for you to put music, videos or flash movies onto your WordPress posts and pages. The player used is the JW Player for playing the videos. You can use different skins available to suit your blog taste. You need to download the mediaplayer.swf file from longtailvideo website and place it inside the plugin folder before you start using this plugin.

Hosting your Video Files

As far as my experience is concerned, I would recommend to use video hosting sites like blip.tv or YouTube to host your videos rather than saving it to your server. If in case you need to move your hosting, you will have tough time downloading all the bulky video files. Other reason is that your hosting charges may go up or you may even need to change your hosting package as for video viewing the bandwidth usage is high. You also will not have to take the pain of converting your AVI files to FLV and compress it if  you are using video hosting services.

About the WordTube Plugin

This is an excellent plugin which can be used to customize your Video Player, add your logo, set default sizes or custom sized video’s etc. You need to first need to add the video like you add media files. You can select custom thumbnail for your videos also. You can even use the videos from YouTube or Blip.TV by entering the URL of the video. In case of YouTube, its simple, just enter the URL of the YouTube Video, but in case of Blip.TV, you need to enter the Flash file download link which you can find towards the bottom of each video page. Once you add a new video, that video is assigned with a unique media ID which you need to tag inside your post like [ media id = 1 width = 585 height = 320 ]. You can assign every video to a playlist or create new playlists also. You can add information likes the title, description, tags etc for each video. This plugin also has a widget which can be used to display the latest video or some playlist.

Video adds flavor to your blog, you can talk to your visitors much better when you use Videos or pictures. If you use Video’s on your blog, I would suggest to use this plugin and discover your own ideas and spread the message to the world.

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