Feng Shui and Laughing Buddha

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One of my friends gifted me a laughing Buddha on my B’day and asked me to place in an ideal place because it brings prosperity. Laughing Buddha is one the objects used in Feng Shui. Laughing Buddha is one of the lords of wealth. Laughing Buddha is also known as Buddha of Happiness or Matreiya in Buddhism.


One of the Laughing Buddha statues

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of design and placement of objects. If the objects are placed correctly it is able to bring harmony and prosperity to our lives. We Indians believe in Vasthu Shasthra but Feng Shui is Chinese.

Laughing Buddha is a well known symbol of wealth, happiness, innocent and contended joy; just looking at his jolly face will cheer you up.

There are two different types of energy discussed in Feng Shui. Positive energy and Negative energy. Feng Shui says the availability of energy can be changed to positive or negative by placing certain objects in the house or offices. So laughing Buddha also has a direction to bring the desired prosperity.

What is the right place to locate laughing Buddha?

Feng Shui refers to the art of design and placement of objects in a way which is able to bring prosperity. So ideally, the laughing Buddha statue should be placed in such a way that it faces the main entrance of the house. If that is not possible , then the next best location is the side-table or the corner-table provided the table is diagonally opposite the front door and is facing it.

Some of the pictures of the laughing Buddha is given here



It is believed by rubbing his belly, which is said to contain much wealth, it will bring good luck and prosperity to all in the home and the bigger his round tummy, the more auspicious the image.

Try and find out, whether it is true or not.

Wishing you all the best!!!!!!!

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  • Jose Prado

    Fascinating, I have heard that about the Belly but not that he should face doorways. I have mine close to Ganesh’s image and one smaller version On my Altar if the dead.

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