Global Brand Buddha Bar Is Coming to India as B-Bar

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Global Brand Buddha Bar Is Coming to India as B-Bar

The very famous Parisian bar and restaurant chain, Buddha Bar, is coming to India with its first restaurant in Delhi. The one which has restaurants in London, Kiev, Prague, Beirut, Budapest, Dubai, etc. with their famous name Buddha Bar, is coming to India with a slight change in their brand name. In India, it will be B-Bar instead of Buddha Bar. The change in the brand name is due to a recent controversy over its name and the Buddha statue at its Jakarta restaurant and to avoid such kinds of local religious sentiments in India.

Kunal Lavani, the owner of Mega cabs, is the franchisee of the B-Bar. The posh B-Bar will be spread over 25,000 sq ft outlet in Select City Walk Mall. B-Bar in Delhi will not feature the huge Japanese Buddha statue inside their premises as the centre piece instead it will feature a peaceful resting Samurai, sitting in a similar stance.

Buddha Bar is a combination of restaurant, bar and lounge. In addition to Delhi, the franchisee of B-Bar is planning to open restaurants in Goa and Bangalore.

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