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Google is the worlds most popular and most used search engine. When I started using Internet, I was using search engines like Altavista, Yahoo, excite and the search results took so much of time to load. History of Google is not something which I am going to discuss in the post, but to stress that Google is now not just a search engine but they have a wide range of products. Google was co-founded by Sergey Bin and Larry Page, who studied together at Stanford University. Google has grown very high with wide variety of products changing the online experience of Internet users. Interesting advantage of Google is that you do not need to create different accounts to use Google Products. You can use your existing account to sign-in for any Google Product. Another positive feature of Google products are most of the products are free for individuals to use, like the Gmail, which has taken over all the free email share on the world wide web. I am listing all the products here but only the products that I have used or at least spend some time trying to use it.

Google Web Search

Google web search, was the first product launched and this was what made Google. Google search engine has billions of pages indexed and stored in machines in different data centres around the world and can show results in seconds. Google has the worlds biggest network of computers which are custom made by Google. Google search engine is a combination of algorithms, software, hardware and teamwork.

Google Alert

Sign-up for Google Alert and receive emails. Suppose you want to be informed when a new page is listed for a particular keyword, you just need to create an alert for that. You have the option to receive an email everyday or whenever it happens or weekly. This is a very useful service to keeping a watch on the keywords that you are working or you have a site which tops on Google for a particular keyword. This is one the service which I use and I found it very useful.

Book Search

Google Book Search is a search engine for Books. If you want to search for a book, just go to Google Book Search


Google Checkout is something like Paypal, you can use this shopping cart to accept payment for your website and considered to secure and spam free. I could not use this as its restricted to users in United States


Google Desktop is a desktop application with lots of features. I had used this, but somewhat got bugged up with some features that was slowing down my computer. This is something that everybody can try, but again it depends on the person to person to use it. Lots of widgets are available like the RSS readers and many. I would advice you to download it and try. This application will index all the files locally and show up in the search results.

Google Maps

Google maps is something worth trying. Now you can find many applications, integrating this product.

Google Reader

One of my favourite. I read more than 100 blogs and news sites every day using this product. Just start using it. I have more than 200 subscriptions and I read almost every subscribed feed or at least scroll through the headlines everyday. If you have an habit of different blogs or news site, then you should use Google Reader

Image Search

If you are looking for an image for a particular keyword, just go to Google Image Search


Gmail is something which is very popular and I do not need to talk about Gmail here. Gmail was launched only through invitation and after lots of testing, it was opened for direct sign-up. I started my Gmail during the invitation period and had to pay somebody get an invitation and it was worth. The best feature that I like about Gmail is the search feature. You can find all the latest features of Gmail here.

Google Docs

Google Docs, growing with new features everyday. You can create docs online, share it with your friends, save it for your future use. The advantage is that your document is online and you can use it anytime anywhere. One of the feature I use the most is converting my documents to PDF format, which is very easy here.

Google Groups

Something which I used long back. Its again a community building tool


Orkut is a very popular site among youngsters. I have not used this much, but heard a lot about this

Google Talk

Goolge talk is one of the most popular IM today. This is integrated with Gmail and its very useful


Transalate any page to any language, a great feature which should be useful to everybody


Youtube was acquired by Google in October 2006. Youtube is the most popular video sharing site, where you can upload your videos, share it and even embed a youtube video to your website, but just inserting a few lines of code.

Google Earth

Want to see the picture of the place where you stay, yes Google earth can show you that. Google earth has pictures of earth stored with them and frequently updated. Just type the address and see the 3D picture of the address or building.

Google Mobile

Most of the Google products are mobile friendly. I use Gmail, Web search, Reader which has mobile version


Picasa is a photo editing and sharing software

Google Analytics

A tool to monitor the performance of your website. A must use tool for webmasters / bloggers. Google Analytics tracks your visitor details, web page information, statistics, traffic sources, search engine rankings, keywords, referral websites and almost everything.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is an advertising program where you can do advertising campaigns for your products. I should say that Google Adwords is dominating this service and has good results. I have been using this for the past 2 years and have done lots your mistakes in beginning and lost money. But now I know how to run a well tuned campaign to get the best out of it.

Google Adsense

Last but the best money maker of webmasters. Sign-up for a Google adsense account and show ads related to the pages where the ads are shown. This is the feature that I like the most.

Google has contributed a lot to the online world since it has showed its online presence. Google has acquired top companies like Feedburner, Doubleclick and its growing on and on.

Recently it has launched a new product by Invitation – Google Ad Manager, where you can manage your website advertisement. This is again just by invitation. I have requested for an invitation, but still no response by Google. I will come back with a post on Google Ad Manager if I get an invitation

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Update : July 27, 2011, 2:15 pm

There are many new products added to this list like Google Plus

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