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Few months back I was going through the Indian search engine Guruji, and tried to submit one of my site, an Online Encyclopedia. When I clicked on the submit site button, I got a form which clearly explains that they are only accepting Indian sites and mine was a clear Indian site with .in


After submission I got an email from Guruji

We are sorry to inform you that our algorithm could not accept your site submission for –

This may have happened due to our algorithm detecting one or more of the following about your website –

The website is non Indian (At this point of time we are restricting ourselves to Indian websites)

The website is a spam

During the crawl the website could not be accessed by our crawler

However, if you feel that your website should not qualify under any of the above conditions, write to us at with the subject line as “Website Exclusion” and we will look into the matter.

You can use – the Indian Search Engine – to search for anything related to India including your favorite restaurants, theaters, hotels, dentists and more, in more than 20 cities across India.

Keep exploring India on

Have a great day.

Team Guruji


I was bit upset as they could not detect my site as an Indian site. I sent them a reply as follow

I do not feel the mentioned reasons are valid as this is a Indian site and not a spam. Its a true encyclopedia website by the Indians for the Indians

Thanks and best regards

Kishore Asokan
Mob: 960-7772212

A few days later I got an email from them stating that my site has been included. Guruji is still at an inception stage. The site is developed by a team of IIT students from India. May be they will prove to a future Larry Page or Sergy Bin. They are doing great and recently I was searching for my sites at Guruji and found most of my pages indexed.

Wishing them all the best for the future and we should be proud of this.

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