Having a Single kid – Advantages And Disadvantages

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Having a Single kid - Advantages And Disadvantages

Kids bring light into our life. How many kids do we need to light up our life? There is no fixed norm for the number but it is purely depending on the decision of the couples. The decision of one, two, or more kids are based on financial, health, age, marital status, etc. Now a days, majority of the couples remain childless by their choice but more and more couples opting to have only one child. There is nothing wrong in having only one child as long as the parents can provide a positive support to bring up the child into a good human being. Today’s single child is much aware of the fact that he/she is the product of the parental choice.

Time has changed the people’s view on having single kid. There was a time when people looked down on those who had only one kid and criticised on the grounds of selfishness or assumed that the parents are having fertility problems. Now the attitude is changed and parents are very happy announce that they are having only single kid. The government of many countries are promoting the concept of “We two and We have one”.

My child is a single kid and she is pretty happy to be alone, which doesn’t mean that she doesn’t interact with her friends. She mingles with her peers so fast and there is no issues like sharing of toys, story books, chocolates, etc. In fact, i have to warn her, sometimes, she need not be that much sharing. She uses her extra time very well after school for drawing, art work, reading, discussions, cartoons, etc.We find time to dance, sing, read stories, and play with her. The surprising factor is she never wanted to have one more sibling at home to play and when ever i asked her whether she would like to have one more kid at home, her answer was an emphatic no. Her response created an awareness in me that she is just too happy to be alone. We share a great relationship with her much more than a parents.

What are the advantages of being a single kid?

  • Child gets the parents’ full attention
  • No rivalry between the siblings
  • Child gets the best of everything in life
  • Child becomes very self reliant and responsible
  • Child becomes so creative
  • Child develops a high self-esteem due to the parents’ positive approach
  • Very independent
  • Parental appreciation for every single work done
  • Strong relationship with the parents
  • No need to share your bed room
  • Better opportunities are provided by the parents to the kid

Disadvantages of being a single kid?

  • Family time is a question hour for the child
  • Won’t have a built-in playmates at home
  • No one is there to have a late night chat
  • Child gets bored of the parental involvement in each and every moment
  • To a certain extend, life becomes boring due to the loneliness

I prefer minimum two kids because i share a very wonderful relationship with my brother who is 2 years younger to me. I am always having a feeling that there is someone on the other end to extend an arm at times of difficulties.But due to personal reasons, i can never opt for one more kid.

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