How do I make money online?

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I have a couple of blogs and other online business and I make a handsome income out of these ventures. I have been trying to do this for a long time and I got success after a couple of years. I lost a lot of money initially joining some scam programs and even stopped using internet for months in between after getting frustrated. I started using internet during the year 2000 when it first came to Kerala, my home state in India. I was one of the first to get the internet connection in Kerala and I have the credit of creating the first Internet village in Kerala

Those days there was only one internet service provider in India (VSNL now owned by TATA) a central government company. It took about two months to get my connection and the speed was something which we cannot imagine these days. Even if we don’t talk about the speed, it was nearly impossible to get connected to the internet. I used to wake up at 3 am and try connecting to the internet (Dial up) and forget about downloading files which are even 1mb, it would take hours.

Things have changed now, we have very high speed internet connection, wireless internet, 3G dongles, broadband and you get internet everywhere in India.

After we learned using internet, we really started thinking of doing business using internet and there came many e-commerce websites,  blogging, making money online, Google Adsense, etc. In the year 2002, I joined my first online money making mission, the company vanished after I received my first payment after working for about 3 months which was not even equal to half the money that I paid to join the program. Many such companies came with offering home jobs online which collected some initial registration fees and made money. There was also a boom of Multi Level Marketing which really worked well for some and most lost money in these programs too and I am also one of them. We join the program when we see successful people and we feel cheated when we lose money.

As years passed, I learned a lot from these scams and I started my own home jobs business in the year 2005. I again experienced the pros and cons of these programs making me much stronger to learn what I should really do to make real money from the Internet. Now for the past 4 years, I make real money from different methods. I do sell my own products, write content, sell e-books and many more things which fetches me a good money from the Internet business.

I have started a dedicated blog where I will be sharing my experience and knowledge to tell my visitors “How I  make money online” and how can they get into online business and make a decent income out of it.

I will be updating this blog with at least 3 posts a week going into my history of online ventures, things that you should look before you join a program so that you do not get frustrated with your online business. So stay tuned in – You can expect some interesting posts very soon.

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  • Ashok Kumar

    By chance I came across your Blog… great information for those willing to start and build an online business. It’s true..content is the King!


    Here is what has worked for me. Not overnight but eventually it worked…1/Find a niche that actually spends money.2/Use a one-page website that people go to for a free gift(eBook). To get the gift they sign up and you build an email list.3/Target market to your email list by offering them services and products in the niche they are interested.Again – it takes time but it works.

  • Seema

    Thanks you kishore for this great post. I have been trying to make money from my blog for long time now. I have earned only few dollars in my google adsense account for the past one year. I do not have good traffic on my blog and that is my problem

    • Kishore Post author

      @Seema-Traffic is important when you are using Google Adsense. You need to work hard on developing good and unique content which should get your new visitors, traffic and finally earnings. As I have mentioned, it took me long to time to make real money online. Just work hard, you will get the results

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