How many eggs can we eat daily?

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I am very fond of eggs and my weight never let me eat eggs daily. The very thought of variety of egg dishes make me mouth watering. I am 5 ft 6” height and had a body weight of 76 Kg. When I consulted my doctor last time, she asked me reduce my body weight 6-8 kg otherwise I will have to face the problem of  cholesterol, delayed periods, knee swelling and pain, etc…


Egg is enriched with nutrients that is necessary for our body like fat, good quality protein, minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorous and vitamins like A, B2, B12, D and E.  So it is perfectly safe for children in the age group of one to 12 years to have an egg daily and for adults 2 to 3 eggs in a week.

The egg yolk is very dangerous in relation to cholesterol, as one egg yolk contains more than 100mg of cholesterol. If blood cholesterol level is above 170mg, egg yolk must be completely avoided from our diet and no person should eat two whole eggs at one time. But egg white is completely safe for consumption daily since it is a good source of protein and very low in calories and it can be included in weight reduction diets. A whole egg provides about 80 calories where as egg white has only 20 to 22 calories plus 4.5 to 5 gm protein and at the same time very filling.

If you are on a weight reduction process, you can have daily 2 egg white, 2-3 slices of whole wheat bread, a slice of tomato and a glass of skimmed milk for five days a week and other two days should be substituted with milk and cereal or Idlis with sambar.

Is it safe to eat raw egg?

Egg should not be consumed raw since raw egg white is not digested properly. Egg should be hard boiled before consumption other wise Salmonella creates digestive tract illness. Therefore, half boiled or raw egg beaten with milk should be avoided at any cost.

Next time when you cook two or more whole eggs for your breakfast or lunch or dinner, just think twice, should I eat this much?

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  • Pffft

    You mention the cholesterol but take note. Good cholesterol LOWERS bad cholesterol which can help with blood pressure etc. whereas bad cholesterol (e.g fats in meat) RAISES the level of bad cholesterol in which your body finds hard to absorb. Eggs are rich in GOOD cholesterols and mono-saturated fats so don’t go by cholesterol alone. Eat eggs I say!!!

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