How to do Paper Crushing Art work?

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Summer vacation is up and so goes the tension of mothers? Thinking about how to engage them during the holidays? Here is a simple work for your kids but they will be fully engaged on this since it needs a lot of patience as well as time? After the work is here, find a frame and hang it in your drawing room or in the kids room. Give a try,

How to do Paper Crushing Art work?


  • A4 size white paper – 1
  • Tracing sheet
  • Paint (water colour) – the desired colours
  • Crepe paper – desired colours
  • Fevicol – required (glue)
  • Photo frame

How to start your work?

  • Either draw a picture or trace a picture on the A4 size white sheet (use tracing sheet if the picture is traced)
  • Paint the picture according to your colour choice and let it dry
  • Cut the crepe paper in equal size and start rolling each piece of the crepe paper using your thump and index finger
  • Apply little glue on the ball and roll it again, so the paper end will not come out
  • Once you feel that enough balls are done, start applying the fevicol on the picture and arrange it on the picture without any gap
  • Once it is done, put the design in a frame and let it beautify your drawing room

Have a happy holiday!