How to register your own twitter application

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Twitter API can be used to manage your twitter account, post new status and almost everything that you can do with twitter. I have been working on a twitter plugin for WordPressKish Twit Pro” which can be used to manage your twitter account from your WordPress Blog. To use this application, you need to register this in your name with twitter. You can give a name to your application and the URL of your blog. You might have noticed that every twitter status update has the source mentioned like Web, API, Twitterfeed, etc. Instead of these, I think, you would be more happy to see your name with a link to your blog on all your twitter status updates. Registering a new application is very simple, just login to Twitter and go to Twitter Apps and fill up the form

In the application name, fill up the name that you would like to register, give some description. In the Application website, you can fill up your blog URL. If you are going to use “Kish Twit Pro“, you have fill the callback URL as shown in the application settings and the type of application will be “Browser”. Default access type will be “Read Write” and “Use Twitter for Login”

Hurry up, register your twitter application before somebody takes off your Brand Name. Initially, your application will have a API limit of 150 requests per hour, but may be within 72 hours your application gets white listed and your limits will be increased to 20,000. If not you can send a request to twitter to increase your limit

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