Hyderabad district in India

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Hyderabad – the capital of Andhra Pradesh is more than 400 year old city – rather twin city along with the city of Secunderabad.

It is located on the banks of River Musi, which anyway is no longer to be seen in the present day !

It was founded in 1590 by Muhammad Quli, the fourth of the Qutb Shahi kings. However after Aurangzeb’s death in 1707, Mughal control over this part of India rapidly waned and the Asaf Jahi viceroys who had been installed to look after the interests of the Mughal Empire broke away and took control as their own independent state.

Hyderabad had its own currency, mint, railways, and postal system. Survey work on Nagarjuna Sagar had also begun during the times of Nizam.

Persian was the official language up to 1893 and then Urdu became the official language and was in use up to 1948.

Mecca Masjid

Quite close to Charminar, lies this majestic masjid built of stone.

The construction of this masjid was started in the year 1617 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, and was completed in the year 1694 during the reign of the Moghal Emperor Aurangzeb.

In its courtyard there is a water tank at ground level, from use muslims use water to perform what is called “abolution” to wash their face, hands, feet before performing prayers.


The word “Char” means 4 and “Minar” in Urdu, means “Minarets” in English.

It was built in 1591 by by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah after eradication of plague.

Jama Masjid

One of the 4 roads at Charminar goes to a place called “Sardar Mahal”. On that road on the left side, behind the shops, is the old Jama Masjid.

Sardar Mahal

It was used by Municipal Corporation.

It will be vacated by the municipality and the building will be used for AYURVEDIC Hospital.

Lad bazar

This too is close to Charminar, and famous for ladies accessories like bangles etc.,

Strangely other items like rakhi, fire crackers etc., are sold in wholesale in this market.

Chowmallah Palace

Here “chow” means 4 and thus “Chowmallah” means 4 palaces and were completed in 1869.

It is located in old city, close to Lad Bazar / Charminar.

Regretably the palace area is now just 12 acres as compared to original size of 45 acres.

Address of the palace is:
Chowmahalla Palace
Door Number: 20-4-236,
Motigalli, Near Charminar,
Hyderabad – 500 002
Ph: 91 40 24522032
E-mail: parties@chowmahalla.com

Palace visiting hours
10am -5pm
Closed on Fridays and National Holidays

Gulzar House

This too is close to Charminar. It is a fountain in the middle of the road.

Madina Building

It is said that rent collected from users of this building was sent to Saudi Arabia, ages before Saudi Arabia got oil wealth !


Religious place of Shias.

The oldest ashurkhana in the city is the “Badshahi Ashurkhana”, and is located opposite the Madina Building.

Salar Jung Museum

This museum is the result of 35 years of efforts of Nawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan Salar Jung III (1889-1949), the then Prime Minister of the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad.

His collections were left behind in his ancestral palace, called ‘Diwan Deodi’ and were once displayed as a private museum which was inaugurated by India’s 1st Jawaharlal Nehru in 1951.

Later in 1968, the museum shifted to its own building just after crossing NAYA PUL bridge towards old city and turning left

The museum is administered by a Board of Trustees with the Governor of Andhra Pradesh as ex-officio chairperson under the Salar Jung Museum Act of 1961

May 19, is the death anniversary of Salar Jung III.

Except national holidays and Friday, the musem is open daily from 10AM.


Hyderabad is also called CITY OF PEARLS, being famous for its pearl jewellery market. Most of these shops can be found on Madina to Charminar road

Purani haveli

The word literally means OLD PALACE.

It was the official residence of the Nizam.

A unique feature of this palace is that it has the world’s longest wardrode, built in two levels movable by a hand-cranked wooden lift(elevator) in place. This occupies the entire length of one wing of the palace.

It is open for public on all days EXCEPT, Friday.

Osmania General Hospital

This is a major hospital in AP and was built during the time of the Nizams and hence the name OSMANIA from the name Nizam Osman Ali Khan.

State Central Library

An imposing building near Afzal Gunj. It was earlier called Asafiya Library – after the name of Asif Dynasty – the Nizams.

Falaknuma Palace

It is located on a hillock.

Built by the Paigah, Nawab Vikar-ul-Umra. It was purchased by the then Nizam VI during 1897 for use as a royal guest house. The palace provides a good view of Hyderabad.

High Court Building

The AP High Court is built in red and white stones and took nearly 4 years to construct. The building was inaugurated on 20-April-1920 by the Mir Osman Ali Khan – Nizam VII.

The official website of the High Court itself is = http://hc.ap.nic.in/

City College, near High Court

It was built in 1921 during the time of Nizam VII Mir Osman Ali Khan.

Osmania University

This was built by Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan in 1939.

The university started off in a rented building in Abids or Abid Road and then later on shifted to this present sprawling location (1,400 acres).

It is the first and only university in India to offer “Military Science” as a special subject.

University of Hyderabad

It is also called as “Hyderabad Central University” and was setup by Government of India in 1974.

Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort was built on a hill in 1143 AD on the outskirts of present Hyderabad and was strengthened & enlarged between 14th & 17th centuries.

The fort is famous for its acoustics & ingenious water supply & drainage system. Clap at the entrance and the sound can be heard at the top of the fort. No modern day sound system is involved!

Contact phone = 91-40-23512401. The fort is open for public viewing.

Chiran Palace

Its a huge palace that was spread over 400 acres.

Over the years the most of the land was acquired by Forest Department and as such the palace is now inside KBR National Park in Jubilee Hills.

The palace has finally been acquired by the AP government from Nizam Mukaram Jah.

Public Gardens

Initially this included Zoo, but zoo was later transfered to another location. It was built by the Nizams.

Boating facility is there in the pond in the garden.

A part of the Public Gardens has been used to show public interest movies and hold other shows. That part is called LALITHA KALA THORANAM.

The garden also houses the following:

  • State Archaeological Museum,
  • Jubilee Hall,
  • Jawahar Bal Bhavan

Jawahar Bal Bhavan

It is named after the first prime minister of India, Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Jubliee Hall

It was constructed for the silver jubliee celebration to accession to the throne by Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan.

Health Museum

It was founded in 1948, and is located near the Public Gardens in Hyderabad.

Museum timings are 11AM-1PM hrs and 2PM-6PM during summer and 10AM to 1 PM and 2pm to 5PM during winter.

It is closed on Fridays and public holidays.

The entry is free.

Museum phone number = 91-40-23233121

Paigah Tombs

Situated at Santoshnagar near Sayeedabad, these tombs belong to the ‘Paigah’ nobles (who were tied by blood and marriage to the Nizams). The tombs are nearly 200 years old.

The tombs have beautiful carvation in unique lime and mortar.

Assembly building

This is located within public garden campus. This was earlier Town Hall during the times of Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan.

The website of Assembly of AP is = http://assembly.ap.nic.in/

Nizam College

This is located near Lal Bahadur Stadium also called FATEH MAIDAN (Victory grounds).

It was founded in 1887 durig the reign of Nawab Mir Mahaboob Ali Khan.

The college building was a palace of Fakhrul-ul-mulk II, a noble of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad School (Noble School) and Madras-i-Aliya were combined to form Nizam College.

The founder Principal of the college was Dr. Aghorenath Chattopadhyay, D.Sc. (Edin.) – father of Sarojini Naidu, Nightingale of India !

Lal Bahadur Stadium

It was originally called and even today sometimes referred to by its old name as FATEH MAIDAN.

Facilities for various games are available. Cricket used to be played here, but after construction of new stadim called “Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium” in Uppal area, cricket is no longer played here.

Mahboobia School

It was setup in 1908 during the reign of Nizams and is located at Gundfoundry. It is a fabulous building.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Joseph is located in the Gunfoundry area and is perhaps the most beautiful church in the twin cities.

Nizam’s Institute of Medical Science

This was initially The Nizam’s Orthopaedics Hospital and was established by Nizam’s Charitable Trust on 22-Dec-1964.

Later on AP State Government took over the management and after many changes the hospital name was given as Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, on 11-March-1986

It is now considered a university as setup by AP legislature vide Act 13 of 1989.

Hari Hara Kala Bhavan

It is located near Head Post Office in Secunderabad near RP Road. It was setup in 1989.

Hussain Sagar / Gandipet

After river Musi floods in 1908, the Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan, had a dam constructed. It is about 20 km aways from Hyderabad and the lake is spread over 46 sq.kms and supplies drinking water to Hyderabad and Secunderabad even today !

Hussain Sagar road is adorned with 33 statues of Andhra Pradesh’s luminaries from various fields.

Purdah Gate, King Kothi

The Nizam used to stay in the palace at King Kothi and its entrance had and still has (though not in good condition) a “purdah” or curtain.

Masjid-e-Judi at King Kothi

The last Nizam of Hyderabad is laid to rest in Masjid-e-Judi, just opposite to once King Kothi palace, now a government hospital.

Bachelor’s Building

During the time of Nizam near a place called Mozamjahi Market, this building was erected.

This building had “pre-paid” electricity system. Pay first and then use !.

Nizamiya observatory

Established in 1908 it is situated at Punjagutta area.

The ‘Astrolab’ was presented by Nawab Zafar Jung, a noble of the Paigh.

Hayat Bakshi Begums

This masjid is located on the eastern outskirts of Hyderabad, near a place called “Hayatnagar”, after Autonagar on Vijayawada national highway.

Hayat Bakshi Begum was the only daughter of the founder of Hyderabad – Quli Qutb Shah.

Birla Mandir

Its atop a hillock (Naubat Pahad) in area called Adarshnagar. It is made of white marble.

Birla Planetarium

Just near to the Birla Temple we have the B M Birla Planetarium. If you want to know a bit about astronomy go to this place.

Laser show on Hyderabad

Want to see a bit of Hyderabad in color on water fountain. Then go in the evenings, to LASER SHOW at LUMBINI PARK, near Secretariat.

World’s tallest Buddha statue

Made from single piece of stone, in the midst of pond called Hussain Sagar (common nick name = Tank Bund) is located the world’s tallest Buddha Statue.

Since the first attempt to put up the statue failed, for the 2nd and successful attempt a European company was called to set up the statue.


Some famous Hyderabad dishes are :
Biryani (rice dish with meat or chicken)
Bagare baigan curry
Bagar khana & Dalcha (bagra khana = rice, dalcha is dal-curry with potato or bottleGourd)
Harees (includes meat or chicken)
Haleem (includes meat or chicken)
Kichdi (rice dish). Alongwith minced meat curry or Tamrind soup is used.
Nahari Kulche (Nahari is sheep bone soup. Kulche is a type of bread)
Double ka mitta (made from dried bread slices) (mitta means sweet)
Qubani ka mitta

Exotic Arabic Food restaurant

Located on 3rd floor on the road opposite to Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital at Mehdipatnam, this restaurant ZAITOON offers Arabic dishes.

Local train, now called MMTS

A wonderful improvement was done to local trains and when the service was associated with buses, it was called MMTS. Multi Mode Transport Service.

Ifyou have to travel to a place that requires bus and rail travel, then MMTS is a good option. The railway stations at most places have special bays so that passengers can switch from bus to train.

Local buses run by APSRTC and SETWIN

APSRTC the state government company operates majority of local buses of which there are 3 categories:

  • Ordinary
  • Express
  • Veera

The fare in each is different.

SETWIN buses are acutally run by licenced operators and are smaller in size and run on selected routes only.

7 seater, 3 wheelers

In addition to the usual 3 wheeler auto rickshaw, we now have “7 seater” diesel run bigger autorickshaws, plying on certain peripheral routes.

Interestingly such vehicles were a common place in Manila, Philippines in 1997. A few years later such vehicles got introduced in Hyderabad.


The 7 seaters are not allowed on all routes in the city.

The yellow color autorickshaws (now mostly rear engine) are a good option for city travel. But there is a chance of fare shown by the meter being disputable, but what can the commutter do, just pay !

Railway Stations

There are 3 major railway stations in Hyderabad for inter-city and intra-city connections.

  1. Nampally station in Hyderabad
  2. Kacheguda station also in Hyderabad
  3. Secunderabad station in Secunderabad.

Bus stations

APSRTC provides intra city connection and such bus stands in and around Hyderabad / Secunderabad are listed below:

  • Mahatma Gandhi Bus stand in Hyderabad. (This is next to the good old, now not in use GOWLIGUDA Bus stand)
  • Jubilee Bus Stand in Secunderabad.
  • At ECIL, Cherlapally
  • At BHEL, Ramchandrapuram
  • At Jeedimetla
  • At Kukatpally


At present there is an airport at Begumpet – Hyderabad.

New & bigger airport at Shamshabad is expected to be operational in 2007. After which the Begumpet airport will be used for VIP flights and for ATC training. (ATC = air traffic controller)


Well there are far too many ponds to be listed here.

But the most scenic and large pond is HUSSAIN SAGAR, commonly known as TANK BUND. This pond sort of divides Hyderabad and Secunderabad.


At different places the quality of roads is different. Drivers endurance is fully tested both due to quality of roads and by the haphazard traffic.

Luckily a vast majority of the 2 wheeler riders, use helmet – finally.

Road expansion, diggings, fly-overs are big reasons for traffic jams and snail speed movement of traffic.


Several fly overs have been constructed and more are under construction.

Foot over bridge, or simply pedestrian bridge

Finally in extremely heavy traffic areas, FOBs are being constructed. But these need to be maintained for safety and security of the users.


Indira Park
Sanjeeviah Park

Snow World

Cant go to Srinagar or Switzerland? No problem. You can go to Snow world located at lower tank bund and enjoy sliding down in snow world.!

It is the first snow park in India.


Nehru Zoological Park has 1,500 species of animals, birds and reptiles. The zoo is spread of 300 acres of land and has a mini-train to take you around.

It is the first zoo in India to have lion safari and tiger safari.

The zoo is closed on Mondays !.

There is entry fee and fees for carrying camera, fee for elephant ride (only in the afternoons).

KBR National Park

Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park is located in Jubilee Hills and their contact phone number = 91-40-23555463

Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park

It was once a private hunting ground for former rulers of Hyderabad – the Nizams. A deer park was set up in order to preserve this precious heritage and rehabilitate it.

It is on the Hyderabad – Vijayawada road at a place called Vanasthalipuram.

Every Monday is holiday. On other days visiting hours are from 10 AM to 5PM.

The park does not have phone but inside the park there is Eco-tourism center and their phone number is = 91-40-24020950

Mahavir Nischalvan Eco-Tourism Centre

Inside the above “Mahavir Harina Vanasthali National Park” the AP Forest Development Corporation has setup Eco-tourism centre, that has cottages for visitors to stay.

Their contact phone number = 91-40-24020950

Hyderabad Botanical Gardens

The actual name = Sri Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Botanical Garden

This is located in Kothaguda R.F. Block on Kondapur – Gachibowli Road near the Hi-tec City, Madhapur, Hyderabad.

7 sectors have been developed and opened to public viz.,

  1. Rock Pool,
  2. Aquatic,
  3. Bamboo/ Canes,
  4. Palmarium/ Cycads,
  5. Tree grove,
  6. Ornamental and
  7. Medicinal Plants


Rest other 11 sectors will be developed.

There is entry fee. And the park is open throughout the week. Photography is allowed but you have to pay fee for the camera usage.

The garden phone contact number = 91-40-25504278

Mrugavani National Park

Located at Chilkur in Moinabad mandal, its about 25 km from Hyderabad and covers an area of 3.5 square miles. It is home to a 600 different types of plant life. [20]

The phone contact at this park = 923-235135 [21] or National Parks, Aranya Bhavan, Hyderabad – 500 004, AP. Phone: 91-40-23230561 Ext.313 [22]

Durgam Cheru or Secret Lake

It is located at a concealed, picturesque location and is near to present day HITEC CITY. It is spread over an area of 63 acres.

You can contact the visitor center at the lake by phone at 91-40-23110523 / 23555072


It is located near to Hitech City at Madhapur.

It showcases arts and crafts.

Their phone contact number = 91-40-23112704


Golf Association of Andhra Pradesh does conduct coaching at the RAILWAY GOLF COURSE AT IRISET Campus in Lalaguda at Secunderabad

Hitech City

HITEC CITY is short for
Consultancy, CITY.

It is the first major public private partnership between APIIC of AP Government (11%) and private company called L&T (89%)


HITEX and HITEC are not one and the same. They are different. HITEX is exhibition center. HITEC is a group of buildings for IT companies (Information techonology).

Hyderabad International Trade Expositions Limited First Floor, Trade Fair Office Building HITEX Exhibition Centre, Izzat Nagar Hyderabad – 500 032 Tel : 91 40 23112121/22/23 Fax : 91 40 23112124


This is Hyderabad International Convention Centre.

Their contact address:
Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) Novotel & HICC Complex (Near Hitec City) P o Bag 1101 Cyberabad Post Office Hyderabad – 5000 081, India Phone : 91 40 6613 4422 Fax  : 91 40 6613 4322 Email : enquiries@hicc.com

Shilpakala Vedika

Though owned by the government it is managed by private party and it is a multi-functional centre in Hitech city area.

Contact phone = 91-40-23112704 / 705 / 707

SP Biotech park

Currently (13-Apr-07) not exactly in Hyderabad, but nearby at Genome Valley, Turkapally, Ranga Reddy district.

Hyderabad Knowledge Park

Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd., is developing the Hyderabad Knowledge Park which will be about 414 acres and would be located in Survey# 83/1, near Hitech City, Hyderabad.

Ravindra Bharati

An auditorium near Assembly.

Kala Niketan

This is located next to Rabindra Bharati auditorium.

Industrial Areas

Industrial areas are located in

  1. Moula Ali
  2. Kushaiguda
  3. Nacharam
  4. Cherlapally
  5. Mallapur
  6. Patancheru
  7. Zaheerabad
  8. Pashamylaram
  9. Yelumala
  10. Indrakaran
  11. Islampur
  12. Sanathnagar
  13. Balanagar
  14. Kukatpally
  15. Vikarabad
  16. Jeedimetla
  17. Medchal
  18. Chevella
  19. Nancherla
  20. Chandulal Baradari
  21. Kattedan

Largest assembly constituency in AP

It is located in Hyderabad and its called Khairtabad Assembly constituency.

But once recommendations of Delimitation Commission are implemented hopefully in 2007 then Khairtabad Assembly Constitutency will no longer be the largest constituency and will be split into the following new constituencies:

  1. Yousufguda
  2. Banjara/Jubliees
  3. Kukatapllay
  4. Nampally

Note: Khairtabad area always has the tallest / biggest Lord Ganesh idol each year during the Ganesh festival.

New Assembly consitutencies in Hyderabad

After implemenation of recommendations of Delimitation Commission some new assembly constituencies that will come up, apart from those already listed above are:

  1. Goshamal
  2. Falaknuma
  3. Amberpet
  4. Bahadurpura
  5. Malkajgiri
  6. Uppal
  7. Kukatpally

Garbage trucks to have Radio Id tags

Garbage trucks in all of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (earlier MCH), will have Radio Frequency Identification Device.

The RFID technology helps in:

  • monitoring garbage disposal
  • tracking which vehicles are on the job,
  • how many bins are being covered and
  • how much time is being spent at each bin.

It also tracks the :

  • number of trips a vehicle has made to the transfer station and
  • the quantity of garbage lifted and brought to the transfer stations

Fish prasadam for asthama patients

There is a family in Hyderabad which every year gives fish which is fed with medicine to astham patients.

The family is BATHINI Brothers and that family has been giving the medicine since 1845.

In year 2007, the medicine will be given from the evening of 8-June to the evening of 9-June at the Exhibition Grounds, near Nampally.


This is one of the main roads and business centers in Hyderabad. Actually the name is ABID’S SHOP. It was the first shop (an ice shop) in that area and thats how the area got the name ABIDS.

In Abids area the following are important landmarks / business center:

  • Statue of India’s first PM, Jawaharlal Nehru
  • GPO (General Post Office)
  • Telecommunication center (Dept of Telecom, Govt of India)
  • MPM Shopping mall, housing BIG BAZAAR etc., (part of this mall too earlier was a cinema theater)
  • Cinema theaters (SANTOSH, SAPNA)
  • Multi Storied parking complex.
  • Gold merchants
  • Cloth merchants
  • Watch dealers

etc., etc.,

The Abids road splits into 3:
1. the one on the right turn, goes towards Nampally (Hyderabad) Railway station.

On this road towards railway station ISKCON is located. Also located is the famous G. PULLA REDDY sweets shop, which supplies sweets to Governor of AP !

2. the one on the right ward direction (without actually turning right) is called J.N. Road and goes towards

  • Ramakrishna Theaters (owned by late actor NTR who was also CM of AP)
  • Mozamjahi Market
  • Siasat – urdu daily newspaper, head office.

3. the one that goes towards the left goes towards

  • City Centre Mall (in the past it used to be a cinema theatre)
  • Troop Bazar,
  • Bank Street,
  • Kothi etc.,
  • On the same road the former residence of late NTR (NTR = Nandamuri Tarakarama Rao)- famous actor and CMof AP is located.

Moazzam Jahi market

It was completed in 1935 during the time of Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan and is great building in brown stones.

Other Malls

  • Furniture Mall on Abids to Nampally Road
  • Sanali Mall, opposite Grammar School, Gunfoundry
  • Central Mall, at Punjagutta X roads
  • Babu Khan Mall, at Somajiguda


Apart from newspapers in Hindi, Gujrati / Marathi, the major Urdu / English and Telugu Newspapers in Hyderabad are listed below:

If any newspaper is left out, please let us know so that we can add the same.

Siasat Urdu Daily

Interestingly they have 3 websites:

  1. SIASAT – Urdu version, web view is exactly like hard copy newspaper.
  2. SIASAT – also Urdu version.
  3. SIASAT – English version of their newspaper on the web.

Munsif Urdu Daily

Rehnuma-e-Deccan Urdu Daily

Itemad Urdu Daily

Deccan Chronicle English daily

The Hindu English Daily

Times of India English Daily

Andhra Bhoomi Telugu Daily

Eenadu Telugu Daily


As time passes by, the names may loose their meanings. But names cannot normally be changed.

  • There is a place called Red Hills but there are no hills now.
  • There is a place called Masab Tank but there is no tank around.
  • There is a place called Machli Kaman meaning Fish Archade but there is no fish market around.
  • There is a bridge called Lakdi-ka-Pul meaning Wooden Bridge. It is now no longer a wooden bridge. It is used by road traffic since there is a railway line below it – to/from Hyderabad Railway station.

Probably this is the only road bridge that is not over the river Musi (which anyway does not have flowing water, now).

  • There is a place called Gunfoundry but obviously there is no gunfoundry there now.
  • The locality called “Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar” is now referred to as “S.R. Nagar”
  • The name Santoshnagar Colony has been used for a locality near Sayeedabad and for another locality near Mehdipatnam.

Major institues / research centres

(This institue was setup by the Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan’s government in 1944 and was called Central Laboratories for Scientific & Industrial Research. After independence and several changes, this institute got its present name).

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