IGMH, Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital – Expansion

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Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, which is in memory of the late Indian Prime Minister, Smt Indira Gandhi, which was donated by the Indian Government about 10-12 years back. Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital, IGMH is the biggest hospital in Maldives the final destination in Maldives for the ill.


IGMH has good facilities to a certain limits. The doctors working here are Maldivians and Foreigners. There are a good number of

Doctors working here from India.


IGMH currently do not have facilities for some advanced treatments and mostly the patients need to go abroad for getting specialists opinion and major surgeries. Mostly the Maldivians who need to go abroad prefer to go to India , Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand.


Big Institutions chiefs from the neighboring countries often visit Maldives to tie up with private clinics and the Government to extend their facilities and work together. Being a very small country with a population of around 300,000 its very difficult of private Institutions to provide high end facilities to the citizens.

IGMH is building a ten storied building for extending the number of beds and some facilities. The project is expected to be over in a year or so.

You can view the status as on today – 30th October 2007 (Picture above). Construction work goes very fast in Maldives. The basement work is over and its going on full fledged.

Maldives is lacking expert treatment in Cardiology (Has a facility extended by Srichitra Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum, India)

Nephrology is the other specialty which is again a need. There are lots of visiting doctors coming from different institutes abroad. They come periodically and provide consultations and basic facilities which are available in Male’ is used and for further treatment, Investigation the patient needs to go abroad.

The Government is doing their best to take care of the Health problems. The Government is also planning a Health Insurance Scheme for the citizens of Maldives which is still at inception

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  • sachin

    Sir can you give me name of shipping company, for ship’s crew AB/ BOSUN IN MALDIVESI as am from india want to work on the Ferries .

  • dr prashanth kumar

    hi this is dr prashanth MBBS DLO ,ENT Specialist from India,3yrs experience in govt hospital.im looking out for job in IGMH.EMAIL-drprashanthgent@yahoo.co.in. Mobile-09901972797

  • Maya Vincent

    I am a dermatologist and would like to work part time- say2days in aweek. at IGMH if such a vacancy exists. I have more than 10 years’ experience and am well versed in all the dermatosurgical procedures and lasers.If interested please contact me.

  • dr yasir khan

    i am orthopaedic surgeon from pakistan i need job in igmh male as a orthopaedic surgeon

  • Dr. Krishnaprasad Bashyal

    Respected sir,I am a nepali citizen, graduate(MBBS) from Russia with honours. Completed my one year internship & currently working at department of medicine,Nepal. I have maile IGMH at the add mentioned at their but no reply, pls could you guide me through the procedure as dont know what to do.thanking youDr. Bashyal Krishnaprasad

  • kanishka

    Hello kishore sir, I want to apply for a medical officer vacancy in maldives but before applying i wanted to ask you since i’m a mbbs fresher applying without any working experince , would it be difficult for me to handle the patients as a medical officer in the hospitals? Will there be any senior doctors to guide me in these hospitals or i will be all alone on a remote island..I just wanted to clarify before applying since i have just passed my mbbs..I wanted a break from india to make some money and to study for my higher degree entrance exams ,is the workload busy that we don’t get to study or is it quite peaceful….I hope you guide me answer to these questions sir..thank you.

  • Shobha

    Hello Kishore Sir, I am Masters in Library and informatin science. I have an exp. of 20 years in library. Can i get a job in any schools or hospitals record section?

  • muez Khan

    Dear sir,I would like to find out if there are any vacancies for Me and My wife as we will be graduating in July2011.I would be very grateful to you if you could please help us to find a job there and also I would like to know the skills expected from an MMBS doctor to work there in the Republic of maldives,and the basic salary for freshers.Thank you.please do reply me as soon as possibleI

  • jaison kj

    SIR,…..AM JAISON K.J.B.s.c nursing with 2 years of experience in multi specialty hospital Bangalore,India..I wish to work in Maldives….Could you please inform me the vacancies and how can I apply for that…Thanks in anticipationjaison kj

  • Rakesh

    dear sir/madamI am an Ayurvedic doctor from india i have 2.5 year experience in all ayurvedic treatments is there any job available at IGMH kindly help me out my contact number +919901011232 and +919739924740 thanks

  • Barun Kanti Biswas

    Hello Mr. KishsoreI am a consultant Peditrician with an experince of about 20 years in differntMedical college Hospitals in Bangladesh. Can I have any scope in IGHM ?Thanks

  • Mohammed Baleegh

    Hello Mr Kishore,I am a Biomedical Engineer with 4 yrs Exp., I have applied for a job from india for the available vacancy for Biomedical Engineer at IGMH through a consultant in India.Is there any choice of applying directly? Please comment ASAP.Also comment me on The Salary I can expect.With ThanksBaleegh

  • Dr.Malty

    Thank you for your response.please let me know if you have any vacancies for doctors-mbbs.what is the average salary for a doctor in Maldives.

  • Dr.Malty

    Hello sir,I am Dr.malty from karnataka -India.i have done mbbs and have three years experience. I am offered a medical officer position in IGMH by a consultancy.they have told that a free single semi furnished accommodation,salary of $1700 per month will be provided.i want to know whether consultancies are handling the recruitment of doctors in Maldives. They are charging rs.70000 for the recruitment.is the recruitment by these consultant real?i am planning to get my wife with me ,how much will be the expenditure for food,internet,cable,my wife will cook food at home and we vegetarians.what does this single furnished accommodation mean ,does this have a bedroom,kitchen,drawing room?will this flat be shared by other doctors or only me and my wife?how much can i save after all the expenditure?please help me to take decision regarding this. will the accommodation be clean as i heard that it will be very dirty.please suggest me. I am waiting for your reply.

    • dr.logesh

      hi.me too got a similar offer now.but in private setup.did u take up that job.how s the experience there?is any vacancy now there in igmh?please help me out.

    • Dr.Malty

      Thank you for your response please let me know if you have any vacancies for mbbs doctors in Maldives.what will be the salary for a doctor in Maldives.

    • Kishore

      I am not sure to say if going through the recruitment agency is right. I don\’t understand why you need to pay such a big amount to the recruitment agencies. Have you read the contract carefully? Are you aware of all the terms and conditions of the contract. Cost of living is high here compared to India. I am not aware of the accommodation IGMH is providing now.

  • m.krisdas

    my 10years se hospital field me hu hospital superviser ,hospitol cleark,hospitol receptionist,pharmacy aid, hospital male nurse. india in hyderabad private nursing home me kam karchuka hu ,muje english barabar nahi aatihi ,muje hindi,telugu,kannada langueges aatihai.muje meharbani karke IGM HOSPITAL me kosabi naukridigiye . thank you.

  • dr narendra ks

    how is the working enviornament for doctors particularly for pediatritians in igmh?

  • Dr.K.Nagarajan

    Hi ,I m an indian citizen with MBBS from MMC with 23 years of experience & also holding a diploma in DIABETOLOGY.i wish to work as JUNIOR DIABETOLOGIST or GENERAL PRACTIONER in maldives.suggest me such vacanies.

  • premkrishnan

    sir,i’m physiotherapist with two and half years of experience.is there any vaccancy for physiotherapist in IGMH.please reply

  • nighil

    DEAR KISHH,I AM NIGHIL , a nurse GNM, 3yrs of clinical experience IELTS6.5. I am seeking a job any where in MALDIVES. can u pls help me by giving relevant information soon.thanking younighil

  • nighil

    dear kishh,i am a nurse,GNM 3 YRS CLINICAL EXPERIENCE, IELTS 6.5. SEEKING A JOB ANY WHERW IN Mli. can u just help me soon

  • sudarshan

    i am MD Physician with 1 yr experience willing to do job in IGMHso please reply

  • Dr.c.s.rao

    dear sir ,we are a couple with generalsurgery (laproscopic surgery )and anaesthesiology presently working in maldives under ministry of health .we would like to work in a private hospital.could you suggest any good hospital with vacancy


    are there any vacancies for orthotic technicians

    • suresh

      Dear Sir, I am suresh krishan from sri lanka I am looking for job in operation theatre (Anaesthesia)Technician.I have 4years of working experience in this sector. can i get job in maldives?

  • hari

    Today i heared some news that Appolo group is not satisfied with IGMH hospital, and they r leaving….. is it true???

  • Apollo Hospitals Will be Managing IGMH

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  • Dr. Santosh Kumar

    Hi,Kishore,I am an ENT specialist from india. looking for job in maldives. can u kindly tell me about job option for ENT specialist and their salary structure in maldives.

  • dr. zahd siddique shad

    sir i am living in pakistan, i did my m.b.,b.s in 2006 from nishtar medical colllege multan pakistan( a renowned hospital 1300 bedded with all speciality departments. did my house job for one year from the same institute. now from 11-08-2007 i am doing my postgraduation in nternal medicine. iam to ask if can get a job of medical officer in IGM-HOSPITAL.. I HAVE 2 YEAR EXPERIENCE OF WORKING IN INTERNAL MEDICINE, IN ADDITION TO ONE YEAR HOUSE JOB IN MEDICNE AND SURGERY

  • Kishore

    Viju, you can check their website, I am not ware of that

  • Viju Vasudevan Pillai

    Can you please help me to get the email Id of Human resource department of IGMH and ADK hospital as well.Thanking you and have a nice day.

  • Kishore

    Dr Krishnamurty – You can try with IGMH HR department, they could be able to get back to you with information on vacancies

  • krishnamurthy

    interested to work in igmh male,anaesthetist with 4 years experience..kindly tell me how to apply

  • US$300 million loan for Maldives from India

    [...] will be allocated to the health sector buy consumables. Currently the major hospital in Maldives, IGMH, is not have most of the necessary consumables to even run services like laboratory and X-ray. [...]

  • Will Medical Tourism Boost the Economy of Maldives

    [...] is at the capital island, Male’ which has the best facility available in Maldives like the IGMH hospital (Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital) and other private clinics in Male’. Major surgeries [...]

  • Swetal Bhavsar

    I am a Knee & Hip Surgeon in Ahmedabad, one of the big hubs in Orthopaedics Surgery. I wish to come as a Visiting Surgeon for Hip & Knee Surgery. Is it possible ?

    My contact numbers – 0091-9998370707 / 0091-9924127376

    Email – swetal@in.com

  • akhilesh

    are there any jobs for MBBS fresher in Maldives

  • Dr Ahsa

    Any PG / seat or deputation , studies , in govt hospital doctors while working, I am toper in MBBS.

  • Rizwan ahamed

    Respected sir . .
    am Dr Rizwan from india . Mbbs graduate with 2 years 2 months of experience . I want to work in maldives . If there is a vacancy please inform . And kindly let me know how to approach for the job . Thank you . Dr.rizzvan@gmail.com

  • Dr. Ravindra Jain


    We, Indians couple as Dr. Ravindra Jain M.S.(Gen.Surg.)F.A.I.S (General & Breast surgeon )& Dr Anjula jain M.D.(Path.) (histopathologist) ,presently working in west africa ,with experiences of 16 yrs.& 14 yrs in their respective fields. we are deeply interested to work in maldives. Please acknowledge & guide us accordingly.
    Dr. Ravindra Jain
    Dr. Anjula Jain

    • Kishore

      Doctor, I am not aware of any vacancy now, will let you know if any thing come up

      • sharry

        hi mr kishore,i want to know is there any vacancies for my wife ( b.sc. nursing)here in IGMH , i am also currently working in one of the private institute over here, so please tell if there is any immediate possibilities if there?

  • butch



    im a laboratory technician, with 3 years experiance in a tertiary hospital here in davao del norte, philippines. i am much interested jobs that fit my skills.

  • Indian Navy to send Doctors to Maldives

    [...] A temporary arrangement could be to sort out the problem raised due the recent problem at IGMH (Doctors Strike at IGMH). Speaking at the news conference held at President Office to brief the [...]

  • IGMH services effected, Doctors on mass sick leave

    [...] Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Male’ Maldives is almost stand still today with more than 25 doctors on sick leave. Many nurses are also on sick leave. This could be a protest or strike, but nothing is announced officially. IGMH Deputy Director Abdul Sattar, speaking to Miadhu Daily, informed that as nearly all the doctors on today’s duty roster are on sick leave, the services of some the departments are at a complete halt. He said foreign doctors on the hospital’s pay role are being called in, in an effort to solve the crisis. He noted that some of doctors have even reported sick for tomorrow as well. [...]

  • IGMH services effected, Doctors on mass sick leave

    [...] Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Male’ Maldives is almost stand still today with more than 25 doctors on sick leave. Many nurses are also on sick leave. This could be a protest or strike, but nothing is announced officially. IGMH Deputy Director Abdul Sattar, speaking to Miadhu Daily, informed that as nearly all the doctors on today’s duty roster are on sick leave, the services of some the departments are at a complete halt. He said foreign doctors on the hospital’s pay role are being called in, in an effort to solve the crisis. He noted that some of doctors have even reported sick for tomorrow as well. [...]

  • IGMH to be managed by Apollo Hospitals

    [...] IGMH, Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Male’ the Capital of Maldives is the biggest health facility available in Maldives. I was hearing some rumors that IGMH is going to managed by Apollo Hospitals, India. Its confirmed today by an announcement by the Vice President of the Maldives Dr. Mohamed Waheed. Maldives is planning to privatize most of the Health services to improve the quality of the services and introduce more services. [...]

  • k.gnana prakash

    i want know whether there is jobs in microbiology department as lab investigator.i had completed my M.Sc medical microbiology.


    i am dr asif rasool qureshi MBBS from pakistan 6 years exp;as a resident medical officer in hospital surgery and medicine dept; and my wife is also resident medical officer in saudi arabia ksa in GYANE AND OBST;is there any job for us if yes what is salary plz mail thanks

  • dr. uday kiran

    me n my fiancee finished my Mbbs from india in jan 2008. i would like to know the job opportunities in maldives for couple mbbs doctors..hope to hear from u soon,
    thanking you,
    uday kiran

  • dr.nisanth prabhakaran.p

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    As an ayurvedic doctor with experince in treating bone and joint diseases, Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis,Rheumatism, Back pain, Diabetes and skin disorders i would like to apply for a suitable position.

    Currently I am working at Dhathri Ayurveda Kendra, Guruvayoor as Resident Medical Officer. I have 3+ years working experience in ayurvedic treatment protocols for particular diseases as per classics .
    I am anxious for an interview opportunity to discuss my potential to contribute to your organization. You can reach me at +919747551111 or by email at nisanthvipanchika@rediffmail.com


    Nisanth Prabakaran P

  • Resort Islands in Maldives

    [...] the more remote resorts have their in house Doctors and clinics and the main hospital in male the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital which is of high standard and there is also a private hospital, ADK hospital and there are also [...]

  • dr.amit d. karmore

    i am doctor in india.did m.b.b.s. and doing dch.exp. as m.o. and recident post in paediatrics.any job in maldives.what sallery?

  • dr.amit d. karmore

    hi,i am a citizen of india and did my m.b.b.s.from i.g.m.c.nagpur.now i am studying for my diploma in child health and now exam going in oct 08.i have experience as govt. medical officer for 2 years.aiso has done 3 recident posts in dept of paediatrics at j.n.m.c. sawangi ,wardha.i am interested in working at maldives.is there any job suitable for me?what sallery? recidential facilities?

  • Get IGMH Doctor’s Schedule by sending an SMS

    [...] receive the  information related to the a particular Doctor or a specific Department of IGMH (Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital). This should be very helpful for the people in the [...]

  • Private Clinics in Maldives

    [...] are a few private clinics in Maldives. The Major Government hospital in Maldives is the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital or shortly called IGMH and only private hospital in Maldives is ADK hospital. There is another [...]

  • Cost of living in Maldives

    [...] and food or allowance for the same and the employee has to arrange for it. Institutions like IGMH provide excellent accommodation for the specialist doctors and they have their own facilities too. [...]

  • National Hand Hygiene Campaign Started In Maldives

    [...] Today I was at a function where the launch of National Hand Hygiene campaign was held. The campaign is initiated by the Patient safety committee in IGMH. [...]

  • Dr. Indranil Das

    I am an Emergency physician and want to work in maldives. any vacancies for me. I have 5yrs of post MBBS experiance.and have done Fellowship in Emergency Medicine(RCGP-UK).

    Interested as early as possible.

  • Kishore

    Dr Faisal , its good place to work and study, they will inform you when they have a vacancy, you should hear from them soon, All the best

  • Dr. Faisal

    Hai Mr Kishore
    Applied to IGMH
    Told me to wait for vacancy.
    Doctor 1 yr internship and 2 1/2 yrs working in university hospital in Dept. Of Internal Medicine. Overall Medicine experience 5 1/2 yrs by April 30th,2008. Interested in making money there and then taking MRCP during these days in Srilanka.
    Dr. Faisal

  • Kishore

    @ajay – Thats my main concern. Here I don’t see much of Male Gyneacologists, I guess, you have already sent your CV to me

  • ajay

    @ kishor,
    hey thanks. but a few doubts… i am a male gynaecologist. would that come in the way of my functioning optimally? what about family accomodation? could you clear a bit more on the salary offered?

  • Kishore

    @Dr Ram, As far as I know, there is no vacancy in the Government, but there are vacancies in Resorts in Maldives


    Are there any vaccancies for Ayurveda docotrs in Maldives, as a govt. approved consultancy agency is advertising on various job sites. Kindly inform…thanks..

    • ketan n nagar

      i had degree of BAMS(bechlor of ayurvedic medicine and surger) and practice integrated of general ayurvedic and allopathy since last 9 yr.if i eligible for ayurvedic doctor post please contact me my cell no 09974993161

  • Kishore

    @dr Ajay, we have a vacancy for Gynecologist at our clinic. If you are interested, please mail your CV to jobs@amdc.com.mv

  • ajay

    dear kishore.
    i am a gynaecologist fm india. i’d like to know more about the working conditions, salary, language used in maldives.

  • Kishore

    @rijul raj, you can apply to IGMH Directly, I have provided the contact details here http://kish.in/working-maldives-resorts-jobs-medical-jobs/

  • Rijul raj.m

    hi kishore ,

    iam very much intrusted to work in maldives, IGMH , iam a laboratory technician with 3 year experience in Premier diagnostics and reserch centre an ISO certified lab, and experience in the feild of biochemistry, clinical pathology, haematology and microbiology ,,,so if there any vacency pls inform me……

  • Kishore

    Dr Uwais, please try with the Health ministry, you can send an application directly to them, you can find more information at http://kish.in/working-maldives-resorts-jobs-medical-jobs/

  • dr uwais

    i am dch vt 6yr exp & wife also dch vt 2yr exp ,can v get job in maldives , wat salary ?,
    pl mail thanks

  • Working in Maldives : Kishore’s Blog

    [...] Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital – IGMH is the biggest government hospital in Maldives and there are a good number of professionals working here. Usually the foreigners working here are on 1 year contract, which may or may not be renewed. They have vacancies for Nurses, Consultants, Medical officers, laboratory technicians, radiographers, etc. Usually they announce this in major news papers and they have recruiting agents who take care of their requirements. You will have to pay the prescribed fees to the agents if you are going through them. There are lots of direct recruitment going on here, so just send your resume to the HR department. Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital      Address:Kanbaa Aisaa Rani HingunMaafannuMaleMaldivesTelephone: +960 3335336,  Fax:     960 3316640Information:     Republic of Maldives [...]

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