Interfaith Marriages

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Marriages are made in heaven. The success or failure of a marriage depends on your attitude towards the relationship irrespective of your religious beliefs. There are different types of marriages based on the couples  beliefs. Some marriages are single faith marriages, interfaith marriages, intra-faith marriages, intercultural marriages, international marriages. Every affair is having its own complexities as well as  virtual ties. Interfaith marriages have a few more challenges to face than couples of the same faith.

What is Interfaith Marriage?

interfaith marriages

Interfaith marriage means the Marriage between persons of different religions. An interfaith marriage is a union in which the two spouses follow different religious traditions. Interfaith marriage is also called mixed faith marriage or inter religious marriage.

What are the important decision to be taken for the success of an interfaith marriage?

  • Ignore the  religious differences in the future
  • Believe that different religious affiliations are unimportant in the long term.
  • Believe that your love for each other will conquer all your interfaith marriage problems.
  • Discuss the issue of your children’s religious upbringing before the marriage
  • Never ever force your religious beliefs upon your partner or force your partner to convert to your beliefs.

Is there any problem in interfaith marriage? 

Interfaith marriages are quiet common  and is accepted all over the world. Even though, the acceptance from our neighborhood is more important. Where do you live is more important in mixed faith marriage. Some places in India, couples of Interfaith marriages is not allowed to buy or rent house.

Now a days marriages are for convenience. Every marriage faces its own share of problems since two people are coming from two different family background. Normally  the problems evolved in Interfaith marriage doesn’t affect the couples in Metro but if you go interior part of the country, the problems are very severe. In this situation one spouse will be forcing the other to convert his/her religion. Everything is fair in the relation until a new born comes home and  the arrival of a baby forces parents to confront their religious legacies, to reconsider decisions made long ago and to revisit the spiritual dilemmas of their own. This particular problem is arising since the couples do not discussing the issue of their children’s religious upbringing prior to the interfaith marriage.

It is normally said that the children of interfaith marriages face the identity crisis. It is true to a certain extend. Even the parents face the same problem at one point when their  kids are ready for schooling,  since the application form for the admission provided a column specifying the religion. Then the question arises whether kid should follow the father’s or mother’s religious belief?

Religion plays an important role in every aspect of life. Religion had been a severe problem at the time of Independence and during the partition of India. Everyone is thinking that their religion is  important and others are not good. This attitude can be changed only through an universal religion which accommodates religious tolerance and respecting others. Parents of mixed faith marriages do not find any difficulty in bringing up their kids. They are very positive about their kids future. They strongly believe that their kids won’t be religious fanatics, basically they grow up into good human beings, develop more religious tolerance,  bring new thoughts, after all they develop a new religion for the next century.

How do the kids respond to the interfaith marriage?

  • Many kids are feeling so lucky and privileged to get the best of  both the religions.
  • They faced an identity confusion in beginning of their school life since it is a tag given to enroll the school.
  • They felt they are alienated because their friends are belonging to a particular religious group.
  • They are free make the decision to adopt a religion.

These are true and correct to my experience since my mom’s maternal uncle has an interfaith marriage. He is a Hindu and married to a Muslim girl. Now she is following Hinduism, even their kids as well. They are blessed with two girls and one boy and they are quiet happy in their relationship too. The real problem they are facing for the time being is the parents find it very difficult to find a suitable match for their girls.

The couples and the kids of interfaith marriages are successful as long as the kids are able to impress someone of their choice otherwise I think it is worth giving a second thought.

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