iPad 2 officially announced by Apple – Steve Jobs

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Yesterday Steve Jobs announced the arrival of iPad 2, lots of speculations, leaks written about iPad 2 and when it is out, many of those speculations are missing. Many experts feel that the upcoming Android tablets may effect the sale of iPads, but Apple is trying to make sure that they float on the top in the tablet segment and I think they can do better for many reasons. They are experienced selling millions of iPads, strong app store, they build their own hardware and software unlike the case of Android.

Now whats really new in iPad 2

I am an iPad user and the new iPad really does not tempt me. It has a better hardware, faster processor, cameras for video chatting and recording. It is thinner than the existing one and has the same battery usage time of 10 hours.

Additional applications include, Facetime which we use on iPhone 4, photobooth, to take pictures, etc. There is an option for a screen cover which can be folded and used as a stand. iPad is expected to be out on March 11th and uses iOS 4.3.

Check out this event by Steve Jobs

Again there are rumours that Apple has already started working on iPad 3 and will be out by the end of this year. If this is true, I think I should wait for it rather than going for the iPad 2.

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