iPad 3 coming this March

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It’s time for the next version of iPad to be released. We can expect a great device which may be called the iPad 3 as per tradition.

We see a new version of every apple device being released at least once a year and it’s now time for the world’s best selling tablet to give us the next version. We saw iPad, then the iPad 2 and now we are waiting for the iPad 3 (Not sure if it would be called iPad 3)?

What can we expect from iPad 3 ?

We still do not have any official release of iPad 3 or the next iPad features, but we can be sure of some features which we can expect.

Siri Support – Siri was the highlight of the last iOS device, the iPhone 4S and we can be sure that iPad 3 will have Siri.

Better Processor and Memory - Definitely we will have a faster iPad ( A quad-core processor A6 ) with some more memory than iPad 2

Better Camera – I am not sure about the usage of the iPad camera. I have an iPad 2, but I do not use the camera much. Camera is useful for video calls and we use the front camera for this. The rear Camera is used to take pictures and videos and it’s bit embarrassing to take videos or shot pictures using a big devices like the iPad, but definitely we will see a better camera coming with the next iPad.

Better Display – Yes we can expect a better resolution in the coming iPad (Retina Display with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels).

These are some basic things that we can expect from the next iPad. There are some other rumors like a thick body, LTE Network, etc, but again we will have to wait for some more days to see the real new iPad. 

Will you go for an upgrade? Will the new iPad provoke iPad fans to throw away their old iPad and grab a new one? Let us wait and see?

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