Job Vacancy for Doctors In Maldives

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My company is looking for the following Doctors who are interested in Working in Maldives.

  1. General Doctors – MBBS with at least 3-4 years of experience
  2. Pediatrician – 2-3 years experience. Should be able to give a commitment for at least 2 years
  3. Gynecologist – Should be able to do Ultrasound scans

These vacancies are for a Private day Clinic in Male’, Republic of Maldives. If you are interested, please email your CV to

Please mention your minimum salary expectation, the number of years that you will be able to sign the contract.

Update : March 3, 2011, 8:28 pm

Friends – Right now I am not aware of any vacancies and I am not able to provide you jobs and I am not a recruiting agent so please do not post your CV here. If any opening comes up I will update on this blog.

Update : May 14, 2013, 3:20 pm

Please check for latest updates on jobs in maldives

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  • Dr Manikuntal Ghosh

    Dear Sir. Many many thanks for your kind information. Regards. Keep well. Dr Mani.

  • Dr Manikuntal Ghosh

    Dear Sir:

    I am extremely glad to see your reply! Absolutely fantastic!! Many thanks sir.

    The last question which i would like to keep is:

    In Maldives …is the salary which will be paid to the candidate is a TAX FREE SALARY Like Gulf Countries?? or Tax has to be paid in Maldives?

    Thanks & Regards

    Dr Mani

  • Dr Manikuntal Ghosh

    Good Morning. Hope you are in good health.

    I have few queries. I would be grateful if you can give me an idea bout these points>>

    1. After Getting the Approval ( Pre- Registration ) of Maldives Medical Council , what is the next step to be followed ?
    2. Whether the MOH , Maldives , officials usually conduct any telephonic interview with the candidate & then send the offer / appointment letter?
    3. After getting the offer letter / appointment letter , when ( within How many days ) the candidate has to leave for Maldives to join?
    4. Do you have any idea about the salary range of a Physiotherapist in Maldives Govt Hospitals?
    5. Does the salary is being paid by US Dollar or by MVR?
    6. What are the leave rules & duty hours in Govt Hospitals in Maldives Govt Hospitals?
    7. Who would apply the Work Permit on behalf of the Candidate ? Is it MOH , will apply for VISA & if so then if they send the Work VISA to the Candidate directly?
    Keen to hear from you..look for your sane counsel
    Regards. Keep well. Have a nice day

    Dr Manikuntal
    Sports & Exercise Physio ( B. Physio ; MACSM – USA , MISAKOS – USA , MFIMS – Belgium )
    Wits University , Johannesburg , South Africa

    • Kishore Post author

      1. Apply for Visa
      2. Usually, they will call
      3. Depends on the urgency of the employment and validity of the Work Permit. There is a time limit for the candidate to enter the country from the date of issue of Work Permit
      4. Not sure, could be around US$ 1000 + allowances
      5. Local currency – MVR
      6. Labour Law is same for all, private and government, depends on your hospital and other factors like shortage of staff, work load, etc
      7. Employer has to apply for the Work Permit and send it to the employee (copy)

      Hope this helps Dr Mani

  • Dr Manikuntal Ghosh

    Dear Kishore sir. Good morning. Hope you are in good health. Me doing well. A gentle query . can u plz tell me or guide me , that in the below stated website , given by you , at option i have to upload my CV ? is it to login and browse Resumes ? or to browse directly??.

    pls let me know.


    Dr Mani

    • Kishore Post author

      Dr Mr Mani, You have to register as a candidate and create your resume. You can also upload your CV

      • Dr Manikuntal Ghosh

        Ok sir. many thanks . I am doing that. By the way , if you are aware of any Vacancy as a Physio in Maldives / AMDC Clinic …then . would be grateful , if you kindly let me know.

        I am very much keen to work over there!

        Regards. we do stay in touch

        Many Thanks for your kind co-operation

        Dr Mani

  • tamer farag

    hi,a 37male doctor had a master degree of surgery &egyptian fellowship of surgery ask for job

  • Dr Manikuntal Ghosh

    Dear Sir. Many many thanks for your kind reply And information. I am very glad! I have sent my cv to you said.

    Can you please give me an idea , that mow many Working days / months it may take to get the Pre – Registration Approval from Maldives Medical Council? –May it take one month or more than one month??? I would like to know. Obliged.

    Keen to hear from you sir.


    Dr Mani

  • Dr Manikuntal Ghosh

    Dear Sir. Hope you keep well. pls let me know . to work in Maldives as a Physio . is it needed to to get license from Maldives Medical Council , MOH??

    If so , then how many days it may take to get the Pre registration /approval permission / confirmation to get from Maldives medical council??

    Is there any Job in Maldives as a Physiotherapist.
    Keen to hear from u sir.

    I look for your sane counsel.


    Dr Mani.



  • dr.zahir m.r

    hi,iam dr.zahir, MO ETU, for 5 yrs.if u hv job with good salary,tell me.

  • pragash

    please dont go to maldives it is hell they cheat you the dont pay you as written in contract ther is no dollar ther only their maldivian ruffiya which dosent have any value anywhere life is hell try some decent civilized country the goverment agencies are cheat they dont have money

  • Dr.saranya

    i finishesd MD(generalphysician),from UKRAINE in 2010….I would like to know if there’s any opportunity in maldives.

  • jagath

    hello!! dr.i recently finished MD(general physician),from UKR. if any vacancy pls reply me.
    thank you.

  • Manjula

    Helo sir I m manjula from Punjab I m nurse with 8 year experience in cathlab, ccu,icu if there is any vacancy plz reply to me I shall be very thank full to you

  • Dr. MD Sadique Reza

    Dr. MD. Sadique reza December 11 2012

    Hi, i m Dr. MD. Sadique reza from nepal, i have graduated from Bangladesh ( MBBS ), and
    Postgradiation in Diploma Family Medicine from Bangladesh, also i have a degree of Diploma in Medical
    Ultrasound ( DMU ) from Bangladesh, and certificate course in diabetology ( CCD)from Bangladesh and
    i have Experience of 4 years. i m looking for the job in Maldives . my e mail id is
    thanks for urs kind coopration.

  • Dr. Nur Alam Ansari

    hi Dr, i m Dr nur alam ansari from Nepal. i graduated from Pakistan in 2004 n have more than 5 year experience. i m looking to work in Maldives so i need Ur support to get job in maldives.

  • Dr Adam Khan

    Hi…My name is Dr Adam Khan…i have graduated from China(MBBS) .i want to seach job in maldive.Please help me to find the job idd is mobile numebr is :0092-336-9617501….i will be very thinkful.

  • dr.naing

    I am a registered doctor from Myanmar(Burma). I was graduated MBBS from University of medicine (1) yangon, myanmar and Advanced diploma in Biomedical Science From Raffles college, Singapore. I would like to practise as a medical officer in Maldives. I finished my housemanship in dec,2007 and graduated in 2008. I worked as a volunteer medical officer during Nargis Cyclone relief in Burma and i also worked as a medical officer in a Polyclinic. I would like to know if there’s any opportunity in maldives. Thanks! With regards, dr.naing

  • vinod kumar

    Hello sir,i had passed MBBS from LUHMS Sindh pakistan with two years clinical experiance. Sir is there any job oppourtunity for me.I will remain very thankful to you if you could let me know is there any vacancy for me.Sir im waiting for your early reply

  • Susan Sinclair

    Email CV to are the job vacancies.Some of the positions currently available are Help desk, Sous-chefs, Lobby agents, Accounting clerks, Waiters, House-persons, Event coordinators, Sales managers, Bartenders, Maintenance staff, Banquet servers, Stewards, House -keepers, technicians, Front Office etc. You can apply to get more information’s now. To show your interest and receive full employment general information, kindly contact us back with your full (CV) in Word Format.

  • muez Khan

    Dear sir,I would like to know if there are any vacancies for me and my wife as we will be graduating in july 2011.I wolul be very thankful to you if you could please let me know the skills expected from a MBBS doctor to work their in Maldives and the basic salary for Freshers.Thank you and waiting for your early reply

  • muez Khan

    Dear Sir,I need to know if there is any job oppurtunities for me and my wife in Maldives as we will be graduating in July 2010. We being Muslims would love to work there with utmost sincerity and devotion.Please let me know if there is any vacancies for immediate graduates in the Republic of Maldives.Thank you

  • dr anil kumar

    hell0,i am dr anil kumar having seven year experience as medical officer in govern concern I’m interested to come to Maldives for job. If there is any vacancy, please do let me know in my cell no. +91-9752356246.Thanking you,from,Dr.anil kumarmedical officer PHC BENIBARI

  • dr anil kumar

    pleasegive detail of vaccancy for the post of medical officer about salari structure of the vaccant post

  • Dr sajjad h.qanungo

    Hello, me eye surgeon with about 5 years of exp ,want to work in cel no is 9419062851

  • Dr sajjad qanungo

    Hello me eye surgeon with about 5 yrs of post pg exp, want to work in moldieves .my cel no.9419062851

  • Dr.Zaved Nur Bin Asad

    Hi, I’m Dr.Zaved form Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m working here in a renown hospital as a Medical Officer. Besides I work as assistant surgeon in General Surgery and Neurosurgery. I’m interested to come to Maldives for job. If there is any vacancy, please do let me know.Thanking you,Dr.Zaved Nur Bin Asad


    Searching for a job in maldives. plz if there is any vacancy inform me in that condition. 00923344060606…….

  • dr saleem

    I am seeking jon in maldive. I have experience in A&E.

  • Dr k.sameem

    Dear,Im a unani doctor with 8 years experience and willing to work in maldives .if interested pls contact me on 0094772071377.thanks.

  • dr.sundarrajan.k

    hello sir im a post mbbs doctor with one year experiance can u tell me about job opp in maldives


    i am a doctor . Graduate (MD)from BISHKEK KYRGYZSTAN .Searching for a job in maldives. plz if there is any vacancy inform me in that condition. 00923344060606…….

  • Arslan Ul Haq

    i am a medical physician and i want a job in Maldeves.plz tell me if there is any available vaccancy,thanks

  • dr.aravinda podila

    hi, i am a mbbs doctor . i am willing to work in maldives. i have 5 years experience. kindly give me a chance to prove my excellance.

  • dr shehryar iqbal

    hi, i am a mbbs doctor, graduate of university of punjab lahore, in 2003, having 7years experience including 2years experience in oman too. can run gp clinic, peadiatric and eye opd and deal almost all medical emergencies ,knows about primary health care,medical ethics, patient doctor relationship, importance of communication skills and treatment protocol.
    my wife dr ghazala fazal is also doctor mbbs in 2001 with gynae/obs experience, can run a gp experience, can do all obs scan. she have two years experience of oman as smo.

  • Robin

    Contact 09986418525 immediately if you would like to work for Ministry of Health Maldives. I will help you.There is urgent requirement for Medical officer.

    • dr.aashish awasthi

      hello sir,i finished my M.D (june 2010)from working in a trust as asst.medical officer.i started working from 1 august 2010.i still didn,t gave my m.c.i scrrening test so if there job for me kindly inform me.thanking youdr.aashish awasthi

    • Godwin

      Kindly let me know for any vacancies for the post of medical officer in Maldives

  • Dr Masroor Mirza

    Mr Kishore , I m a Gen practitioner from Pakistan having 15 years experience in different jobs and clinics within pak and in Saudi arabia . I am interested in working in Maldives . Kindly let me know the jobs for pakistani doctors and visa conditions .regardsDr Masroor

  • Dr Jayanth Varma

    I am specialized in Anaesthesia and intensive care medicine with a work experience of 2.5 years. I am looking for a job in Maldives along with my wife, Dr Poornima who is specialized in Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy. please find suitable jobs for both of us.

  • DR.kausikan

    hi i am willing to work in maldives.. i finished mbbs and pgdhs in diabetology.. i have 11 months experience as medical officer in oil and natural gas corporation of india… kindly notify me if there is vacancy……. 9843099357 is my mobilenumber

  • dr keerthy kiran

    i completed my pg in peadtrics dch can u offer any job





  • rajendra

    dear kishore sir,please let me know if there are any opportunities for me?i worked as medical officer in community health centre in andhra pradesh and worked as resident doctor in paediatric department in 2 years and right know working as casulty medical officer in rural development trust(RDT).thanking u,waiting ur reply.

  • Judith

    i am a family med, general practitioner and public health officer all in one, for 222 years, may i be welcome to any available med jobs in maldives? am interested to expand my horizon. hope to hear from you thank u!


    dear kishoreplease let me know if there are any locum oppotunities for me.i am a south african qualified doctor in general practice and in emergency medicine.rafiek rodriques

  • dr biju

    i do ultrasound scaning also very well

  • dr biju

    any jobs?? visiting gynecologists specialised in infertility

  • arif mushtaq

    hi, i am Dr Arif, i am interested to come to maldieves as a medical officer. i am 27 years old n now a days iam working in a hospital as a medical officer. if any job vacancy u find plz inform me on my mailing address. thanks.

  • dr biju

    hiam interested to come to maldives as a visiting consultant in maldives. i do any type of gynecological key hole surgeries and am specialised infertility treatment also, if any job vacany as a visiting consultant in gynecology- laparoscopy and infertility please let me knowwith regardsdr

  • waleed foda

    i am looking forwards to work in maldives. i am an ortopedic suregeon with Ph D of orthopedic surgery.i have 19 years experience


    helo sir,this is dr.mathan i have finished M.D (doctor of medicine) in 2010.from russia, i am looking for a job in maldives or any other near by islands.thank you.

  • Krishna Bashyal

    Dear,Sir. I am a MBBS doctor from Russia & have recently completed my internship from Nepal BIR Hospitaal, Kathmandu(The largest & oldest hospital of country)I am interested in working as a medical officer in Maldives. Please let me know as for the possibilities of it.Thanking you in anticipationYours trulyDr. Krishna

  • DR.satish kumar M.D(DOCTOR OF MEDICINE)

    helo sir,this is dr.satish i have finished M.D (doctor of medicine) in 2010.from russia, i am looking for a job in maldives or any other near by islands.thank you.

  • dr abhishekh

    hi i’m dr.abhishekh (MD) from india ,i had done my medical from russia. i got specialisation in dermatology. I want to work in Maldives .Please help me in this regards.Thanking You Dr abhishekh

  • dr.tanmay

    Dear sir,i,dr.tanmay bagade, am a gynecologist having>3yrs clinical and surgical experience in this field.i have alsoworked extensively in rural and urban places in maharashtra.i had my own hospital in Pune, India, where i was the hospitaladministrator and chief gynecologist. i was also attatched to 4 otherhospitals as on-call gynecologist.i have done my graduation in BAMS,bachelor of ayurvedic medicine andsurgery, it is an integrated course where allopathic and ayurvedicsubjects and clinical and surgical aspects are covered. i have doneMS,master of surgery in obg/gyn.Due to some family problems,i had to leave everything. at present i amin Nepal along with my wife. i am in search for a good opportunity anda work which is different from my previous work.i am sending my documents and credentials for your review.if Maldives Medical association approves,i wish to go for option 1 andwork as a locum for 3 months. if the facilities and scope for furtherdevelopment is good, i can join as permanent also. i will needdependant visa for my wife during this period also.i am planning to seek employment as soon as possible as there are fewgood offers in nepal,but for future planning,i wish to go outsideindia and nepal.i am giving IELTS exam by this month-end. if things are affirmativefrom your side,i can join even in april.please consider my application. my skill and hard work will surely behelpful for you.waiting for an early replyRegards,dr.tanmay 1- Join to a givernment hospital as a locum gynaecologist just for 3 months- your up and down flight tickets will be reinbursed by the employer,Ministry of Health and Family- government of Maldives.- Based on your qualification and experience, take home easily roundIRS 4.00-6.00 lakhs in this 3 month.- You will get furnished accommodation with kitchen utensils, washingmachine, internet, fridge, cable TVS, local free transport, tax, visa.etc.Option 2- Join to a givernment hospital as a gynaecologist just for full timeon yearly renewable contract basis.- your flight ticket for joining will be reinbursed by the employer,Ministry of Health and Family- government of Maldives. after 12 monthsyou will get 1 month paid leave with return flight ticket and keepingcontiuning as long as you wish. also in during the employment contractyou will get 10-days unpaid emergencye leave for important reasons.- Based on your qualification and experience, take home easily roundIRS 14.00-18.00 lakhs /anum.- You will get furnished accommodation with kitchen utensils, washingmachine, internet, fridge, cable TVS, local free transport, tax, visa.etc.Others- Visa for the spouse and children ( payable)- Children schooling,- Free medical- Working Hour: Max 8 hours/day (including lunch/tea break) ,Overtimeis paid if worked more than 8hrs.- Working Days: Saturday – Thursday [Friday is OFF= if duty requiredfo urgent cases overtime is paid]Note: Locum Doctors must join within 7-10 days of receivingappointments. Locum doctors need not to apply for Work Permits. Aspecial ‘business visa’ will be given on arrival. Doctors wjo takefull time contracts mst join withn 1 months after receivingappointment letters.Documents required for pre-qualification: Should send copies of thefollowing documents along with your Cv to find out if you are eligibleto practice as a Gynaecologist. This will be approved by MaldivesMedical Council[MMC]Registration [ MBBS/PG Degree or Diploma]Degree/Diploma Certiricate [MBBS & PG]Internship CertificatesExperience certificatesValid Passport copy[ valididy not less than 18 months, photo page andaddress only]If you are unemployed or interested to take a post in Maldives pleasecontact us.Since we are work as a private recruitment agency, all the candidatespay us a reasonable fee for our work. Details will be given afterhearing from you.Visit our website : http://www.d-maldives.comIf you feel that we are strange to you then we can give Indian contactnumber [from Hyderabad, from Kerala, from Maharshtra, from New Delhi]to know more about us.RegardsHassan A Didi(Mr)Managing Director–D – Maldives Pvt. Ltd.#01-11, STO Trade Center, Orchid Magu,Male’, 20188, Republic of MaldivesTel: ++ 960 3341095(o), 7771933(m), 3314591(f)–|| Shradha aur Saburi…Saibaba ||–Dr.Tanmay|| Sarve Santu Niramaya: ||

  • Dr Pramod Talukdar

    Dear Sir/Madam,I passed out MBBS from Assam Medical college,Dibrugarh, Assam, in India in july, 2009 and nowI am working as a medical doctor with MedecinsSans Frontieres-Doctors Without Borders inChattisgarh in India since 21st August, 2009.Now I want to work in Maldives for a few years.Please help me in this regards.Thanking YouDr Pramod Talukdar

  • robinson

    Dear Dr.Kishore,, I am a Doctor ,M.D(General Medicine) Graduated from a Russian University,, I am from Srilanka and now residing in Srilanka..working in a Private hospital, with 3< years of experience,
    i would like to work in Maldives ,, or elsewhere,, where can i send my C.V you??..

  • Dr Pragna

    Dear Mr Kishore,I used to work in IGMH in 2007 i worked there for just 4 months than i came back for my marraige purpose.I really need your help.I am in different country with my husband.To get registered here I need to show the medical council about my uptodate good standing work.I have a form which should be filled by the IGMH official can you please speak to them on my behalf.Please help me.

  • Dr Muhammad Azam Haider

    Hello Sir,
    I am Dr Muhammad Azam Haider from pakistan i did my MD in 2003 FROM SAINT PETERS BURG(RUSSIA) and did house job in medicine and surgery 6 months each and 9 months in urology,POSTGRADUATION IN UROLOGY THREE YEARS IN 2007. each also has working experience in clinic and with NGO. WANT TO DO JOB IN GULF,KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA,YEMMEN OR MALDIVES, SO IF THERE IS VACANT VACANCY IN UROLOGY,THEN CONTACT me on my email Thanks.

  • Dr Muhammad Azam Haider

    Hello Sir,
    I am Dr Muhammad Azam Haider from pakistan i did my MD in 2003 FROM SAINT PETERS BURG(RUSSIA) and did house job in medicine and surgery 6 months each and 9 months in urology,POSTGRADUATION IN UROLOGY THREE YEARS IN 2007. each also has working experience in clinic and with NGO. WANT TO DO JOB IN MALDIVES SO IF THERE IS VACANT VACANCY IN UROLOGY,THEN CONTACT me on my email Thanks.

  • shehzad

    hello sir i m dr shehzad from pakistan i did my MBBS in 2006 and did housejob in medicine and surgery 6 months each also has working experience in clinic and with NGO NOWADAYS WORKING AS A MEDICAL OFFICER IN BASIC HEALTH UNIT IN WANT TO DO JOB IN MALDIVES SO IF THER isv aNY VACANCY THEN CONTACT me on my email thnks

  • dr.kiran thapa

    i finished my MBBS from NMCTH,jorpati.i need suitable job for earnings

  • dr.d m shawkot hossain

    Dear Sir/Madam,I am a qualified general and laparoscopic surgeon, holding MRCS Ed UK, AFCEM, London, F.MAS(India),currently working in Saudi Arabia.I would like to apply for the post of Specialist/Registrar in general surgery.I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks.

  • Dr Pratap Bordawekar

    i have 15 yrs post MBBS experience from India and approached by agent Are the working conditions good for doctors at Male ? I dont want to leave my present income in India and land up in hell as known from internetpls advicethanks

  • Dr. Anne

    Madam/ Sir:I, Anne, would like to apply for a medical position in your hospital. I am a Physician by profession with pediatric residency training. I had been a doctor for almost 10 years. At present, I am connected with Health Department working as a medical officer in-charge in public health with one of the health center in Quezon City, Philippines. I cater to 40 to 60 patients a day with various complaints/ illness and of different age group. I also conduct training and lectures on the different program of the health Department. I serve as resource person for various agencies regarding health maintenance, control diagnosis, treatment and prevention towards the achievement of good health for the people.I am hardworking, reliable, committed to my profession, compassionate to my patient and trustworthy.I am looking forward to working with you.Respectfully Yours,Anne Christine A. Rebadulla, RN, MD

  • Dr.R Lingam

    This place is not good for doctors at all.You work anywhere but dont come to this country for the job .Herethere is no regards for doctors .They treat you as their bonded labourers. you will be discriminated and harassed at your work place.Even those doctors who are working under Ministry of Health are no better.Dont suffer humiliation just for few lakhs Rupees.

  • Dr R.Lingam

    This place is not good at all for doctors.You serve anywhere but do not come to this place to work. Herethere is no regards for doctors.They treat you as bonded labourers.You will find only discriminations and will be harassed like anything at your work place.Even those doctors who are under the Ministry of Health are undergoing similer inhuman tratment .

    • Kishore

      Dr Lingam – Its really sad that these days most of the expatriate doctors working with the Government are fed up and leaving. People don’t understand the importance of a Doctor who serve in remote islands compromising on their personal life

  • Dr. sunil mathur name is Dr. sunil mathur ,i m 25 yr ,graduated from SEMEY STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY,(UNIVERSITY OF KAZAKHSTAN) 7 YEAR MEDICL MD PHYS. DEGREE FROM KAZAKHSTAN.. (MBBS in india) in year agust job expriene..if any vacancy suits me than just inform me…

  • dinesh weerasinghe

    searching job in maldives

  • Dr. Dinesh Weerasinghe

    I doctor Dinesh weerasinghe presently working as a MO/Anesthesia and ICU in Srilanka(General hospital,Badulla).I graduated from Kelaniya university(Ragama medical faculty)in 2005.I want to apply for a job in Maldives,kindly help me with the process

  • Dr supriya

    hi kishore this is dr supriya from india, i have done my bachelor’s in dental surgery from rajiv gandhi university of health sciences , i want to apply for a job in maldives kindly help with the process.

  • Dr.Gnanasambandam

    I am a Medical graduate possessing M.D degree from Volgograd State Medical University in Russian Federation, Diploma in Diabetology in Annamali Univesity in India , and completed my Certification Course in Diabetic management in John Hopkins University, USA.My career objective is to dedicate myself to a professional organization, which provides an opportunity for professional growth and where I can be a contributing member to the success of the organization.I have worked in a corporate hospitals having 500 beded and dispensaries in various designations..General Duty Medical Officer 2003 – 2005,Senior Medical Officer In private HospitalConsultant Diabetologist @ Various hospital From 2005-2009It would be much appreciatedif you could provide placement under Ministry of Health. I can assure you that my services will be up to your expectations.

  • dr kamlesh kumar

    hi sir,um a doctor from pakistan have got 3 years experience in various departmentespecailly peads and accident and emergency…. looking for a job there in maldivekindly help me

  • Kishore

    Dr Kishore – You can apply to IGMH or the Ministry of Health

  • kishor


  • Kishore

    Yes Dr Asad, I do remember you, I am not aware of any current vacancy, but will let you if I come across something.

  • dr.asad. Chennai

    hi, kishore.If you remember me,i met you in hilton rangali resort,maldives,as i worked there for substitute for dr hassan.right now working as an intensivist in a multispeciality hospital in you know any vacancy for myseelf in any of maldivian resorts. I can sign contract for 2 years,as iam preparing for mrcp part 2.thnx,awaiting your reply.


    Dear Sir,
    I am from Pakistan and wanna work in Maldives as Medical Officer. Kindly help me for that. Waitnf for your reply.

  • puvikaran

    dear sir

    i finished my medicla studies in russia in 2009 february and looking to work in maldives. is there any chance to work in maldives as doctor


    am MD doctor from russia .Currently working in an hospital centre as a clinical associate.I want to work in Maldives.If u need my services contact me on mailing address.



  • dr.samia

    hi,i am my husband are orthodontist, any vacancies available, please email us..we would work for a package salary as well

  • dr ketan parmar

    hi i m dr ketan parmar from gujarat. i have completed my mbbs. i want to job in maldives. i have 2 yrs expirence in medicine, surgery, gynec dept. so kindly response no +91 9427237531

  • Dr.jaya

    hello sir i like to work as a medical officer can you please provide me proper channel how to approach thanks in advance

  • Dr Bal Kumar Subba

    Dear sir,
    This is in refernce to the job vacancy that I am Dr bal from Nepal, have graduated from Ukraine. Have 5 years of General Prationer’s experience. Want to work in Maldives. Need some ideas and all.

  • dr ajit


  • Dr.V.Jaipal Reddy

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have experience in GP practice and I also do Ultrasound (complete abdomen, obstetrics, gynaecology, hepatobiliary and renal system).

    Jaipal Reddy V

  • dr.rohan prakash

    i dr.rohan presently working as a senior resident in surgery dep, in esi hospital delhi,as on experince base for allredy completed 3years.i worked as a m.o in care in gujrat rehablitaion project for 2 wife is dentist,worked in sufdurjung hos.for 2 years.i want to how much salary for both in maldivs,,and job is contracul or permanent,and what r additinol facility. if will work both in maldeavs

  • rakesh gautam

    i am an orthopaedic surgeon with 2 years exp. kindly inform me about jobs in maldives

  • Dr. huma abbas

    i am MBBS doctor from Pakistan.Currently working in an IVF centre as a clinical associate.I want to work in Maldives but i cant do night duties.If u need my services contact me on mailing address.
    Waiting for your reply.

  • drthomas

    PHONE 9847430210

  • DR.V.SUDHAKARAM,M.B.BS(pgdphm)public health

    dear sir

    is there any vacancy for a MBBS doctor in MOH maldives right now coz i am seeing so many recruiting companies saying medical officer post in MOH

    i have visited moh website but found no vacancy

    please tell me about this thing coz this may misguide many people like me

    thank you


  • Dr.Kiran

    hi Kishore,
    am an orthopedic surgeon, working in India. Am interested in takin up posts in Maldives. Do keep me informed.
    Thanks in advance…

  • dr.rajendra binkar

    i am MD in pediaeric and intrested to work in maldieves so if there is any vacencies please inform me

  • Dr Sonal

    Me and my husband is working in Brunei.He is Ortho Surgeion and I am gen Surgeon, specialised in Breast.
    We want to move back to India or where we have Indian Schools, so in future my son can have addmission in Indain collage, have to move this year as he is in year 9.
    Any thing possible?

    • dr. kishore

      am from pondicherry . ready to help u . here few internatinal standard schools are there . and good scope for your children education is there . u can call me als in 00919843610339

    • dr. kishore

      hi , sure possiblities are there in pondicherry , india . here in small region seven medical colleges are there which need specialists . so mail me on .

    • zeeshan

      hello dr.zeshan{no specialisation} from chennai.r u indian by nationality??sorry please dont mind?if u r coming back to india.can u plz make me join there in brunei,i mean can u arrange job for me.i really need huge money,i got problem in my home….can u help me plz.

  • Dr.Ravi Rajbhandari

    Dear Sir,
    I graduated from Moscow Medical Institute in 1994 A.D. I completed my P.G. Diploma in Gynae & Obs. in 2000 A.D & M.S. in General Surgery in 2007 A.D. both from Nepal. I would kindly like to ask you if I can find any suitable job in Maldives.
    Thank You.
    Dr. Ravi Rajbhandari
    Lagan Tole, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • Dr. Nabeel

    Hello Sir,
    This is Dr. Nabeel from Bangalore. I completed my MBBS in April-2008.
    And pursuing Diploma in Emergency Medicine from RCGP-UK which will
    get over in May-2009. Currently i’m working as an Emergency
    Physician in Apollo Hospital, Bangalore. I would like to work in
    maldives as an Emergency Physician as a doctor who can handle
    all kinds of emergencies. Kindly let me know jobs suiting my

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