Kerala Chief Minister’s office is live on internet

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Kerala Chief Minister’s office is live on internet

As a step to fight against corruption and guarantee 100% transparency in transactions Kerala Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy, installed a webcam in his office at the government secretariat in Thiruvananthapuram. It is accessible to anyone, who wants to watch him, through the website 24×7. It is possibly the first time in the history of the public administration mechanism of the country that a government is using the medium of Internet for ensuring transparency in governance.

“The government thinks that the CM’s office should be like an open book before the pubic. The visitors who come to the CM’s office and what all happens there should be visible to everybody.” Chief Minister said in his message

This has received wide reaction from India and abroad. We should not forget the fact of the matter that it is happening in a country where the country is rocked by one scam after the other and where the people are demanding for a proper anti-corruption bill to be passed. Whatever be the reaction from the others, good luck CM and go ahead. Hats off to your effort.

Update : August 5, 2011, 3:41 pm

An intruder, identified as Jose and believed to be mentally unstable, reportedly entered the Chief Minister’s chamber along with the other visitors and sat on his chair for few minutes while the CM and his ministers were attending a cabinet meeting in another chamber.
No action has been taken against him since the CM believe that if any action is taken against him it will mean imposing restrictions on his visitors. Security personnel handed him over to the police and later he was let off.

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  • Mohandas Kunnath

    Respected Sir, I am a citizen residing outside Kerala for the last 35 years, presently at Jharkhand State. However, very keenly watching the politicial situation in Kerala State since I am originally from Kerala. AFter seeing the Neyyatinkara by election results, it is almost certain that Kerala People have rejected the “Murder Politics” being indulged in by the CPM cadre. However, the credit of the whole victory cannot be claimed by Congress as a whole, which in turn your individual Cherishama lead to your victory. A request – be judicious in your decison do not blindly believe even your own colleagues who are, may be stalwarts in Coongress Party. It is a known factor that most of your loyal congress men are not honest and working for individual gains, which tarnishes your image. Congratulations for your party’s victory in the election. This result of almost certain because of the mis-deeds of the CPM cadre. Kindly understand that I do not have any special interest in any pol. parties. Your leadership qualities with transparent action may immensely benefit the people of Kerala as a whole. With regards, Kunnath Mohandas

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