Local Market in Maldives

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Against the rise in prices of the food items, local market in Male’, the capital city of Maldives is a great relief for both the locals as well as foreigners working in Maldives. Local Market sells many of the items including fruits and vegetables which are produced locally in the different islands. The prices are depending on its season. Local products are sold through two different outlets under the name local market. No bargaining is there is the highlight of the market. Along with that a fish market which sells the fresh catch of the day. Now it is season for different variety of fishes including the bait fish (both silver sprite and blue sprite).


The local vegetables include bitter gourd, brinjal, egg plant, snake gourd, pumpkin,banana flower, squash, different varieties of leafy vegetables like drumstick leaves, lettuce, etc. which are normally available for half the price than in the normal shops. The shopkeepers in the city collect it in bulk from the local market and sell at a very high price.

The local fruits include banana, passion fruit, mango, papaya, water melon, etc.. These fruits are normally very sweet when it is compared to the imported fruits. Along with these, some shopkeepers in the local market get imported ones, bananas especially.

Coconut is very expensive these days. When asked, one shopkeeper said its availability from the island is very less.

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