Love before Marriage and Life after Marriage

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If you are married and if it’s a love marriage, you should be very much able to talk about this topic. In today’s world relationships can be categorized in different ways. Love Marriage, Arranged Marriage, Live In Relationships, etc. If it’s an arranged marriage, there are instances where you will find that the couple did not even meet each other personally and this is just about listening to parents and going with their will. Respected parents arrange the wedding and the kids go an get married. In love marriages, the couple get to know more about each other and finally decide to get married, but we see lots of instances which do not work well. I am going to be expressing my views on “Love before Marriage and Life after Marriage“.

Has your life changed after marriage? Do you see a lot of changes in your partner’s attitude after the marriage compared to what you saw before getting married or during your initial relationship ? Do you feel that your life has changed after marriage with respect to the kind of relation with your partner ? These are few questions which you could answer. Some say that before marriage he cared more about me and after the marriage he does not even spend half the time that he used to do before the marriage. Earlier he / she used to call me every day and now he even do not bother to answer my phone calls. Has he / she lost interest in me? These are few questions that come in most of the couple’s mind after they start their married life. What could be the reasons ?

Reasons could be different in all the cases. As you would agree that life changes as it goes forward. After marriage life changes a lot and it’s would not be the same that you had dreamt about. People become more responsible and would spend more time in improving their professional life and gets less time for personal life. You may have kids and you may have to spend more time for your kids or you may have to share your time between your wife and kids. Life is not just about romancing and trying to impress your partner and your partner may get the above mention questions in mind. It’s always better to sit and talk to avoid such confusions to maintain or even improve the strength of your relationship. Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, its all about trust and knowing each other.

Yes love before wedding and life after wedding has a big difference. Love before wedding is all about getting bonded together to start a new life which is very different from what we experience before we get married. After getting married, it’s a race to sustain and getting into more responsibilities and if the partners are not able to understand each other, then there could be many reasons to feel that life after marriage has a very big difference. Does love after marriage decreases ? Many complain about this, but do they think or try to find out what could be reasons? Reasons could be the work place, change in attitude between the partners, pressure and other related issues.

Some people consider that getting married was the biggest mistake that was made by them. Now we should understand that once you get married, you are getting associated not just with your wife, but with a new family. You will have more of social responsibilities which could effect you in many ways. We need to be prepared and expect everything that could come our way when we get married.

Marriage is legal bonding between a couple and there could be changes in life after you get married and you should be prepared. Talk to your partner and find solutions to your worries rather than not talking to each other

Questions that arise 

  1. Is marriage necessary for a normal life ?
  2. Should we go for an arranged marriage or wait till we find a perfect partner ?
  3. Is live in relation getting more popular these days ?

Your views / experience if you would like to share on this topic  ?

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