Lumbini Gardens Bangalore

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Last Saturday, on the eve of valentine’s day, we went to Lumbini Gardens, Bangalore. It is situated on the banks of Nagarwara Lake and is a simple place for boating. It is located near the Hebbal flyover, on the way to Bangalore International airport. The funniest part is i have crossed the place many times whenever i went to the airport but never noticed. Even though it is located beside a heavy traffic road, it provides enough parking space for the visitors.

lumbini gardens bangalore

entrance to the gardens.

It is opened from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm and charges a flat entrance fee of Rs. 30 and no charges for the kids below 3 years. It provides neat and quality service to the visitors. It is a small place compared to the other water theme parks in Bangalore but tried to accommodate  the maximum facilities to entertain kids and families. If you are taking a camera, pay another Rs. 30/- It is worth paying since the ambience inside the park provides enough to satisfy your photographic skill.

lumbini gardens bangalore 

Nagarwara lake

lumbini gardens bangalore

a dragon shaped kiddy ride

lumbini gardens bangalore

lumbini gardens bangalore

lumbini gardens bangalore

Big Ben, a clock tower inside the gardens

lumbini gardens bangalore

lumbini gardens bangalore

sunset view

One of the major attractions is the boating and it provides pedal boating, coffee boating (don’t know what it is since i didn’t try it), pleasure boating, etc., The place accommodates a wave pool, kiddy rides, Spanish bull ride, a children’s play area, trampoline bungee, twirling vortex, a swing, a kids train in the shape of a giraffe, etc.. 

No food items are allowed inside since Cafe’ Coffee day to entertain the coffee lovers and Food courts are inside to do the same. Prices are a bit high compared to the  quality.

It is a must visit place in Bangalore and provides enough place for the family entertainment. Don’t miss it

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  • narasimhan

    hi i am your son navaneethan and i sent this message from internet.

  • pinky

    Hi this is Pinky.Plz let me know whether there are changing rooms available to change the dress after playing in the pool.Also plz tell me whether outside food is allowed inside or not.

  • lechu

    Dear Ashi, i dont know the exact bus number but i went there by car. Entrance fee is Rs. 30 and Additional Rs. 30 for the camera. For the rides, each you have to pay Rs. 20/- It is located on the way to new Bangalore international airport.

  • ashi

    how to reach lumbini from majestic bus stand?? wich no. bus do we take from therE?are cameras allowed inside ??? if yes then is there any extra fee for it??are there refundable lockers inside for safety of our belongings?how is the fee for entrance? and is there additional fee for the rides etc?plz let me kno as soon as possible on ma id…without this i wont be able to visit the place…thankyou

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