Napier Museum and Zoo in Trivandrum

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The Napier Museum is one of the tourist destinations in Trivandrum and  it is located in the heart of the city. It entertains both the local as well as foreign tourist since it comprises of the Zoo, Botanical Garden, Sri Chitra Art Gallery, Reptile house, and a children’s park with limited amenities. The vast compound provides ample space for the lovebirds to spend their time without interference.

It is named after the Governor General of Madras, John Napier. This museum provides a glance of the rich historical legacy of Kerala.Napier museum and art gallery of Kerala (Sri Chitra Art Gallery) are located in the same compound and the museum has a good collection of ancient archaeological artifacts. This museum was built in the 19th century.

Napier museum in Trivandrum

Now the museum building under renovation and won’t be opened to the public till January, 2010.

sri chitra art gallery entrance

Entrance to the Sri Chitra Art gallery as well as the Zoo.

Reptile House

Reptile house has many varieties of snakes

napier museum and zoo in trivandrum

One of the trees in the compound with lot of branches and very few leaves

Napier museum and zoo in trivandrum

One of the variety flowers in the garden in front of the museum building

napier museum and zoo in trivandrum

Children’s park in the museum compound

It is a destination in Trivandrum where you can spend weekends with your kids qualitatively.

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