Recruitment of Teachers for Schools In Maldives

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Recently there are lots of vacancies for teachers in the Republic of Maldives. There are about 250 inhabited islands in the Maldives and most of these islands have schools. There is good demand for teachers for these Islands and recruitment work is given to some agencies in India. One of my friends told me yesterday that his wife who is now in India, Kerala went for an interview conducted by some recruiting agency appointed by the Education Ministry of Maldives. They demanded Rs 45,000 for the Job. I was really shocked and the interesting part is that there are lots individuals who are ready to pay this amount and come for the job. Teachers are paid around US$ 500 and they earn handsome from tuition which are permitted by the Ministry.

Now almost all the expatriates coming to work to Maldives are recruited by agencies and they have to pay from US$ 300 to US$ 1500. Sad part what I have seen is that there are lot of Bangladeshi’s coming to work to Maldives and they pay a fee of US$ 1000-2000 for the job and they get a salary of US$100 per month. How long will it take for them to recover the amount that they had paid for getting this job.

I was Googling for this subject and I found this interesting page

Even the paramedical staff who are recruited to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital pay Rs 50,000 for their job. These middle men are really minting money and who knows who all get the share? There are places where you don’t even need to spend a single penny to get a job, eg my work place and I am proud of that.

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  • Subhin T Thankaraj

    i am a medical laboratory technician having 16+ experience, like to have a job abroad

  • Jose V.Raphael

    Dear Sir,
    We are trained graduate teachers ( couples) in Mathematics and Science from Kerala and currently working in North India. We are looking for an opportunity in Maldives. Will we get any preference to get a job there. We have two kids also so we are very much concerned about family accommodation too. Please help us to find out a proper way to get a job there in Maldives.

    • Kishore Post author

      You may get a job here, but you may have to go through some recruitment agencies. I am not sure if you will get a job from the ministry and you will have to pay some fees to the agents for the job.

  • W M Sujith Wasantha Wijenayake

    I am W M Sujith Wasantha from Sri Lanka Is Looking English or Economics Teaching post in maldives Government School ,I have followed BA(honest) Pol.Sc ,English ,Eco,in dehli University,three years in government School Service In Sri-Lanka .About seven years In Private carrier TP.No 072/6153180 I have diploma in English, Diploma in Computer Certificate.

  • sunil T C.

    looking for a Malayalam teaching opportunity in maldives

  • sekhar

    haii … i have 2 years Experince in teaching … my mobile numbr 09030124311


    Sir, Iam Hakkim.H ,BA(History)- second class,BEd (SS),COA (Distinction) – First Class, I have #Yrs. experience in a reputed English Medium School as a Social Teacher .I can teach SS, English,Computer.My is 09048080025, and Email id is
    give me one reply soon
    Great Regards

  • Kishore Post author

    Arun, there is no chance for Malayalam teachers

    • arun.g

      sir, my graduation is in History. post graduation is malayalam. then ,please give me one chance sir. i can very interest it. i have five year experience in teaching field. now i’m not working. i’m looking for teaching only profession .my phone number: 9747300380… email id . kindly let me help sir. i”m a kalaprathibha in two times at school college level . i can teach any subject in L.P, U.P, H.S . sir , give me one reply soon. by Arun.G

  • arun.g

    i’am arun .g i have passed m.a., m.ed . malayalam. i interested maldives teaching jobs

  • jauharali km

    jauharali km +2 & 2 year teaching experience. mob: 09697591899

  • Antony Joseph

    I , Antony Joseph from India , Kerala , am looking a teaching job in Maldives . I have fours years experience in teaching . I teach Economics . My mail id is Please help me

  • Sheejith Kanoth Chenoli

    I am looking for teaching proffession job at Maldives.can any body can help me out finding teaching jobs at maldives.My email id is and my cellnumber is 919847017544

  • Dina

    Dear Mada’m/ Sir,i am quite interested in your site about ‘”hiring a teachers ” in maldives….. i had Finished a Degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education last 2007. And had experience 6 months of Esl ( English Second Language ,Universitypf Cebu in the Philippines..which teaches Korean people from elementary students, business man, proffesor in Korea who were still willing to enhance their English communication..i had experienced also having as a part time job in Sun Island Resort and Spa As an English teacher for the staffs for about 3 months. Therefore my concern in maldives is that there are lots of inhabited islets which needs an education especially the younger ones… I will be looking forward to recieve a reply on my concern… my pleasure to work with those who needs.

  • Sindhu R

    I am teacher from India and I am looking for a job in Maldives.

  • Vijitha Bandara

    Dear Sir, I am Vijitha Bandara from Sri Lanka, BSc. Graduate in Peradeniya University, I have got nearly five years of experience teaching Science & Technology and Information Communication Technology in English Medium in Government schools as I’m a teacher in Sri Lanka Teachers Service and as well as Iam yet to be complete my post Graduate Diploma in Education in the open university of Sri Lanka as I sat for the finel examination. I have also passed diploma in computer application, I thought of working in Maldives in a school, Let me know in what manner I have to approach to seek a job in Maldives.

  • Irshad

    We at Acadamey of Prfessional Studies offer Teacher Training Diplomas for the past 5 years and we were the first to offer such courses. Also we are accredited by the Edexcel UK. Feel free to contact me via +94(0) 72 712 7008

  • datta

    Hi,this is datta kumar i did by in 2007 and have 2 years exp in teaching. I am looking forward to work in Maldives can you help me any agents in Hyderabad or India so i can come over their.RegardsDatta

  • vishnumaya

    is it a safe recruitment in malideves,? i know jobs in mali is contract based one, so hw we r considering this a safe or life long .

  • MERCY V.



    Dear Sir, I am JOGHEE SENTHILKUMAR from Tamilnadu, India.I have got nearly two years of experience in a matriculation based schools and as well as nearly Iam yet to be complete my three years of teaching experience in both colleges and in universities in India and in abroad.My educational qualification is M.A in English language and literature with computer application.,and I have also passed diploma in computer application, and Ihave also passed in post graduate diploma in English language teaching,and I have also completed post graduate diplama in personnel management and industrial relations,and I have also passed the I Part of my M.PHIL., IN English language and literatur, and now at present I HAVE COMPLETED THE i year of my M.B.A., Through correspondence,I am about to complete my m.b.a by this year,now at present i am working as a lecturer in areputed university in Ethiopia as a English lecturer,i am about to complete my contract here,and also i thought of working in Maldives in a school, is it advisable for me to get a job in Maldives or not.In what manner i have to approach to seek a job in Maldives.

  • Yasser Mohamed Abdel Salam

    dear sirs ,
    my name is Yasser Mohamed Abdel salam , from Egypt , male and 22 years old
    i would like to get your job in UK
    i have already graduated from the college of Education , English language Dept., kafr el sehikh univeristy
    i have good skills in langauge communication with others ,and also good conversational skills
    waiting for your response
    i wish it can be positive
    best regards

  • SS

    We are a small company doing HR Consultancy for companies. We do recruitment, Training and Seminars. Our team is looking for a agent to promote the same in Maldives. He/she should have good contacts with the companies and who can promote our trainings.

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