Tips to improve the life of your Laptop Battery

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The battery in a Laptop is one the most important part and you need to make sure that you get a better life you need to take care of some usage factor. I found some good tips which I thought of sharing it here. I have heard from experts that we should use a battery cycle always rather than keeping the laptop always plugged on. Battery should be used frequently or the battery may get spoiled. My first laptop is still being used with the original battery even after 5 years. It gives me about 2 hours of backup still. But my last Dell XPS battery is spoiled before 1 year of use. This made me to do some research on “Extending the Laptop Battery Life”. Right now I use MacBook Pro and I get about 5 -6 hours of back up which is extremely good.


Regular Use – You should use your battery regularly. Even if you have an option of power supply, you should use your batter atleast once in two week. Don’t drain it to a stage that your laptop gets shut down, but atleast till you get a warning message or a red indicator.

Battery Settings – Use the power saving settings which you will find in the operating system (Windows XP / Vista) to improve your battery back up time. MAC also takes care when we are working on battery power

These are the major factors that I look into, but there are some interesting articles which I would suggest you to go through

If you have any experience in dealing with battery life, please feel free to let us know

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