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I had wrote a post on jobs in Maldives last month as I was in need from candidates for my company. I got good response and in fact I could fill up all the vacancies in no time. I am writing this post to help job seekers who would like to work in Maldives. There are about 50,0000 expatriates working in the Maldives and I see individuals from more than 40 countries working here. The majority are from India, Srilanka, Philippines, Bangladesh.

There are chances of Jobs in Maldives in different industries here

Tourism and Hotel Industries

There are about 90 resorts in Maldives and 10-15 new resorts coming up soon. If you are qualified in this industry, you can surely get a job. The salaries are good if you are working for a good resort. I have heard that there are resorts where the service charges itself come to nearly US$1000 per month. I am not in a position to give the contact details of all the resorts now. I will surely post if I come across any vacancies. I would like to tell you that there is new resort coming up in May 2008, Shangri-La where the staff strength is around 650 and the salaries are excellent. You can send your resume to

Director of Human Resources, Pre-opening office, Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort and Spa
1st Floor, MTCC Building, 181 Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male’ 20181, Republic of Maldives OR
Send your CV and scanned photograph by e-mail to: or Fax to: + 960 332 1722



One of the most demanding industry as there are very less skilled professionals here. I find more of foreigners working in the Healthcare Industry and jobs in this field are more available

Vacancies can be found at

Ministry of Health – There are lots of vacancies with the Health Ministry, Maldives. You can find more information at

Ministry of Health

Telephone : +(960) 332 88 87,Fax : +(960) 332 88 89

Email :

Address :

Ministry of Health
Ameenee Magu
Male’ 20379, Republic of Maldives

Department of Public Health

Telephone :
+(960) 331 77 10, Fax : +(960) 334 59 74

Email :

Address :

Department of Public Health

Ameenee Magu
Male’ 20379, Republic of Maldives

Maldives Food and Drug Authority

Telephone : +(960) 331 22 83

Fax : +(960) 331 22 81

Email :

Address :

Maldives Food and Drug Authority
Sosun Magu, Male’ 20379
Rep. of Maldives

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital – IGMH is the biggest government hospital in Maldives and there are a good number of professionals working here. Usually the foreigners working here are on 1 year contract, which may or may not be renewed. They have vacancies for Nurses, Consultants, Medical officers, laboratory technicians, radiographers, etc. Usually they announce this in major news papers and they have recruiting agents who take care of their requirements. You will have to pay the prescribed fees to the agents if you are going through them. There are lots of direct recruitment going on here, so just send your resume to the HR department.

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital
Kanbaa Aisaa Rani Hingun
Telephone: +960 3335336, Fax: 960 3316640
Information: Republic of Maldives

Contact by email, Visit Website

ADK Hospital -

Adk Hospital is the leading private hospital in Maldives. You can contact them by sending an email or the address is

ADK Hospital

Sosun Magu, Male’ Maldives

Phone : +960-3313553


Private clinics – There are about 7-8 private clinics in Male’, where you can find vacancies for laboratory technicians, Medical officers, Radiographers, Nurses.


There are more than 1000 foreign teachers working here in Maldives. There are lots of schools in Maldives and the number of vacancies are very high. You may have to work in some remote islands, and if you are lucky, you may get a job in Male’ , the capital of Maldives. If you are working in Male’, you can earn good by taking tutions. Majority of the teachers earn, 2-3 times the amount they get as their fixed salary. In islands, you do not get this earnings, but you will be getting island allowance, which does not really compensate the income from tutions


There are a lot of requirement in construction field as there are lots of new projects coming up and existing projects. Lots of new multi-storied buildings coming up, so the chances for job in this field are high. There are lots of construction companies in Maldives

For recruitment, most of the companies and institutions depend on Man power suppliers, but you can apply directly also. I have seen that many take the risk of coming to Maldives as a tourist, attend to different interviews, get a job, go back and enter with the work permit. If you need any information, you can freely ask me. If you would like to be updated, when I do the next post, you can subscribe to my news letter so that you get my posts by email

[box style="orange announcement rounded" ]Please note that I do not deal with any recruitment and I get a lot of requests for this. Please contact the relevant departments directly[/box]

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  • Dr. Pallabi Ghosh Saha

    Myself Dr. Pallabi Ghosh Saha working as consultant conservative dentist & Endodontist in Kolkata,West Bengal, India. Is there any job oppurtunity
    as a lecturer in dental colleges of Maldives?

  • mahesh akula

    hi sir im mahesh i completed 2yrs course of advanced pg diploma in emergency care ( EMT-A) from EMRI ( EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AND RESERCH INSTITUTE ) ITS its colabratatoin of STNFORD UNIVESITY and local university ousmania university in hyderabad so im waiting for better vacancy and im comleted life saving certificates like BLS,ACLS,ITLS,PALS according to new guidlines so plese sir any vacancy let me mail and thise is second time im msging you sir please do needfull.

  • Dr. Ravinder Kumar Jain

    dear kishore
    I, need general surgeon consultant job at AMDC clinic . 20 yrs of experience ,includding 2 yrs experience ADK HOSPITAL, Male 2011–2013. please acknowledge me accordingly with how to proceed further for te same.
    Dr. Ravinder Jain


    Hello Kishore Ji,

    I am a pharmacist and am interested for job in Maldives kindly guide me for the procedure and what is the payment we can expect ??? I am 27 ears experienced in hospital pharmacy.

    • Kishore Post author

      Kiran – You will have to check some local new papers or go through some agents. Salary depends on the company, you need to clear a local exam as well as now you need to have IELTS score 5.5 average.

  • mahesh akula


  • Dr Manikuntal Ghosh

    Dear Sir. good Morning. I have applied a job of Physiotherapist in Maldives through an agent in Chennai , India . My application has been approved by MOH , Maldives on 14 th April , 2013. On 15 the April , 2013 i have applied for pre – registration for Maldives Medical Council through that very agent in Chennai. Now its more than 40 days …& i am eagerly waiting for reply from Maldives Medical Council regarding this matter. So , my agent in Chennai is unable to give me any information regarding the latest status of my application, according to the version of my agent in Chennai is : Wait and see ,. Hence i was wondering that , if its possible to followup the matter directly with the Maldives Medical Council to check the latest status of my application.

    The reason i am bit hurry , because i have got 2 more job offers from 2 other countries …so , before switching to any of them , i would like to know the decision of Maldives Medical Council regarding this matter.

    As far as i know , that to get the pre registration from Maldives Medical Council it takes around 30-40 days . But now , its more than that!!

    Kindly suggest me i should i do , should i contact the maldives medical council directly ? whether will they entertain?

    I look for your sane counsel.

    keen to hear from you sir.


    Dr Manikuntal
    Physiotherapist, India

  • Abhishek

    sir is there any job for dentists in maldives

  • Hani

    I have query and I hope you ll answer it :)
    I have an approved pre-registration from MOH ..
    what ll be the situation at airport when i arrive there …can i apply for work visa directly when I show them a copy of pre-registration form ?
    I read that to apply for work Visa I have to get work permit ..but I have pre-registration from MOH not work permit …I’m so confused about what ll gonna happen at airport ..ll they refuse to give me work visa I know I can not change tourist visa to work visa…
    shall I ask the employer to send me work visa through email then i print and show at airport or I can get work visa easily at airport ?
    please kindly let me know what shall I do :)

  • roz

    thank you kishore for the reply, please make sure , my question is , TO GET A WORK PERMIT MENTIONING THE OCCUPATION AS DOCTOR , is it necessary to get the prior registration from the council..?

    • Kishore Post author

      No, you have to get a pre-registration approval for getting a work visa, after you reach Maldives, you have to verify your original certificates and then you get the registration

  • Roz

    Please explain me is it mandatory to get a medical council registration before I get a work permit as a doctor? Or could I work without registration but only with work permit?

  • dr. muhammad asif malik

    dear kishore. please answer my comment

  • roz

    i was working as a doctor for a company in Thilafushi Island from 2008 to 2009 for 10 months.actually i need a good standing certificate from maldivian medical council.i got the work permit from the company not from the ministry of in a confusion to get the good standing certificate..i wonder whether they got a permission from the medical council… or not…?now im in australia waiting these documents to register with the medical board to work as a GP…PLEASE HELP ME HOW CAN I FIND THE MEDICAL COUNCIL GOOD STANDING CERTIFICATE I MALDIVES…

    • Kishore Post author

      roz – You should have taken the good standing certificate before you left, but now you have to apply for the good standing certificate and get somebody to send it to you collecting it from MOH (Ministry of Health)

  • muhammad asif malik

    hi Kishore how are you? i have got a job offer letter through an agent here in Pakistan. I want to know the authenticity of this letter. How can I? also tell me about the living conditions there in V. Atoll. you can mail me

    • Kishore Post author

      Dear Dr Muhammad – Please check the work permit, copy of the contract from the ministry and offer letter

      • dr. muhammad asif malik

        Dear Kishore!
        Thanks for the reply. I have tried multiple times but no one receives phone in MOH Maldives. I have been provided Offer Letter (V. Atoll Hospital) only and no work permit etc. I called Maldives High commission in Pakistan but they said that no such dealings can be made without High commission involvement. we don’t know the status of that agent.

  • Rehan Ali Khan

    I am dentist from INDIA. I would like to know about the job opportunities for a dentist in Maldives. Can you kindly guide me regarding this?
    Dr. J. Rehan Ali Khan

  • cassanova

    maldives not attractive to doctors any more ,cost of living high,food items limited difficult for vegetarians especially small island fish-eaters -tuna can survive,hospital manager/health clinic manager some are problematic cause difficult work environment,moh sometime sudden transfers at short notice 12-24 hour and shunted to another island,nowadays difficult to convert ruffiyas to dollars in banks and remittance problems,some island local aren’t friendly to foreign doctors and lastly salaries in india are rising,better environment and peace of mind,only place to consider working in maldives are resorts but the atmospherefor maldives in general is insecure to foreigners

  • Dr. Anuodh Tiwari

    hllo…sir m frm india …dn bds …pursuing mba in health nd hospital mgt frm iihmr jaipur would lyk 2 kw ..wht iz d gettg job in a hospital as a hospital mgt….

  • rohit

    The worst part is BENGALADESHIS who are more in nos than Maldivens they get less salary and are always complaining for nothing.. this is a hell for a sane person.. what all they say to people… what fight they give… no sense and no hospitality also poor KERELAITES who spend more money just to stick to their bones are harmed.. a NURSE was raped ..2010 who was married to person working in resort Kerela people are worst effected both in terms of religion and work…discriminiation God help INDIA… else Indians should be banned from entering to work in these countries these countries are worst for INDIANS..

  • laxmikanth

    Respected Sir,I am expecting positive reply from you as soon as possible.i have done my b.d.s. in india and have a clinical experience of 5 yrs. i am interested to work in maldives. please feel free to mail me to my id:
    thank you.

  • Dr. RJC Pandian

    Dear Dr. D. Suresh,Firstly let me know , are you interested in working in maldives? Then only we can work it out.

  • kamlesh kumar

    iam willing to work in maldiev as medical officer but how it is possible

  • Jingjing Ynciong

    Greetings to Everyone,I am from Philippines and working in a Legitimate Recruitment Company, as Marketing Director, is there anyone here that can refer me to any agency that need a Filipino Workers? Hoping anyone here reading the message may intend to help me.Thanking you in advance,Jingjing

  • jegatheeswaran

    i have finished diploma in cardiography, in school of cardiography in srilanka. i have 3 year work experience in the same field. i worked in the critical situation in deination is called as cardiographer as same as ecg technician. i am seeking job carrier in maldives.

  • harika

    hi,this is dr.harika,dentist with 2yrs of experience in india,intrested to work in maldives,how can i get job as dentist over there,is there any vaccancy for dental doctors,how can i get work permit,can any one help me,plz feel free to reach me through my personal mail i.d i.e if any one have details or atleast idea about these things.

  • mohamed saleem abdul raheem

    Respected Sir,I am expecting positive reply from you as soon as possiblePresently working in Dubai UAE as Warehouse Logistioc Senior Stores Incharge With Purchase Officer.

  • mohamed saleem abdul raheem

    Respected Sir,I am expecting positive reply from you as soon as possible. Presently working in DUABI, UAE as a ” Purchase Officer With Warehouse Logistics Senior Stores Incharge.Thnaks for Your high Co-operationRaheem

  • Dr Tara Prasad Shrestha


    • rohit

      The worst ever place to work.. Muslim discrimination.. bad weather… hostile people.. very bad food.. do not come to maldives NEPAL is a HEAVEN… MALDIVES you will die in hell

  • drsrini

    dear sir,v[MYSELF AND WIFE] r planning to join IGMH AS DOCTORS.V R HAVING SOME QURIES.1]V R HAVING 1 yr BABY,IS IT EASY TO HIRE HOUSEMAID,how v have to payfor will be the cost of living,is it worth to work there.thank u reply as early as possible

    • Amina

      hi drsrini;i would like to share some information with you and hope that will be helpful.the hospital i worked in an island , they provide good accommodation where the rent was paid by the ministry.a general practitioner was getting a monthly salary of around 15000 RF (1176.5 US dollars).here in Maldives house maids are not available. i think all those who have house maids at home they bring them from abroad under the permission of employment ministry.

  • dr ahmedazharuddin

    hi.i am a bhms doctr also i have done pgdems. now i am working in emergency dept deenanath mangeshkar hospital pune india.i want to work in maldives,kindly send me the details on

  • dr karam jeet jsawal

    I am a Periodontist(BDS,MDS), having vast experience in both Academic and Clinical aspects related to Periodontics. I have some national and international publications.Presently i am working as Sr.lectuerer in periodontics in one of the reputed govt dental college and hospital in India. Kindly inform me for any opening in Maldives at lovekaram950@gmail.comThanks.

  • siva kumar

    Dear sir,
    Iam an Ayurveda Doctor B.A.M.S, from India (kerala),Whether there is any scope for Ayurveda , i heard that there are many Ayurvedic resorts , if so please mail me in detail or your valuable opinion.

    • rohit

      Please no more KERELA people here enough of their struggle.. better to struggle in INDIA… this place is DEAD MEN’s HELL that is what this is BAD FOOD or no food at all. worse climate and sickness.. hostile people and discrimination in all aspects of life.. better to live in KERELA and discriminate muslims over their… why do we keep muslims in INDIA?? for this??

  • Engr.Thomas Richard

    We are CapitalTrust Consultants based in Canada.We are licensed recruitment agency registered under the section 4, paragraph 8 of the yellow knife labour law.
    Currently we are recruiting workers to Novarion Foods Inc in Canada.
    Please let us know if you have skilled and unskilled workers for the following position:
    Job Title – General labourers
    – Fish Farmers
    -Crew, Deckhand.
    We also prepare visit visa to canada for people from india or uk.

  • Mphammad Sabir

    Hi all,I am MDS in periodontics from KGMC India and currently working as lecturer in AMU in the deott. of periodontics and community dentistry.I want to know the scope and opportunity as periodontist/academician in maldiev.Please provide me the information.Thanks a lot.

  • dr.srini

    dear sir,v[MYSELF AND WIFE] r planning to join IGMH AS DOCTORS.V R HAVING SOME QURIES.1]V R HAVING 10 MONTH BABY,IS IT EASY TO HIRE HOUSEMAID,how v have to payfor will be the cost of living,is it worth to work there.thank u reply as early as possible

    • Mohamed Saeed

      Male’ IGMH is difficult to find housemaids. Please consider working in Addu. We can discussMohamed SaeedDirectorSouth Province Office, Maldivesphone: 9784196

  • KING

    where can i get training , i have been away from hospital settings for the past 6 months and have lost touch with everything regarding patients and hospitals and have been concentrating only with my books … where can i join to get training and am willing to work full time to get experience.

  • KING

    hi.i am a medical graduate from INDIA , looking out for training hospitals where i can work and gain some work experience in clinical settings . so was thinking about maldives.? does any one know the conditions and job status in maldives for indian doctors. i am practically a fresher and have been preparing for my PG exams for the past 6 months , and have lost touch with the clinical procedures and duties of DMO and RMO in hospitals. so i just wanna join and practise to regain my confidence and get some experience with the patient settings. if any one has any advice or info about maldives pls let me ………..i am willing to work it out with long duties and low pay also.

  • Dr R.Lingam

    Maldives is a hell for doctors .Go to any part of word , but dont come here .Here if you come ,you will be insulted & humiliated only .Working condtions are very bad .Ther is no regards for doctors in public .They think expatriates are beggers,there is no difference between a doctor and a manual labourer.The Contract does not carry any meaning [Ministry of Health] here , the hospital manager uses this as a tool to exploit the doctors. They cut the salary and allowances left and right with scant regards that this amounts to a breach of contract. What a pity being a expatriate doctor over here.

    • Amina

      i do not think what ever you are telling is true. it’s not everyone who do not respect. we do respect the doctors here.there is no way a hospital manager can cut salary and allowance. doctors are the people who are most paid here in Maldives. very often we have come across people who themselves call as doctors and come here with a false certificate. while studying when they do not pass whey just buy fake certificates and come here. i’m truly and honestly telling that we came across two doctors who said that they are both husband and wife, were working as gynecologists. some months later it was known by the ministry that they were not married and were not even real doctors.

      • dr v ganesan

        i agree that maldivian citizens are quality oriented and expect best treatment .but health administration is not in good hands both in government and in the private ADK hospital .maldives will not get good doctors unless they change their attitude1.they should not detain the passports of doctors2.they have to give smaller but decent accommodation3.they cannot expect doctors to work more than 8 hours per day and must give one day weekly off4.there are some old generation , useless doctors , who practice in maldives for a long time and these people dont allow new comers to stay for long5.the ministry and private ADK hospital depend on recruiting agency rather than the recommendations of another doctor6

  • Additional cost Mrf 6000 a year to employ a foreigner as labourer

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  • titu

    hi, i am titu onar of travel agent, some candited maldips laber job intersed, so can i passble work parmit? plz mail me–

  • John titus

    I too want work in medical and health sector.I m M.B.B.S M.D. In General medicine from Bishkek,kyrgyztan.I want interenship in maldiev.If have any place in medical field please inform me by mail.i will be very thankful to u for this kindness.

  • Dr. Tanvir Ahmad Bhat

    I am BDS Dentist from India with 9+ years of clinical exp. in govt. and private sector. I am registered with DENTAL COUNCIL OF INDIA. I am looking for govt. job in Maldives. Intimate me through my e-mail ID

  • jayashri

    Sir,I got a job offer from a resort in Maldives. They are offering $800+food+ accommodation. But i don`t have much information of that place. I s this salary a good one. what are the other requirements i need to fullfil before going there. Plz guide me. waiting for your reply.—Jayashri

  • Viju

    Respected Sir,I had completed Bsc Radiology. Please give me one oppourtunity in your hospital.

  • yoga

    iam yoga from bali,at present working in KL malaysia as room attendant, so there are any vacancy as houseekeeping in maldives,please replay my as regardyoga

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  • deepak

    iam deepak having a postgraduation in dentistry, looking a opening in maldives

  • dr samadhan

    Respected sir i got the oppurtunity to work in maldives ,with a hotel as doctor ,please guide me about work and enviornment there,i m mbbs graduate from india.

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  • sharon

    can you please let me know how to find out about private schools for 5/6yr olds in the maldives.

  • Regina


    I am currently working in one of resort here and trying to get my friend a job in health sector/ or in reputable NGO in maldives.
    Please be kind enough to advise me the possibility and also where I can get further information.
    Thanks in advanced for your attention.

  • How to Get Six Pack Fast

    My friend on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

  • joegal

    is there any vacant job for a caregiver or a housekeeping in a resort? thanks

  • rg

    dear sir..

    im a radio technician/electronic tech, is there a vacant job for me in maldives?

  • amy

    Hi there sir!

    I am a nurse and I recently applied for a position in one of the hospitals in Maldives. I am just wondering what is the usual salary rate given to a staff nurse in Maldives?

    Thanks and hoping you could give some answers to this question!

  • adella

    Hi there, i’m just wondering, is there any social work operating in the maldives? At the current moment i’m working at a national NGO in my home country, and have wondered whether it’d be possible to work in the maldives, for the same cause (watsan, social, gender, health issues) but from a NGO perspectives.

    Is there a website where i can be briefed about getting a working permit in the Maldives? Many thanks


  • damaged drifter

    good evening.

    i will be working in a hotel in gaakoshibee, maldives. i am taking medications for my personal well-being and it is important to me to continue taking them. can i buy the following medicines in maldives?

    – propecia
    – polytar shampoo
    – fongitar
    – bezac ac gel
    – sansacne (erythromycin gel)

    these are important to me and i am really concerned whether these medicines are readily available in maldives. thanks!

  • pallamraju

    dear sir , I can supply contructions mastrys. 5years experience in TILES work. If neeed send me mail

  • dr sohail ahmed


  • lela

    Dear Sir,

    I am graduating this year in tourism management and was wondering if there is a possibility to participate in a project group for a period of two month this summer or get a temporary job on the Maledives (my field of study was broad an i can refer to a lot of quaities gained within the last four years).

    I would a ppreciate hearing from you soon,

    Kind Regards,


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  • jiwan

    hi Mr Kishor,

    may i’ve your email add pls

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  • Kishore

    -Dr Amandeep, Please try with IGMH, which can have vacancies or with the Ministry of Health.

  • Dr. Amandeep


    I am an medical graduate (M.B.B.S) from india.
    I am ECFMG certified.(U.S.A).
    I wish to apply for Medical officer job in Maldives.
    I have an experience of 2 years.
    Kindly guide me through!


  • Kishore

    sri-there are lots of Indians working here. Its not as strict as Saudi, I have been working here for the past 6 years, all depends on your employer

    • R.Rajiv

      dear kishore,

      i am rajiv from india.presently working in welcare ambulatory care centre in dubai…i have completed my p.g paramedic in,emergency and critical care. i am searching for paramedic-emt.,job vacacny in maldives…is this possible to get job in maldives.kindly guide me further

      thanking you


  • sri

    sir,how is working environment in maldivesiin hospital,is it sdame as strict as saudi.whether v can get leave at any time .how is obstetrics department,whether v can conduct labour for my wife there,or is it better to do it in India itself.whether v can save money in maldives



    • Amina

      @ ASIFyou can be a DR by name. your style of writing will not give anyone a feeling that you are a highly professional person.that’s true that Maldives is a group of small islands, but not that all the islands are that much small. my native island is approximately 4.2km in length. ASIF if you like to stay in a large country you have the chance to live there, we are happy here in Maldives because living in a small place make our life easy. we have the opportunity to study up to Masters degree by staying here in the Maldives.about the 7th grade illiterate person working as medical officer is just a huge, extreme lie you said. A 7th grade illiterate person can never at least work in a government office as a secretary, so how can he be a medical officer. today the number of educated people has increased to an extent that now it is difficult to get a job in a government office with A’level passes. if you are in Maldives and you watch television you might have seen that in recent years Maldivian students have scored the position of 1st place in G.C.E O’level international examination among the whole world. so you cant say that we do not have educated people to the past we only had foreign doctors, but now we have local (Maldivian) doctors, and at present many Maldivian students are studying for their MBBS+specialization.people will have news of your every move in anywhere in the world. i can remember an Indian and pakistani teacher both told me that Indians and Pakistanis are very good at talking about other people and spreading rumors.Maldives is a small place, but full of natural beauty. we are happy here, all our needs are met. i can remember how i survived in pakistan while doing my MBBS.

      • Amina

        To All:i’m not telling that Maldives is a very good place to work. although the number of educated people increase, we still have reasonable number of uneducated people (uneducated here doesn’t mean illiterate. we have a record of 99.8% literate) and young people who are addicted to drugs. although they are not well educated they are not ready to accept any job. they only demand white collar jobs which is not possible. that’s the reason why majority of the expatriates work here. they work in private sector and majority of the employers do what ever they want. i can see with an eye of regretting the situation and condition of those expatriates. majority working in construction fields do not get good food to eat, good accommodation and most of all they are not well paid. i see many expatriates protesting for not getting their wages for many months. as a result they leave their work without letting their employer know, and they stay in Maldives and do what ever work to earn a small amount of money on daily basis. these expatriates then continue working illegally in the Maldives.that does not happen with the highly professional people working here as doctors, teachers, medical laboratory technologists, radiographers, nurses and consultants.

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  • Kishore

    @Md.Nazrul Islam – I am no way associated with any recruiting agency in Maldives

  • Md.Nazrul Islam

    We have need as most urgent some MALDIVE VISA which mandatory to cross & entrance in to there & Work Permits as labor jobs if enable to provide with a reasonable & faithful conditions even also minimize the costing for Bangladeshi Passport holders then kindly reply urgent including details of your processing methods & costing.
    Md.Nazrul Islam
    Managing Partner
    Moral Associates Inc.
    Near Pritom Vabon
    Purana palton, Dhaka-1000

  • dr khan

    hi i m mbbs doctor looking for job in maldivesplz help

  • yoga gilbert

    I am gilbert from India. I am a graduate in yoga and naturopathy.
    I have Europe experience in Yoga field also;;
    Is there any oppertunities for yoga instructor in Malidives Resorts? I request you to reply me.

  • tinei mwakutuya

    i am a zimbabwean pharmacist wishing to work in a malawian wholesale organisation. can u refer to the pharmacist in malawi who wanted to work in maldives

  • mumthas

    this is mumthas and i have post graduation in mathematics. But i dont have i want to know that is i am eligible to apply for the post of teachers in Maldives? if yes, where i have to contact?

  • Eid Mubarak

    [...] wish you all Eid Mubarak. I have been working in Maldives for the past 6 years so its my 6th Eid in Maldives. Eid celebrations are seen less in Maldives this [...]

    • dr Parvej

      These days Maldives is not a good place to work specially for the doctors .I am a pakistani doctor ,I am regretting my decision to come to this place. Here there is lot of discrimination ,public has no regards for the doctors .I always feel scared whenever i go to see patients as there is real danger of physical assaults

  • Masud Anwar

    Dear Mr. Kishoreasokan,

    Thank you for the nice website. I am working as a junior consultant in neuromedicine in Bangladesh and I have got 8 years of experience after graduation. I am looking for a medical job in Maldives. Could you please tell me about any vacancies in health care sector as a physician? With thanks . Dr Masud.

  • Kishore

    @eugen, please use the contact form to contact me

  • Kishore

    @Dr Tabrez, infact we have an orthodontist working in our clinic. You can try with IGHM hospital or ADK hospital

  • Dr.Tabrez

    Dear Mr.Kishore,
    I am a dentist from India completed my M.D.S in oral and maxillofacial surgery from Russia.I am interested in working in Maldives as a specilaist oral and maxillofacial surgeon.please let me know if there is any vacancy and how to approach for a job.
    Thanking you in advance.

  • Kishore

    @Dr Avinash, right now we do not have a vacancy for dentist. If some thing comes up, I will keep you updated

  • ashok iyer

    I’ve industrial sales experience for aount 10 years, can i get job there.

  • RadhaKrishna K

    Dear sir,
    how approach for the teacher jobs?

  • Expatriates Working in Maldives | Kishore’s Blog

    [...] an update in Miadhu News, the number of foreigners working in Maldives has gone up to 77,000 which is a remarkable figure when we compare the population of Maldives. Out [...]

  • Transferring Money From Maldives | Kishore’s Blog

    [...] are good number of expatriates working in Maldives and they need to send money home. There are different ways to send money to your home country. [...]

  • Jay shankar mehta

    Dear sir / madam
    Me Dr jay shankar mehta want to be part of your hospital .currently working on BPKIHS on dharan as house officer on psychiatry department . if u found eligibilty on me then u could better recruit me on ur hospital ,and i will perform duty as per my level ,hope make u satisfied .
    thanks for ur kindly cooperation
    Dr jay shankar mehta

  • A.A.Rahman

    we are the recruiting agent based in Mumbai havin branches in Tamil Nadu and in kerala. we are supplied manpower to the Ministry of education and to theministry of Health. can u help us t o get the more vaccancies in Maldives?

  • Carine

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to congratulate you for the good spirit you have by giving your time and care to help other people.
    As much, I would like to take advantage of your kindness and ask you regarding the hotel industry jobs. I am planning to leave my home country in the middle east and come to work in a good resort in the maldives.
    My question for you is regarding the basic salaries being paid, how much is the average for me to ask for..I have a 5 years experience in the Front Office-Guest Relation desk in a 5 stars boutique hotel (part of a luxurious international chain)..
    The salaries I am being offered are not good, a maximum of 900$/month or less and I have heard people in my same senior positon were offered a 2000$/month salary. It’s a huge difference..what salaries should I expect from luxurious resorts in the maldives?
    would you be so kind in replying to my email address?
    thank you so much
    have a lovely day

  • vaid jenil naik

    i m running my own ayurveda and panchkarma hospital in gujarat, india. i wnat to know if there is any job opportunity for visiting ayurvedic doctor in maldives. if there is please mail me. thanking you

  • Kishore

    @dr ajay, right now we do not have a vacancy for gyneacologist and there is no problem for Male Gynecologist. Please try with IGMH or the Ministry of health

  • dr ajay

    i completed my ms this june from a wellknown medical college in india

  • dr ajay

    second thing i would request to you, if there is any vacancy in govt jobs. i have been sending my cv given on your website

  • dr ajay

    i have a mbbs,ms (obs $ gynae) degree wish to work in maldives. in there any problem for male(gents, boys)doctors to practie gynae there.

  • Visa for Maldives

    [...] Return ticket from Maldives [...]


    Hi. I am a pharmacy graduate from India. I have a 2+ years experience in marketing in India and 1 year experience in hospital pharmacy in malawi(central africa). Right now i am working as a pharmacist for a wholesale firm in malawi. My contact no. is 002655495112.
    Shekhar Surolia

  • Are you an Indian citizen working in Maldives?

    [...] you are an Indian working in Maldives, then you need to register as a member of India club. Today there was a function arranged at [...]

  • Dr Saleem

    I am MBBS dr nowadays working in OMAN as a Medical officer in A&E. I wish to get a job in MALDIVES. I have more then 6 years experience.
    So If u know about any vacant position please let me know i willbe thankful to u.
    Waiting for nice reply.

  • Dr. M. Naveen

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    This is Dr.Naveen from India, I am a well experienced Ayurvedic Doctor seeking a job in Maldives.
    My qualifications are:

    1) B.A.M.S.(Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)
    2) T.T.P. (Traditional Training in Panchakarma)


    1) Worked as Panchakarma Specialist in Kairali Group of Ayurvedic
    Panchakarma Centersin Andhrapradesh in India
    2) Worked as Panchakarma visiting faculty at U.K.
    3) Worked as a R.M.O. in Samraksha Hospitals at Hyderabad
    4) Worked as a Duty medical officer in Campbell Hospital in A.P.(Allopathy).
    5) Worked as a D.M.O. in Heartand Brain Allopathic Hospital and gained knowledge upon paralysis cases(Paksha vayu) and heart cases(Hridroga).

    mycontact no: 91-9989141735



  • dr amit

    hi i am MD anaesthesiologist and i m seeking jobs in maldives. is there any vacancies? please help me for the same.

  • Dr.Santhosh John

    Dear Mr.Kishore Asokan,
    Greetings from God’s own country!
    Myself Dr.Santhosh John,Naturopathy and Yoga Doctor from Kerala,India.
    At present I am seriously looking for a job in Spa field.I came to know from your blog that Maldives has lot of Hospitalty jobs including Spas.I can work in the following positions:
    I will be grateful if you inform your mail id so that I can mail my detailed CV.
    So I request you to kindly help me to get a suitable job in Maldives.
    Thanks and Regards
    Dr.Santhosh John

  • dr.kailash

    hello friends,
    i’m searching for dobs in maldiev in medical field.i have completed my M.D.Med. from present working in hospital in delhi.

  • Ahmed

    I worked in maldives as a doctor for one year.I suffered a lot there.No vegetables.People r not friendly.U have to work without freedom.Just like a jail.Guys who r planning to work think wise.

  • Dr.Prasad

    I am Dr.Prasad from karnataka,India…. i have recently completed my MD psychiatry recognised by MCI.. can you tell me is there any scope for me there in Maldives… thank you..

  • Dr Amit K Tripathi

    Dear sir
    I would like to know -
    1-Whether MOH Maldives recruit specialist doctors directly or through some Recru.Agencies?
    2-Who are The Authorised Agencies to do this job in India?
    3-Name of web sites for the vacancies in MOH Maldives?
    With kind regards.
    Dr A K Tripathi

  • Kishore

    @drjasmine, there are vacancies in maldives, please apply to the address that I have posted

  • drjasmine

    hi…i ve done mbbs from india and ve 2 yrs and 4 mnts husband has done mbbs from ukraine and has 3 yrs of exp….r there any job opportunitis for us in maldives and what is the procedure 2 apply there…

  • Kishore

    Dr Swarnali – I am not sure if there is any scope for BAMS Doctors in Maldives. I will check and update

  • Dr Swarnali Sarma

    Dear Sir

    I am a BAMS doctor from Assam, India (Govt. Ayurvedic College & Hospital).I had completed my degree in 2004 May.After that I was working as a Residential Medical Officer in Guwahati, Assam for 2years in private hospital.In 2006May I was invited to Dhaka, Bagladesh for a fellowship under Asian Network of Research on Antidiabetic Plants (ANRAP) Fellowship for 6months. ANRAP provide me the scholarship for post graduation in Pharmacology in Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh from 2007 January.Now I am engaged with the PG course upto 2008, July.

    I am very much interested to work in Maldives after completing my studies in July.
    Please let me know if any vacancies arise.

    With best regards.

    Dr Swarnali Sarma

  • Kishore

    sundar – Yes you can try that, many do this and I also had come to maldives on a tourist visa and got back with a job five year back

    • Kishore

      Srikanth – XML RPC is used to connect to different blogs in this plugin, so its not possible to access all the features of the plugin. If it\’s just updating custom fields or add new values of custom field, it can be possible. I have not used nextgen, so I am not sure about that. I visited your blog, its good, keep it up

  • sundar

    i have experience in hotel industry more than 9 years worked in USA previously

    if i come as a tourist is it possible to get job and re enter on workpermit

    pls advice

    thanks a lot

  • Kishore

    @raviraj, I am not aware of jobs for dietician in Maldives, but for a doctors job in MOH or resort, there are good chances, You can apply for the MOH or the IGMH post
    @Dr Vijay – I have not seen much demand for ayurvedic doctors here, but you can try
    @Dr Amit Das, Please mail me your CV, You should be having a registration with the Medical council of India as a Gynaecologist. Email me at

  • Dr.Amit Das

    ive done my diploma in obst&gynaec and have 4yrs experience all total before and after the diploma degree which is recognized by medical council of india…so is there any vacancies….for gynaecologist,then do reply me back

  • Dr. Vijay Pratap

    sir , iam an ayurvedic physian is there is job for ayurvedic doctors ,

  • Raviraj

    Dear sir i am ayurvedic doctor practicing both allopathy and ayurveda from past 7 wife is there any jobs at resorts or moh so that v both can work.

  • rijul raj.m

    iam a medical laboratory technician with 3 years experience my qualification is DMLT,BSC MLT,DIT so if there any vacency of laboratory technician please inform me

  • Kishore

    Dr Ram, There are ayurvedic doctors working here, but very less, regarding posts in Government, I am not aware of that. There are some private clinics with ayurvedic doctors, but with reference to resorts, all the resorts are managed by private companies and not by the Government and usually its MBBS doctors working in resorts. Resorts do have facility like spa but I never came across ayurvedic doctors working in Spa. But I will check this out.


    Dear Sir
    Recently I came to know about some vaccancies for Ayurveda doctors in Maldives with the department of medical services for their resorts. Is Ayurveda a recognised medical system there in Maldives and is there any job vaccancy for ayurveda doctors in Maldives esp. in Govt. sector?
    Hoping to get a reply

  • Kishore

    Kyaw Zaw Han, yes there are lots of vacancies at the Ministry of Health, why don’t you directly send an email to them. By the way, which country are you from?

  • Kyaw Zaw Han

    Dear Sir,
    May I request you some help.I am MBBS degree holder from.I got my degree recently.Is there any jobs for me.If so, please advise me .Thanks in advance

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